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December 04 2006

Ariel Ambulance Needs Driver To Get It To Flan. Adam Whiting posted to the SoCal Browncoats group that the Ariel Ambulance has the okay to be parked at Flan. But it needs a driver.

We need a driver to take the ambulance from Ariel Ambulance Mechanic Cameron's backyard in Vegas to Burbank, CA. Required: 1/2+ton vehicle (truck, SUV, suburban) with a class-III hitch (rated for 500lbs tongue weight). Date/times flexible. Gas will be reimbursed. A convention pass will be provided (if the driver doesn't have one already).

We need at least five volunteers in Vegas to load the tail back onto the trailer.

We could use some volunteers to help unload/set up/reload the ambulance, sell our wares (now including AARG decals courtesy of TexasArtCat!), collect donations, and talk to Flan-goers and curious passerby.

See the Ariel Ambulance page for Adam's contact information if you can help.

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Oh, cool! Another reason I wish I was going to Flan, just to see that. *grins*
I am so excited that the Ariel Ambulance is coming! Yay!
The AA will be there! YAY!
Y'all are reading the post fully, yes? Heh. It doesn't say it WILL be there. It says it CAN be, if it has someone to haul it there.
Uh huh, I saw that. *crosses fingers for you guys* Here's hoping they find one.
Same here, but I bet there are volunteers even as we speak. If not, there should be. I wonder if there will be brisk business of people who want pictures taken in the ambulance if it arrives in Burbank. That should pay for the trip right there.
B!x, You're such a stick in the mud! :P
You're such a stick in the mud!

Nah. I'm just afraid people will only skim, and then see all the comments saying it WILL be there, and not realize this was a plea, not an announcement. Heh.
:) I was just giving you a hard time. You made a good point. (point, stick.*snicker*)
Surely it needs a pilot?
And considering what happened to the last pilot...
Yes avoid people sending free lumber your way.
I sent an email to Adam copied from the linked site and got a MailerDeamon back. The gist of it was that I could help with the set up if they get a hauler. My email is on my profile.
I hadn't even realized they'd hauled it from the Shafter museum. I was there to help them unload the ambulance originally and to help them load it up for the first con, but I hadn't realized it wasn't brought back. I suppose it was best for it to be placed in someones backyard where they could take care of it though. Out in the Shafter museum it was basically getting the same treatment it did in the scrap heap, out in the BFE with no browncoats around to make restorations. I was the closest one but I'm too disabled to do more than a few minutes of heavy lifting. It's nice to see it more cleaned up and getting the love it deserves.
rated for 500lbs tongue weight

Tongue weight? That put a weird image in my head.

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