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December 02 2006

Julie Benz nominated for Satellite Award. She's up for "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" for her much praised performance in 'Dexter'.

I absolutely love her on Dexter, in more ways than one. That show has been a gem from the beginning, but I haven't heard much about it from other people. Once the DVD set comes out, I'm sure it'll get the attention it deserves.
Dexter is indeed having an amazing first season, and I was so glad to read about Julie's nom (as well as noms for Michael C. Hall, who is brilliant, and the show overall). This is by far my favorite new series.
"Dexter" is my favorite new show this season (beside "Heroes"). Michael C. Hall and Julie Benz are really amazing. Julie seems to enjoy playing women attracted to guys who have a thing for other people's blood...
Julie Benz is freakin' amazing in this. And yes, I sound like Dawn. But really: she is. Michael C. Hall is scarily convincing in his role!

Best new series this season - it's dark, disturbing and strangely challenging. I quite like Dexter at times. Yeah, I went there.

It's not getting the attention it deserves because it's on HBO or Showtime or some such, but it's already set for a second season so I'm happy.
Glad to hear that it's getting a second season ... it's deserved. I like Dexter too gossi (sometimes anyway) and it kind of scares me. :)
I've heard that Julie Benz is amazing in this show, and I can't wait to watch it! I really hope that she will win the award.
As much as I like Michael C. Hall's work on Dexter, it is Julie Benz's (is that the possessive of Benz? Should it be Benz'?) Rita that fascinates me.

She is this perfect blend of vulnerable and strong, damaged and wise, bland and passionate - if you thought her portrayal of Darla was wonderfully nuanced, her portayal is Rita is perhaps even more so, imo.
oh, this is wonderful! perhaps this lead to future golden globe and emmy nominations! although the satellite awards tend to be the ones which actually nominate the worthy people... so i doubt it... dexter just doesn't have the hype... yet!

although, having a look at the nominations - i'm tipping Jean Smart will take it out over Julie... only because she was snubbed at the Emmys.
although the satellite awards tend to be the ones which actually nominate the worthy people

They nominated Buffy and Angel back in the day.
I would vote for Julie anyway. Congrats!
I quite like Dexter at times. Yeah, I went there.

I reckon that's part of what the show's doing i.e. seeing to what extent they can make a complete psychopath sympathetic (or maybe to what extent they can make a sympathetic character a complete psychopath).

It sort of gets you to draw a line from his behaviour to your own and disturbs you with the similarities (or maybe that's just me ;) and also examines nature/nurture and the fundamental essence of humanity (or rather, asks if we have one) but it wears all these themes very lightly. Excellent show, best of the new season, IMO (and my personal fave opening credits of the last few years).

Great acting from everyone but Hall and Benz stand out so it's cool to see that acknowledged (though, gotta admit, in the Actor category Matt Perry has been the biggest revelation to me so I could see him getting it).
What are you people trying to do to me? Julie Benz being awesome in a show is bad enough, but now it's the best show of the season? Where will I ever get the time for this?

Okay, Dexter is next on my "much watch" list.
We only have basic cable so I can't watch Dexter and to be honest I'm not good with bloody gruesome scenes.

But I love JB and am happy for her that she snagged such a great role.
Reddygirl, a lot of it's actually only implied. You see bits and pieces (OK, sometimes literally ;) but I find 'Bones' for instance to be much more gruesome on the whole.

'Dexter' is mainly not broadcast friendly, IMO, because of the basic premise (some people could go in waaay the wrong direction when shown a 'good' serial killer) and for swearing, occasional nudity and what, over here, the continuity announcers call 'scenes of a sexual nature'.

(just in case you're tempted to check it out on DVD ;).
Thanks, Saje. I definitely am interested in getting the DVD. Swearing, occasional nudity and scenes of a sexual nature don't bother me in the least. And I love any show that looks explores morality outside the black/white zone and what it is that makes us human.
I think the average episode of CSI is way more bloody than Dexter. One of the things which I don't think has been entirely covered on Whedonesque is that one of the former Buffy writers is a producer and staff writer for Dexter. His first episode was both interesting and funny, which is good for a show about a serial killer.
gossi - Drew Z. Greenberg wrote that episode. After a flat ep for epsiode 3 (only in my opinion, of course), episode 4 was just sweet. There was all kinds of Joss all over it (not that way - ewwwwwwwwww) and it was the episode that finally got me absolutely stuck on Dexter.
Sharin' the Dexter love, no doubt. I agree with everything good everyone said! For being about a serial killer who works in forensics, it's not even as gorey as Slither, and, like gossi said, much less gross than the average CSI. Yay all the Dexter people who got nominations, esp. Julie! :-)
Haven't seen Dexter yet. I'm dying waiting for it to be released on DVD. I've read and loved both books.
Dexter is such a fantastic show. I look forward to watching it every week. And Saje I'm just like you, I often finding myself relating to him and praying to god I'm not the only one. kick ass was last night? Holy crap - those repressed memories can be a bitch.

No wonder Dexter is what he is......
Last night's episode was better than most movies. Some of those scenes were almost too hard to endure. Michael C. Hall deserves every acting award given out for TV this year.

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How can that man make his face twitch like that? Did you see it? Michael's facial expressions deserve their own awards. Wow.

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I don't know if this was already mentioned, but in Drew Z's episode, the beach at the beginning was called Petrie Beach.

Just sayin'.
Ooh, I noticed that, Zeppo. I had forgotten to mention it. Other Buffy connections: last night's episode was called "Seeing Red" and in it somebody said the words, "Close your eyes" - but it wasn't Julie Benz.
True, they said close your eyes, but it was because a whole world of hurtin' was on the way. I don't know if that was a shout-out or just an unbelievably powerful and scary scene. I just friended Dexter on MySpace. Yay me -- a serial killer is my new homie. ;-)
Dexter - best show of the new season. Hands down.

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