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December 03 2006

The Sunday Times' 50 Best DVDs of 2006. The UK newspaper picks Serenity as one of its choices saying "reincarnated from the cancelled TV series Firefly, Joss Whedon's film version fully justifies fans' obsession".

It should really kick ass in HD-DVD. Picture and sales wise.

I would have bought it already but I'm still pissed off about those threatening C+D letters.
Just because the movie was great, it doesn't make the series any better than okay.
Echoing gossi's "What?"
Echoing TamaraC's "Echoing gossi's 'What?'"
Echoing... actually forget that. I'm going with huh???
What they said....
I'm sorry. I must have missed something. What?
Ohhhh I get it! Wait no, no I don't.
I think I get it, but I have to disagree.
^LOL hi-larious.... and to chime in.. um... ahh forget it, ill go watch the Firefly series now...
ETA: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though!

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maybe he/she was kidding!
yamsham, I looked at past posts. he/she isn't kidding. Different strokes and all, but WOW! me faulty in the brainpan, but isn't saying Firefly is merely "okay" a crime of blasphemy 'round here? Cuz I can accept differences in opinion...but that's just nuts! least quantify your statement by saying how much you loved either Buffy or Angel and the other two series are ranked 2nd and 3rd!

I see your what and your huh and raise a... "OMG? WTF?"
This is not the Whedonesque equivalent of "the man who lit his cigar before the Royal toast" so if posters could comment on the link I'd be extremely grateful.
I have no idea what that means, Simon (oh, I'm so Amurrican!), but, speaking of UK/US differences, yay for the UK pointing out that Serenity is great! I don't remember if it was on any US newspapers' top lists, but I do remember absolutely that the boxoffice in the UK was way better than here in the States, relatively speaking, so again -- yay UK! :-)

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On behalf of the UK, billz, thanks. We do try to do our part. :D
I always enjoy having my obsessions "justified". :)
Ok Simon...I'll play nice;)

We made the top 10 baby! Britain loves Joss and he loves Britain, so everything is as it should be (though the could be is a bit different;D) And it validates the series, so lots more possibilities for future Browncoats:D
Perhaps I should have made myself clearer.

Serenity does not justify the Firefly obsession, because as good as Serenity is Firefly is average, self-indulgent and for the most part boring. Serenity seemed tighter, more focused and interesting. For example, I found myself caring more the cast of Buffy within a few episodes than I did with the Firefly cast for most of the Firefly series.

Don't get me wrong, Firefly had a couple of great episodes (particularly Out of Gas and Shindig, the only two I can really watch endlessly). The premature cancellation? May have had something to with this, sure.

A shame, I really wanted like it. I'd gladly watch a sequel to Serenity, but more Firefly? No thanks.

And yes, obviously I loved Buffy. I still do. Even the cheesy fashions, music and plots if Season 1. With Buffy Joss created characters more three-dimensional than most people. Buffy. Willow. Xander. Giles. Faith. Cordelia. Wesley (god, Wesley, <3<3<3). They will stand the test of time. I can't see the Firefly characters doing that. I'm pretty sure it's my all time favourite television show, with Angel coming a close second or third (depending on how I feel at that particular time, the second or third spot may also be taken up by Farscape or The X-Files).

NOTE: Kaylee is exempt from any critical judgment of Firefly on account of being super-cute, super-intelligent and super-awesome.

For comparison, my all time top 10 TV shows ever (at the moment,this could change at any time):

Angel/Farscape/The X-Files
Veronica Mars
Arrested Development
The Simpsons

Take this as you will. If you want to shun me from your community I will understand.

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Is there anyway to look at the whole list at once instead of having to click to the next page 10 times?
Well I do not think that shunning is required Gouki, or necessary, we all have different interests and views and at least you were open to watching the series and movie. It is just I think that for YOU Serenity does not "justify" the obsession for Firefly, but for a lot of people(ie the browncoats including myself), find there is somethings, numerous things in fact, to justify our obsession. So I hope you can respect that.

While you find it "average, boring, and self-indulgent", those of us who are fans obviously find it highly intriguing and worthwhile to spend time obsessing about it. So I hope you do not think less of us, and we(or at least I) do not think less of you, and just accept each others views and tastes, and leave it at that and respect each other.
It is impressive to have Serenity so high on this list considering that most of the others are very high profile movies. Very good publicity.

Gouki, the mods are not shy about making clear when we are in banning territory. From what I have observed though, the one thing that Whedonverse fans in general have in common is that everyone has different and strong opinions about the various shows, characters, actors and writers. Not everyone is going to have the same love for everything and every one of the shows, etc. and I think we all know and try to respect that. A difference of opinion should not be a crime. My rule of thumb though, is not to go to a thread about someone or something I am not thrilled about and put out my negative opinion unless there is a very specific discussion going on debating a particular aspect, trying to figure out public or fan reactions etc. In other words, when there is some reason that my negative opinion, stated as respectfully as possible, can add something to the discussion...or someone makes the mistake of asking me for my opinion, but that almost never happens. ;-) Other than that, why throw something in that will take the edge off people's enjoyment of something they love? Of course that's just me.

"the man who lit his cigar before the Royal toast"

Simon I got the general implication here, big insult, right? I feel like I have a more specific reference somewhere in the back of my mind but I can't find it. Is there something more specific to this comment. Inquiring Americans want to know. ;-)
From a Bateman cartoon newcj et al (unless there's some other reference i'm not aware of). It's basically an unforgivable social gaffe (usually for little to no actual reason ;).

Good to see 'Serenity' getting mainstream nods though personally I reckon '50 best' is a long list for any specific year. This feels more like 'the 50 DVDs I saw this year in order of preference'. We're in good company though, plenty of decent films on there.
Yay, my first ever double post ! Woot !

I may need to get out more.

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