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December 07 2006

Buffyverse-related interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido (krad). SlayerLit Q&A session on "The Deathless", "Blackout" and the Buffyverse. We last heard from SlayerLit in their Robert Joesph Levy Q&A on "Go Ask Malice".

I know many fans have tried Buffy novels before and been disappointed, but don't let that stop you from trying the two summer novels, both of which explore slayer origin stories, "Go Ask Malice" is presented as the diary of Faith in the months before she arrived in Sunnydale. Whilst "Blackout" is the story of Nikki Wood from her calling onwards - the bulk of the story takes place in the 1970s. Both novels are superb, Levy and Krad should be proud.

Book reviews

For anyone interested, there are some Buffyverse book review sites, though most do not feature reviews of the newest books:

*SlayerLit Buffy reviews - Offers some nice in-depth analyses.
*Litefoot reviews - Honest opinions about many of the books (in some cases brutally so).
*Sci-fi-online reviews - Includes several dozen reviews on the Buffy & Angel books (including review of "Go Ask Malice").
*Wiki:Buffyverse chronology - They can't review, but otherwise offer a complete guide to books/comics.
*Nika Summers reviews - Short and upbeat reviews for most of the Buffy books.

Another great intervewi from slayerlit. I don'tknow how these guys do it, but they bring out the best in the people they talk to... though, canon? Don't ask KRAD about canon! :-)
Nice read. I enjoyed Krad's Serenity novelization. I'm interested in reading these new stories. Whedonesquers rarely let me down. After trying a few crap Buffy novels by a writer or two who shall remain nameless, I checked out the Spike n Dru: Pretty Maids in a Row (I think I got the name right) because it was recommended here. It was indeed very well-written and totally enjoyable, and made me believe that the canon/noncanon debate is a bit silly, at least in that I'm now not as quick to dis a work based solely on that debate. Some canon works are crappy and some noncanon works are great. So there. Think I'll look up a little more info. about Go Ask Malice. I need some reading for the holidays.

ETA: Ok, so I finally ordered Go Ask Malice and Blackout. Looking forward to them!

*Off-topic: I noticed a reference to Krad's involvement with World of Warcraft. Just started playing about a week ago (but am a big Blizzard/Diablo fan). Oh Jeez. I may have found a new guilty pleasure. I've often secretly wished for films in the Diablo universe. I know, I'm a total goof.

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Oh, go ahead.

Ask me about canon.

I double-dog dare you.......

*tee hee*

Thanks, everyone! And April? You should definitely Cycle of Hatred. *nods*
Nice interview. And yes--everyone should read Go Ask Malice and Blackout. I've mentioned in other threads that I've not been very impressed with most of the 'verse novelizations, etc.--probably because most are YA. But these two books are good. Very, very good..

*Waves happily to krad.* Hey, dude. Keep on keepin' on. You write 'em, I'll read 'em. Even buy 'em! *Gasp!* I've said it before and I'll say it again: Write faster! And thanks for a great read. . . .
I'm writin' as fast as I can! *laughs*

I just started work on the novelization of the movie Resident Evil: Extinction, which should be out next fall, and I've got at least four other novels coming out next year, including The Deathless, as well as two Star Trek novels and another novel that I can't talk about yet. That's in addition to three short stories and an essay or two. There might be more beyond that....

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