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April 25 2003

(SPOILER) Nicholas Brendon on the Buffy finale A Q&A with the X-Man.

"The tongue is mightier than the sword, my friend."
True dat.

Sigh. There's a spoiler in there, voodoo_daddy.

I think I may have to steer clear of links that I even suspect might be spoilery until the finale actually airs, since this isn't the first time that I've been spoiled here.

Ah, the spoiler-free road is bumpy...
keever, i'm doing that already. if there's a hint of finale chatter, stay clear! it's not much longer to wait.

sniff. sniff. sad face.
Was there a spoiler? Wow. I went, skimmed it, and didn't notice. Way to go, crappy attention to detail!
It was a small one, friarfunk, but I'm vigilant about this, particularly since we're so close to the end. I'll be intentionally vague: the spoiler had to do with battle specifics and the resolution of Xander's um, incident in Dirty Girls, and it appeared towards the end of the article.

[ edited by keever on 2003-04-25 23:14 ]
I must've missed it. Sorry, spoiler-free viewers.
"The idea would be like we would love to do a film and I think we’re going to, and I talked to Joss about it." Wait, really? Is this something that gets mentioned a lot? I've been skipping most spoiler articles lately, maybe I just missed the other mentions...

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