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December 06 2006

Eliza Dushku signs on for new movie. It's called,"The Alphabet Killer" and is about a group of murders in Rochester, NY where the victims all had," the same first letter in their names as the town their bodies were discovered."

Well, same guy that did 'Wrong Turn' which didn't particularly impress me but she's not playing a victim, she's a cop, so that has promise. May well check it out depending on buzz.
It sounds interesting...lets hope it doesn't get reduced to a gorefest. The studio thats making this movie also made The Attic, which was uneccesarily gory and bordering on porn in some cases.

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When I saw the quoted description here, I immediately thought about the Hercule Poirot novel (The ABC Murders, I think), where the victims names start with the same letter as the cities they were murdered in. And the killer leaves an ABC railway schedule on the site, too.

I was really taken aback when I read that this is actually based on a true story.

As to Eliza, she sure can act pain so she should be good in this.
Yes I thought it was that Agatha Christie book as well (one of her finest btw).
...taking a break from scouting locations in Rochester

Eliza Dushku is in my town this month? Sweet. Her role seems like an interesting one and the movie sounds like it could be really good if done right.
I spent my formative teen years in Rochester, NY and if there's any place in upstate New York that's more appropriate to set a murder movie, I've yet to see it.

Oh, well, yeah, there is Buffalo, I forgot...
At first I thought "Oy, another gory movie starring a Whedonverse alum that I'll have to miss" but it looks like it might be good. And, it shares a production company as The Hebrew Hammer, one of my favorite movies, so what could be bad?
I too thought of the ABC murders.
The movie sounds good though. Hopefully it won't end up being another dumb horror flick (that seem to be coming out in the past couple years).
gingeriffic... I know what you mean. I hate horror movies. Why do these Whedonverse alumns have to be in them all the time? hehe

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