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April 25 2003

(SPOILER) Angel Shines Brightly AtS is a better show than BtVS, these days. YMMV.

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It's hard enough to create one superb television show. Imagine how tough it is to capture lightning in a bottle twice, forging a spin-off and building a whole new show on supporting characters from the original. By Gregg Wrenn.

Um, I'm glad you're being careful and all but... where's the spoiler in that article? He talks about events that have already been aired.

Did I miss something?
Yeah, but I never know what's been on BBC vs. UPN. Is it better to whack the spoiler here? 'Cause I will.

[This is my first story post. Until now I've been all comment and snark.]
Great story from TeeVee as usual, and I totally agree. When it comes to the Jossverse, Angel is the show closest to my heart....
Me, too, but for a different reason. I didn't come upon Buffy until last year -- I was hooked after Once More, With Feeling and proceeded to devour episode synopses and catch up on back episodes of FX since then.

Angel, on the other hand, I've actually seen as it was coming out for almost two years, and creatively it's been improving without me having to hear the constant carping you hear when you watch Buffy. You know, the "it ain't as good as it used to/Marti is evil" vibe that gets so old.

Angel is nighttime soap opera/melodrama, and a good one at that. That's been sorely missed by me, who enjoyed Melrose Place at its height when Kimberly took off her wig to reveal that hideous scar. Ok, I know I lost some people there in terms of credibility, but anyway, you know what I mean.
Sure, Angel IS a better show than BtVS these days...

You know, except for the whole Connor thing...and Connor sleeping with Cordelia....and the whole lame Evil Cordy storyline...

I have to say my heart still belongs to Buffy. Angel is a good show, but for some reason it just doesn't hook me on an emotional level. Maybe it's the characters or the outlandishly soap operatic plot devices...but I always feel something missing. I'm definitely hoping it improves and picks up some of that old Sunnydale spirit if there's a season 5.
Hey, I'm an editor at TeeVee. All I can say is, you guys have more class than the people who are writing in, calling our writer "irresponsible" for saying that Angel is working out better than Buffy and Firefly. You know, that's what opinions are all about...

But some people only want to read praise, I guess. Tough.
i keep trying to love AtS, keep trying to become engrossed with the storylines, but alas i have failed miserably. sometimes i watch it but if i miss it, no biggie. if i miss an ep of buffy on the other hand... wait, i've never actually missed an ep. well you get my drift :-D

it may finally get a firm grasp on my attn span next season (if there is a next season ??) if buffy characters make appearances.

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