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December 02 2006

Interview with Angel comic book writer Scott Tipton. A great insight into what it's like writing for IDW's Angelverse comic books. Fractal Matter also has an interview with Chris Ryall (IDW's EIC) who praises Brian Lynch's Spike: Asylum series.

I think the books IDW are currently putting out in Spike Asylum and Angel: Auld Lang Syne are the best yet.

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Thanks. I would have loved to have seen more Wes/Spike interaction. That's my slash couple.
Can't wait for Spike Asylum and Angel: Auld Lang Syne, I'm being a patient type and waiting for the TPBs. I like that Chris Ryall seems to genuinely care about trying to put out a good product.

I think what can be tough for some of these Angel comics, is that the they can't reveal anything beyond NFA. I think that in particular "The Curse" and "Old Friends" were hit by these continuity restrictions. Since then IMO they've been getting better and better. "Spike Vs Dracula" was amazing.

If we can't see the movies, my dream is that we see a Dark Horse Buffy Season 9 connected to an IDW canon Angel Season 6.
Well, I am definitely NOT the patient type, more of a I want it right now with a foot stamp emphasis and I am getting really torqued.

I still don't have my Asylum #3! After not being able to find it anywhere I special ordered it, paid for it in advance and it has still been almost 3 weeks. GRRRRR.
A Giles/Spike team up....I like the way he thinks!! Spike vs. Dracula has been my favorite so far. Also loved the Illyria one shot.
I think he likes Spike then. :0) Spike/Angel, Spike/Giles, Spike/Xander, yes pleeeeeaaase.
I like the sound of an Angel/Spike/Illyria team-up
Anyone slashed with Spike seems to work somehow. I've heard it said that Spike is the little black dress of slash, he goes with everyone. I beleive it. IMHO Spike Asylum is the best comic out there so far. Jury is still out on Auld Lang Syne, need at least one more issue to make up my mind, so I am looking forward to the next one.
I agree with everyone that Spike vs. Dracula was great - except for the inconsistent artwork. I liked the Illyria and Wes one-shots. I just got the TPB for Old Friends and I really enjoyed reading it. IMO both the story and artwork were very good. The story was more interesting than The Curse.

I am loving Spike Asylum, but got confused reading the third installment. I found it a bit hard to follow, maybe it's because I am new to comics and my comic reading skills are not so good.

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