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December 05 2006

(SPOILER) Poll: Heroes' Jessica vs. Buffy. A fun poll at , pitting Jessica and Buffy against each other. Might contain spoilers for those who haven't seen all the episodes of Heroes.

This is my first time posting here, so I hope I got things right. :)

I think the last choice should have read: "Don't Make Me Choose! Grrrrrgh!!! Arrrrrrgh!!!"

Brilliant first post AlmostBrilliant!
I think Jessica is more Faith than Buffy; the typical choice would have been Claire vs Buffy.
Didn't we see this battle in X3 :-)
Put Willow in the mix and she'll win everytime!
Yeah, if they're allowed posses then Buffy, if not then Jessica. She's got superpowers and a big gun (if Jessica could also have her posse though - i.e. assuming the Heroes would actually help her - then it's gonna be Jessica. The ability to go back in time is tough to trump).

(given it's a 'Heroes' site i'm surprised Buffy's so far in the lead though. Or did we do that ? ;)
As much as I'm enjoying Heroes, come on now. Buffy by a landslide.

I think of Buffy often when watching Claire.

I hope Heroes is on for years. It's so well done. I could gush longer, but must return to work.
Yes, alexreager that Argghhh definately needs a Grrrr in front of it. And of course no contest, Buffy all the way.
As far as I'm concerned, Jessica is just a well-trained soldier. I really haven't seen her have powers so much as skills, yo. (And is she really a separate person, or does Niki just have multiple personalities?) So, Buffy, no question. :-)
Well billz, she can literally rip people apart seemingly without tools of any kind. They don't teach that in the Green Berets, John Rambo told me so ;).

(a couple of times she's seemed to exhibit super-strength too, though that might be explainable as the 'strength of a madwoman'. Is she separate ? She seems not to be physically separate but that might make a nice reveal in a future episode if they chose to go that way i.e. make her power also involve somekind of manifestation ability)
Both Jessica and the Buffster has super strength, but Buffy one ups her with the speedy heeling. SOOO, Buffy all the way.
I love the new show, but would put my money on Buffy any day. Her extra strength and fighting skills give the buffster the edge. Claire on the other hand might give both of them a tough challenge, though she'll need to learn how to fight better to complement that healing ability.
I haven't seen last night's Heroes yet, but comparing Buffy to Jessica (alias Not!Niki) is just wrong. Although Jessica would do anything for Micah, her idea of solvng the custody battle with her ex, DL, is a bit extreme. She tries to kill him, and her pesky, wimpy other self, Niki, too?
No comparasion, it's Buffy all the people or in a fight. Heck, Buffy brought down vampires much bigger than her. Jessica wouldn't.
However, if we suddenly have Nikissica (both egos merging into one kick-ass..and, I may re-think this.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2006-12-06 01:55 ]
Buffy by a mile.
Jessica does seem to have superstrenth, but she's not always there, kind of like Ben/Glory. Plus she's really evil and everyone knows that the good guys always win!

Claire wouldn't have a chance against Buffy. Sure she can't die, but she's got no strength, no fighting skills so all Buffy would have to do is kill her, and then somehow contain her before she comes back to life. Wow, when you think about it Claire is pretty vulnerable in the wrong hands.
They even have to ask?

As Xane sagely points out, Jessica could turn into Nikki at any time; Buffy wins.

Also, Jessica uses guns; these things, never useful - Buffy compensates beautifully with lack of gun; Buffy wins.

I've never seen Jessica be able to leap over people, up to a landing, balance perfectly on a pole in an alley, or exhibit any martial arts skills; Buffy wins.

Jessica doesn't have that sharp repartee: "Welcome to Thunderdome"; Buffy wins.

Jessica's pure brawn. Buffy's sharp as a razor; Buffy wins.
Well, wishful thinking about the usefulness of guns aside (and i'm right there with y'all in sentiment but sadly, sniper rifle = Buffy dead long before she knows it ;(), Jessica is a stone killer of whatever or whomever gets in her way. Buffy's just too good to have that freedom.

Re: Claire, all Buffy would have to do is lock her in a moderately secure room so that one's not much of a contest, IMO (she's got no super-strength, no fighting abilities, no tactical awareness, no combat experience etc. Plus, she's only died once. Amateur ;).
You know, now that you mention it, Jessica might have super strength. I was kind of fooled by the fact that she uses a gun a lot. Buffy still kicks Jessica's a**. And Claire's indestructible, but not much of a fighter. Now the beatdown I want to see -- Buffy vs Siler. There's a big bad, yo. ;-)
You know, now that you mention it, Jessica might have super strength.

She definitely has super strength. She ripped a safe door off its hinges with one hand.
I so don't remember that. This proves to me that I am so bored with Niki/Jessica that when they come on screen, my brain takes a little nap, or else asks itself if there isn't something better it could be doing for that minute. ;-)

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