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December 04 2006

Jason Palmer's limited edition Mal & Zoe prints to premier at Flanvention. Each limited to 300 Giclee prints and 100 Canvas prints. Next week Book, Kaylee and Jayne will be released. All 10 (including Serenity) will be out by the end of the year.

Jason Palmer Studios, together with Universal Studios, released the next two characters in the limited edition portraits series. It's Mal and Zoe, and as before, each portrait is limited to 300 Giclee prints and 100 Canvas prints. All prints feature the Universal Logo and are signed and numbered by the artist. The entire set of 10 (including Serenity the ship) is available for pre-order with bonus print of the Operative and free shipping. Next week, Book, Kaylee, and Jayne are planned for release.

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I never get over how incredible Jason's work is! Can't wait to see the new pieces in person!
Jason's work is indeed impressive. If I had money to burn I'd buy a bunch of it. Regardless, I can't wait to see it at Flan.
This is very awesome! I have the Firefly and Serenity prints from him already and I think I have my Christmas prezzie in mind!
Damn, I bought the River one of these and it's gorgeous. I wanted to collect the whole set but I sure can't afford another 9 before Christmas!

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