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December 04 2006

Hawking's future is Serenity not Star Trek. iTWire looked into Stephen Hawking's vision of the future and found it to be more Mal than Kirk.

Cheers to the lovely nemesis for the headsup.

Well, to coin a popular Sunnydale phrase, duh.
How about this fact fans: Stephen Hawkings is the only man to play himself in Star Trek (albeit on the holodeck).
Well, it looks like we'll just have to keep spreadin' the words of Firefly...we have humanity to save, people!
Not "space rebels". Sprebels.
I read a comment Mr. Hawking said the other day that we have to hurry up and get off this planet. He said that some of the technologies of Star Trek would be helpful, and that we're getting closer to being able to implement certain theories and technologies to do just that.

My ears always perk up when Hawking has something to say. He's such a brilliant and forward-thinking man.
Great article, though ending on a very depressing note.
At the end, the author forget to mention the posibility(or rather fact) of global warming, and will probably make things really really uncomfortable for the human species....(as in less resources and less areas which are habitable...). So how about that for a depressing note?
kurya, I'm stocking on supplies as we speak.
Well make sure you include a super duper cooling machine b/c you know.... um.... yeah. and if you are anywhere near a large body of water like an ocean or a river that feeds into the ocean, um, make sure your house can float, b/c that will probably be necessary....

Hmm this is just to depressing, so how about those mets?
With talk this depressing, how about those meds? ;-)
those meds are apparently not working so well ;)

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