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December 07 2006

Buffy makes Yahoo's TV on DVD top picks list. Yahoo! also chose Alyson Hannigan's sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" for their "TV on DVD" gift guide.

Doesn't mention whats stopping me buying this (HIMYM), in that while the show was made and originally aired in widescreen, the DVD is presented in full frame. I'm holding off to see whether other regions have it presented correctly.

Maybe I'm misreading the tea leaves but I haven't seen much online buzz about the show this season.

ETA: I've merged Meltha's thread with this one to save some space on the front page. Her's was the Buffy DVD, Ghost Spike's is the HIMYM info.

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The show is still very funny this season. I'm seeing more sitcom antics this season than last. I still love it. It's the only show with a laugh-track I tolerate.

I didn't know about the full-screen format, that makes me sad.
Season 1 is still on my graduation gifts list.

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