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December 04 2006

IDW's Angel comics books for March 2007. Details for Angel: Auld Lang Syne #5 and find out which six scripts are in the second Angel Scriptbook volume (Hint! They include the following dialogue - "You're a wee, little puppet man!", "I kind of want to slay the dragon", "No, it's not enough time!", "I'm Angel. I beat the bad guys", "Blondie bear?" and "Say no more. Evil's still afoot!").

So, heavy on the Spike, eh? Not that I'm complaining.
Iconic episodes that they are, I wish IDW would release the scripts in order bit like the Buffy scripts which got up to season 3 from what I remember.
"Quickly, to the Angel-mobile, away!" Get in!!!
Simon: Yes, they did two volumes (out of a usual four) of Buffy's third season before cancelling the series.
Agreed. I didn't mind so much with the scripts as single issues, but this isn't ideal.
I'm still bummed from my stupidity other day, by not remembering that Jeffrey wrote NFA.

I'll definetely get both script TPBs.
Awwwwwwwww, some of my favorite episodes!

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