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December 05 2006

Sarah's movie "A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing" has new title, new pics, and a release date. The movie is titled Suburban Girl (release date in June), and there are some neat new stills of the movie at the site linked too. Also, news on Happily Never After, Southland Tales, and The Air I Breathe. Apparently, SMG will be in every movie made in 2007, and to borrow a line from Seinfeld, not that there is anything wrong with that.

A new blog about Southland Tales from Richard Kelly:

After almost a year of editing, we have finally locked picture on Southland Tales!

2 hrs 17 min. The final cut is 27 minutes shorter than the "work-in-progress" version that premiered at Cannes. I am very happy with this edit, as we have done a significant amount of work to solve the rubiks cube narrative. Justin Timberlake just recorded the final voice-over this past sunday. We still have some visual effects work to do... but expect a release date and a trailer soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying Southland Tales - Book II: Fingerprints. Book III is going to the printer in about a week, and I believe that it is the best of the three (cerainly the longest). I can't believe it is almost
over... and that we have made it to the end with our sanity intact. Well... perhaps not completely intact:)

Happily Never After will be released on January 5, and its premiere will be held December 16th at the Chinese Mann theatre in LA.

Ill link you to the main page of SMGfan because they have promo pics (of a cartoon that SMG is lending her voice too--hey dont look at me, I just work here).

Happily Never After

Happily Never After Main Site

And finally, The Air I Breathe, the movie where SMG plays sorrow (I guess thats her characters name), will be released May 1st.

Too many people to give credit for, so Ill chalk it up to surfing SMGfan today.

I got no more, though I know something about Michelle Tractenberg that I dont want to share, and Nicky Brendan is funny. Cheers Mates!

I prefer the old title. I never read the book, but it was pretty popular, so I don't know why they would want to change the movie title.
The new title is awfully bland. Though I don't think book tie-ins mean much in movies unless they're blockbuster paperbacks.

A caveat on Southland Tales - Richard Kelly seems to have a kind of loose sense of "soon." The news is better than his last blog entry four months ago but there's still no release date or trailer or anything. Buy the graphic novels, maybe it will light a fire under Sony.
I really prefer the old title -- the new one sounds like some bland romantic comedy, the thing that she has never proven successful at (hellooo, Simply Irresistable, anyone?).
Suburban Girl sounds like Material Girls. People might start batching SMG in with the Duff sisters. Lame.
So new title but on the Oddlot Entertainment site, they have a poster with the old title on it. I'm easily amused this time of the morning.
I prefer the old title. Can't wait for Southland Tales!
Oooh. Four SMG movies?

Heaven. :-)
I can't remember where but I seem to recall an article or television show saying that long movie titles almost never test well and could actually hurt box office. I would assume the title change has something to do with that.
Some of the big american movie companies seem scared of slightly unconventional or long titles. They really shouldn't be, the original title was much better.
I don't know...the obvious disagreement choice to the 'long movie titles never test well' thing is LOTR -- so long its got to be abbreviated, but there's no argument there cause LOTR was guaranteed a success.

What constitutes a long title? Longer than 5 words?

It's a quirky, vague but identifying title because it's about the book. Fans of the book might not know this was about the book and non-book fans who end up seeing the movie based on the plot and the title will read the book. Now, neither party will see this movie because its 'Surburban Girls' instead...
At least this year, SMG will show her range in other than horror movies for a while, and is CLEARLY a good thing. However, she's still going to be asked about "Buffy, 10 years Later". Maybe someone will ask her (eventually) if she's read the new comic book series after it comes out in March.
As for changing the name of one of her movies, "Suburban Girls" screams "focus group" to me. The orginal title is better, even if it confuses movie execs more than movie goers (hence, the need to change the title in the first place).
The title didn't need to be changed. It lends itself to a sort of "automatic" shortening. Most people would have referred to the movie as "The Girls Guide". I like that better than "Suburban Girl".
I can't wait till The Air I Breathe. :)
Was that Alec Baldwin Sarah has her arms around in the rotating pictures of Suburban Girl? Oh, I hope he was well-behaved on set.

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