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"He has a disease, if you recall.. an inexplicably adverse reaction to being shot at."
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December 04 2006

Chiwetel Ejiofor on Craig Ferguson. According to this week's TV Guide Magazine, Chiwetel Ejiofor (the Operative of "Serenity") is scheduled to be on the Craig Ferguson talk show on CBS Mon. night/Tues. morning Dec. 4/5, 12:35 AM, discussing "Children of Men." Or according The Late Late Show's site, it's Dec 7th .

I think it's Craig Ferguson. Colin is a dangerous name for a comedian to have. ;)
This is Colin Ferguson.

Hey! I didn't know Sheriff Carter was a Canuck! That's cool:D

And's "Craig" Ferguson, Shapenew. Might wanna be careful about goofing names. Who knows who sees these things?

Ah, that's too bad. I was kind of jazzed at the idea of Colin having his own talk show. We met him at ComicCon last year and he's a hell of a cool guy. And Eureka is a great show.
Actually, the (probably) better known Colin Ferguson was a mass murderer. He went nuts and started shooting people on a Long Island subway, killing six, in 1993. What made his case particularly newsworthy was that he chose to represent himself, cross-examining people who'd witnessed him murdering people, and indeed even questioning people he'd shot.
I'm totally sending the link to this thread to Colin. And then someone will edit it and I'll look crazy.
And then someone will edit it and I'll look crazy.

As much I like Colin in a "Town called Eureka", I've edited the entry to include a link, get the name right and to give a heads up that the chat show's website has Chiwetel on for the 7th.
Damnit Simon! Now I look crazy.
Dear Colin,

Allyson is not crazy.


Craig Ferguson. Five letters, begins with C -- no wonder I'm so bad at crossword puzzles. Not quite how I wanted my first Whedonesque post to go -- how embarrassing. However, as far as the night of the week goes, I did say "according to TV Guide Magazine," which was correct -- according to TV Guide Magazine, that's when CE was scheduled to appear, but I'd trust the Craig Ferguson Show website on this one. Ah, well. To mix Whedon 'verses, I feel a bit like Andrew talking about the vulcanologist. Simon, thanks for the corrections.
Ah don't worry about it. At least you got more than one comment in your first Whedonesque post. I was like, "lalalala please please people comment".

Anyhow, it gives me a chance to say that Chiwetel Ejiofor was ace in Inside Man (I watched it on Saturday). He is a very good actor indeed.
Took my son to see Bond yesterday (wow, my knees are still wobbling). Saw the poster for Children of Men. It's a fetus.

Gut reaction was ew.

When I learn/read more about the film, I'll probably be more excited to see it.
Cool, I was thinking to myself "Can't be the Craig Ferguson from the UK comedy circuit a few years back" but yep, it is (though he's had his hair cut). Funny guy. Is the show any good ?

'Children of Men' has everything and nothing to do with foetuses Willowy ;). It left me a bit cold emotionally but it's visually stunning, well acted (even by Clive 'paint-drying' Owen ;) and it's got a kind of visceral naturalism you don't see in sci-fi that often. Well worth seeing, IMO ('Inside Man's good too).
Saje, for me the Craig's show is the best one that's on the networks at this point. He got nominated for an Emmy this year and I was really rooting for him, but alas, Barry Manilow used his dark powers on the voting members.
Barry Manilow used his dark powers on the voting members.

As any good Colbert-Nation acolyte could've told you :)

Dear Colin,

Allyson is most certainly crazy.

Children of Men was fantastic, IMHO. It's a wonderful film.
That bloody Manilow. When will the world wake up to his evil Emmy rigging shenanigans ?

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