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December 07 2006

Firefly Reborn as Online Universe. Wired is reporting that we will be getting more Firefly in the form of an authorized MMORPG. (Think Star Wars Galaxies, Eve Online, World of Warcraft).

Can't stop the signal, Mal...
Nice. I look forward to hearing more about this.
Funny thing: I'm a Multiverse developer. But I actually knew nothing about this.

It's a great platform but it's years away I think, personally, from coming together. Hopefully I'm wrong. I'm going to love taking this one for a spin!
No Rutting Way! Awesome.
Oh boy, it has just hit me how much this news is making my fangeek squee. This much: squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
That is very cool news. Sadly, I can never play it since past experience has shown that within a week, to a first approximation, i'll be doing nothing but playing it.

Good idea though, it's certainly a very ripe universe for a MMORPG.
Whaaaa?! Between this and Stargate Worlds I won't need any real friends.
I wonder how Joss feels about game developers expanding his universe. It's kind of an odd thing because Firefly was so short-lived that the 'Verse is still very mysterious to me, and I'm kind of averse to a PC game giving it all away.

But that's still really great news to hear, Firefly deserves a Big Damn MMO.
and I'm kind of averse to a PC game giving it all away.

I doubt it will be considered canon.

One interesting factor here is Multiverse is not doing the game. They've just licensed the rights. Anybody can sign up to Multiverse and develop a game based from it.
Wow. That's like Joss-geek heaven!

I assume they'll have nothing to do with it, but it sure would be cool if Joss and/or Tim could consult on the design or something.
There's actually a fair amount of canon about the worlds and such out there. Joss did a great overview of the worlds and universe in the Serenity companion, for example.

I'd love to see people's interpretations of a place like Shadow in full 3D, populated with real people..
So does this mean we'll be able to visit the I mean companions?
Can we have the moon where people juggle geese for recreation? Pretty please with sugar on top.
I want to go the the crappy planet where I'm a hero!
In Second Life, there's an area called Washtown. It has a full scale Firefly, and a town of shops and things people have built. There's a statue of Wash, and naked Mal's on rocks. Along with a shop which sells Jayne hats.
Eh, the best thing about Firefly is the story. MMORPG's - and I do like them up to a limit - are soulless level grinds. IMO they can be fun when you are leveling up and building your character, but the end game is always the same, going to the same dungeons so you can have the best stuff in the game, which everyone else in your class/level either wants or already has.

Playing with the right people can help, but it in the end they all have no personality, and no way to real distinguish your character from any of the others. Not to mention the fact that there will probably a thousand name variations of Captain Mal, and all the other characters, as well as the real stupid names that totally take you out of it.

Than there is the time commitment, at the end levels of World of Warcraft, or any other MMO I have ever played (DaOC, Everquest, Final Fantasy XI), you pretty much have to have 3-4 hours free if you want to accomplish anything in the game.

Having a MMO set in the universe is nice in theory, but if Firefly/Serenity is to be a game, I think a lengthy single player game with the story written by Joss, would be much better. I think this will probably just be a hook to push another generic MMORPG.

*comes off like a real joy kill*

[ edited by Odysseus on 2006-12-08 02:02 ]
Let's hope it's more in the fashion of EVE Online than Star Wars Galaxies. But this is shiny news indeed, I've often thought that the 'verse lends itself nicely to some kind of sandbox roleplaying environment. I just hope that they recreate the freedom of travelling whereever you like, unlike a lot of modern MMORPGs which move you from one area to the next as you advance in level.
Again, to reiterate - anybody can join Multiverse and develop a game from this. You just need a team, the time, and the skills. Which is much easier said than done.
I'd check it out. I've only played Diablo II (but that wasn't exactly an MMORPG, was it?) and just started World of Warcraft, but I've devoted endless hours to each.

Not to sound like another buzzkill, but Odysseus makes some valid points. I don't want to see my 'verse cheapened, and that means I'm not sure how I'd feel teaming up with TacoMike, Toenail, and ReevahKillah of the NekkidChickens to take on the Reavers or whoever. I'm just sayin', dude makes some valid points. I'd still buy it, though. :)
I can't wait to see where they go with this. :)
I am so there if this comes to fruition! COOL!
Hey Gossi,

Maybe we should create a Browncoat Programming Team :)
I don't know diddly about programming, but I'm not bad at whipping up textures and I know others who would jump at the chance to make items...
I wish I could muster interest in this. It seems like masturbation to me. This ain't Joss, or stories, or even more Firefly. It's diddling with a joystick because there isn't anything better to do. I hate to see Joss's vision degenerate into just this. It seems false, and a little desperate. Boo.
What I find the most odd about this is that Joss never mentioned it. Either he's not allowed to say, or he's not in the loop. Could Fox make a decision like this without him? Would the events of the game be considered canon (in case they contradict existing or future world/character details, like showing some of the crew dying somewhere)?

Also very interested to see what development team comes onboard. After all, it's not anybody that can come on and use the license; it seems like now they've got the license they have to shop for a development team to come MAKE the game. (I have a resume and job application waiting for that announcement).
Three words:

ALLIANCE/BROWNCOAT WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could Fox make a decision like this without him?

Yeah, they own the property. Universal have also been trying to sell the video game license.

Would the events of the game be considered canon (in case they contradict existing or future world/character details, like showing some of the crew dying somewhere)?

There's no crew in it, or planned for it, apparently. It's about as canon as, say, the Serenity roleplay in terms of worlds.

Personally, I've no problem with it as I'm a gamer anyway.
I may be interested, Ive never played one of those games before. What Id really like though, is this game to make lots of money and more games be made around the brand. Such as a GTA style one, now that would be fantastic.
Odysseus you may be a joykill but its pretty much exactly what I thought when I saw the news. MMO is code for no plot and as much as I love Firefly, it's the plot and characters that I love, not really the setting. Hell Firefly would have been just as awesome if it had been set in the actual wild west.

Mycroft: First off kudos for the Sherlock Holmes reference... I think his brother was named Mycroft wasn't it? Second, I'm also programmer. I'm sensing a trend.

[ edited by war_machine on 2006-12-08 15:32 ]
MMO means you get out of it what you put into it. If you have a crew that's fast, funny, and creative, you can have a blast, just like with the Serenity role playing game.

If it's not to your tastes, no worries.
Thanks war_machine. :)
(Yep. Mycroft was the smarter brother) :D
(by the way is that a reference to war machine from the Iron Man comics?)

It does seem that there are alot of Browncoats with game development skills.

My main skill set is in development organization and planning.

I'm going to look into the possibilities of this idea this weekend.
Hmmm... not sure what I think about this. OF course any new incarnation of the 'verse is awesome, but after all, Firefly was so great because of its characters, not its universe. I think they will have a very hard translating that dynamic into an MMO.

But then again, successful MMO's are like money machines on steroids. If this one was even half as successful as WoW, maybe some of that cash could go towards financing a new movie? Wishful thinking I know, but at this point, I think that's all we Browncoats live on.
I want to be a companion.

(Seriously, shiny stuff)
I want to be a companion.

Heh. Me too!
You see, the problem is i cant find anything where Fox or News Corp confirm this. None of thier press releases even flirt with the subject. Its easy for me to post something on MY site saying it, and while yes wired is a legitamite source, it wouldnt be the first time legitamite news has jumped the gun. I mean has anyone ever played a game produced by Multiverse? Do they even have anything? The only thing on thier site listed is a Demo game. I cant see News Corp selling the licensing for this to an upstart company. I guess im just the voice of dissent.
well I guess i would iamgine that Wired is soemwhat reliable and would reseatrch their stories and not jump the gun like all those online "news"sites *cough Imdb*

I am not gamer, but I think its shiny. It gets attention, and anyway that allows people to interact and roleplay(whether on the compute ror paper or pencil) I am all up for it. I just hope that it might be another thing to put in the plus column for Universal to help garner a sequel or something in the long run(I know Fox licensed it, but it doesnt mean that Universal won't look at this, like they looked at the firefly dvd sales).
Anyways Im always the optimsit in this regard.
It's reliable, it got released over the wires as well. In fact, the cofounder and a guy from Fox were going to speak to fans about it at Flanvention 2 this weekend.
Oh, man. This is so awesome!

I know that I won't get to see my cap'n...or my dead pilot for that matter...and that Joss won't be directly involved...but I get to live in his world!

That is shiny.
The guy quoted in this article from Multiverse is actually at the Hilton hotel right now, if anybody wants to ask them a question.
Gamespot also has an article:;title;3

My comment to the article:

"I'm a Browncoat (proud owner of Firefly/Serenity/Done the Impossible, but I have no hope for this.

Even if it doesn't get cancelled within the next few months (and that's a big IF), chances of the Firefly-franchise fitting unto a MMO-type of game is highly unlikely. Joss' strength lies in his characters, his storytelling and his ability to play off and toy with the emotions of his audience. MMOs are bland, repetitive, story-stripped 'games' with no lasting value except for maxing a characters's stats.

I'm glad Firefly is in the limelight again, but I fear this venture will be the final nail in an already nailed coffin. Firefly was great, Serenity was even better, but I just don't see how this franchise is going to survive."

Uplifty, no?

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