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December 08 2006

Browncoats' Backup Bash Is On! In the wake of BE's last-minute cancellation of Flanvention, the California Browncoats launch an even-more-last-minute resurrection of Backup Bash. The linked site is where to watch for updates. And according to the latest update, it will be at 8pm in the hotel bar and lobby.

The California Browncoats would like to thank everyone who has already supported us through donations and volunteering. It makes all the difference in the world having so many of you here in spirit making sure we're able to do the impossible.

We would like to let those who have donated know that should there be any leftover funds we will be donating the unused amount to Equality Now in the name of the Browncoats.

If you had a ticket to Flanvention and are still planning on coming and joining us, there will be a meeting at 11am in the lobby of the Hilton. If you're not able to join us for the 11am meeting, please find someone with a red nametag hanging out in the lobby when you arrive and that person will be able to fill you in on what's going on.

We have been working since we rolled into town at 3pm on Thursday to make this weekend the best it can be, given the short notice from BE.

Thank you all again.

San Francisco and SoCal Browncoats
I donated a little (If I could have donated a lot I'd be in Burbank myself right now). I hope everyone still has a good time. It's amazing of Adam and Nathan to be putting some hours in anyway.
Arielle, should people who want to volunteer as support staff also show up at this meeting, or is it just for ticket holders?
Anyone who wants to volunteer can show up for this meeting, or a little after. Rosie from the OB has taken on the task of setting up the volunteer schedule for handing out info in the lobby. You can see her or any of the red nametag Browncoats. The BBB organizers should also have buttons or nametags with the B3 logo.

Right now we don't know how many volunteers we will need, or when, or for what. But showing up and offering to help is very much appreciated.

We will update as we can. I will likely be up all night packing and getting stuff ready. So hopefully I can answer any questions as they get posted.
Can I just say that you guys are amazing! It's stuff like this that really makes me proud to be a Browncoat (it's funny that I happen to be wearing my "May have been the losing side..." Browncoat T-Shirt today)
Um, I love donating to Equality Now, but we were told that if there was any money unused from the donations it would be personally refunded to us. I already told some people who donated that would be the case. Some donated a lot. I can't cover them if for some reason their money isn't used, and again, I passed along the word that was written on the donation page that any unused funds would be refunded to us.
I know that I donated to the first rescue attempt and it was promply refunded. I just sent it back...
Let's just say for debate's sake that 100 people have donated $25 each for a total of $2500. And they use $2430 of it. That would leave a balance of $70. If they didn't use it all you wouldn't really get your donation of $25 back, you would get a portion of the balance. In reality some people are donating larger portions, so how would they fairly divide those leftovers? It would just be best to donate the balance to Joss' charity and call it a day.

I sincerely believe there will be none leftover.
I'm not going to be there, but I just wanted to say how awesome I think it is that you're doing this. Really touching, and I hope we get a full report on how it all goes! :-)
I donated under my real name (wschapiro), and if there's money left over I'd love for it to go to Equality Now. :-) Have fun!
I know it's not much but I doubled my donation (also under my real name) this time and I was willing for it to go to charity the last time, so I'm good, no need to refund me anything - do what you want with it, if you have money left over. I'm glad to see this pull together so fast and I hope it get's pulled off well. I'm just so sorry that the Flan fell through for everyone.

Right now I am sick to stomach to think what this cancelation will do to impact other events in the future. It's hard enough to get guest to commit to these things. I tried to laugh at things (not this but anything for an emotional release) but all I end up doing is crying. I feel so bad for everyone involved. I'm so sorry, I couldn't help more.

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Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. made a small donation and we've offered the Browncoats product we have in-house as prizes for any events hosted. I'm personally very sorry that I wasn't able to make it. If I had a clue how things would go down I might have planned things differently. As it was, BE was telling me all the way up until Tuesday that I'd have a plane ticket and hotel room.
I'm out in Michigan and couldn't afford to go out for Flanvention, but I've sent off a small donation to help out. I think it's great that the fans (and Adam!) are pulling together for this.
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Carmencita, we had been talking about returning donations 2 weeks ago when we didn't know whether or not we were going to be spending money, since we didn't know whether or not we would be putting on the backup bash. Now that we're the only game in town, we know for sure we will be spending funds from the donations. As madmolly said, once we start spending the money, there's not going to be an easy and fair way to divide up the refunds. Also, given our potential expenses, I don't anticipate there will be much -- if any -- left over.

We had quite a day, yesterday. I am so proud of the efforts of all the browncoats, from the organizers who dropped everything to help out, to the attendees, who are keeping a positive attitude (at least until Monday) to Adam Baldwin and the other actors we're in touch with for their willingness to support the browncoats.

Someone sent me an e-mail yesterday, and used a quote from Apollo 13 that really sums up our situation perfectly:

NASA Director: This could be the worst disaster NASA's ever faced.
Gene Kranz: With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.

Lexigeek, you are a BDH! You and the other folks of nocal and socal have my utmost respect. I would give to the fund, unfortunately cash is really tight for me now, so all I can give is my spirit and well wishes. I am sure you will guys do a smash up job, especially with the really really short notice.
I'm just amazed by all the help coming from everyone. I'm one of the Flan 500 who unfortunately is not attending the back up bash. I was supposed to fly in this afternoon and I know I would have had an amazing time. Unfortunately I have finals next week and have decided to stay home to study. But I want to thank the SoCal/NoCal/whateverCal browncoats who have been working hard to salvage the weekend for those already there. And for all of you donating money to help, you are all wonderful people. Browncoats never cease to amaze me.

I am proudly wearing a blue sun t-shirt and my "May have been the losing side" Browncoat sweatshirt today. Honestly I've never been more proud to be a browncoat.
Lexigeek is a hero, there are a number of heroes here at the Burbank Hilton, and I am very grateful to have such energetic dynamic people around to keep things going when I just want to curl up in my room....
Well, live from Burbank, I am looking forward to what's coming up this weekend. I do want to thank Adam Baldwin for coming to the Hilton and hanging out with some disapointed Browncoats. One of the Bedlam Bards did give us a great concert sining some Serety songs, including the Ballad of Joss. Althugh I've found other places to add to my vacation, I'm hoping for the best here. I'll keep people posted
lexigeek - have you spoken to James today? Just making sure you are in the loop re the venue etc.
Yes and Allyson wanted to be contacted last night on the other thead, has that been arranged?
I am not a Flan II ticketholder, just an extremely proud Browncoat. I just looked down and without evening knowing it this morning I put on my Slims Spacecraft Sales T-Shirt(with a beautiful Firefly on it). That is how much all my fellow Browncoats are on my mind.

*hugs* to the Flan II 500.
I won't be able to make the 11:00 a.m. meeting, because I am local and didn't take the day off work. But I will swing by the hotel tonight, and be around for anything going on this weekend. I'll be happy to help out in anyway necessary once I get there.
gossi, lexigeek and James are both here. kurya, he knows Allyson was looking to get in touch.

The co-founder of Multiverse was supposed to be doing a Q&A about the Firefly game at Flan 2. Anyhow he is still going and wants to know what the situation is. So if someone can email me about what's happening, I can then get in touch with him. Really needs to be sorted out in the next hour.
Simon, it's about 9:30 AM here in Cali, and the next update from the Backup people is scheduled for 11:00 AM. That's kind of all there is to know right now, but when the Backup people come back form their meeting(s), I will let them know and either have them get in touch with Multiverse, or email you with any new info.

Or, tell him to look for people with RED (not blue) name tags in the hotel lobby, because hose are the people keeping new arrivals informed as to what we know and what we don't know.
Adam, on the OB:

Thank you to everyone that so kindly went out of their way to say hello to me, and those that found it in their heart to buy us a few rounds... :- )

The love in the Hilton last night was enriching for us all!

Thanks for again sharing it with me. : - )

Browncoats Rock!


Simon, I have James' number, if you hop on AIM.
Mark Sheppard just walked into the lobby. Picture.

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Thanx onetruebix... man AB rocks, the browncoats rock... everyone rocks... we are all just pieces of earth...
Gotta disappear for a wee while but I've emailed the guy James number and Bix's advice too. Cheers to Allyson and Bix.
Did I goof by sending my paypal donation to "" instead of the other email addess???? Someone just told me i made an error.

I just wanted to buy the Browncoats a few drinks...I hope it reaches the people at the hotel.
Yay Mark Sheppard! I've been feeding a friend and her husband all the updates. They arrived at the hotel last night after Adam had been there and she's been keeping me updated at my forum. Sounds like the Backup Bash folks are extremely organized as they made connections there right away.
I did the same thing, AlexReager (great name, btw!)- I hope it gets to the right people!
>>Did I goof by sending my paypal donation to "" instead of the other email addess???? Someone just told me i made an error.>>

I do not think you did exactly (nor I - I did the same thing) - the e-mail address is owned by Adam from the SF Browncoats and he is one of the heads of the backup bash. So the money will end up in the same place.
Just got the word that Greg Edmonson is coming no matter what.
Cool, The_Hey. I would feel bad if the money wasn't "noticed" until a week or two after the bash occurred. It did say Adam's name as the recipient for that email address, so I think everything is kosher.

Thanks Ozlady--I've always been a big Taxi fan. (I guess you are too!)
My lord, so adam baldwin, mark sheppard, and Greg Edmonson so far.... Im impressed. I love the browncoats and I love the cast and crew!
Every time I read something new a tear comes to my eye. This all just reminds me why I love the BDH's so much and why being a Browncoat is the best feeling in the world. I am so proud to belong to this community and to be a fan of these people.
WOW, I'm really impressed by both the great job the California Browncoats are pulling off and Adam/Mark/Greg for showing up anyway!
I hope everyone who came to SF will have a great weekend.
FYI, donations to the Backup have already reached $3200. You all rock.
bix, is James checking his mail still, or is he offlineless? Yes, that's a word. Now.
WOW 3200! That rules. This whole Fandom is just amazing. I have my Jayne gun Tshirt on and my Browncoat dogtags. *Beams proudly*
gossi, offline ... would probably be the better word. And Bix, that is amazing, I am impressed....Did the agreement with Hilton work out though over using the flan-space?
*Totally* AlexReager, and 'you' were one of my favorite characters! ;-) Every time I cook for Hanukkah, I think of Andy Kauffman- LOL!

$3200?! WOW!!! Browncoats are da bombiest! :-D

Will somebody please post a day-by-day highlights thing when this is all done? I can't be the only one enjoying this vicariously from afar, and I bet a lot of folks would love to relive the weekend with you all!
Important Party News

Just received this email from the SoCal Browncoats about A CHANGE IN PLANS FOR THE SHINDIG:

Hey everyone!

Sorry for this very last minute change of plans but the SoCal shindig
has been moved to Friday night. Same place, in the hotel bar and
lobby. It will start at 8pm and of course we plan to close down the
bar!!! We've encouraged the Flan attendees to dress for the event as
they want a chance to wear the fancy clothes they brought along but
don't feel like you have to dress up. I'm sure there will be plenty of
thematic t-shirts!

Hope to see many of you tonight!!!

Lynn & James

I have been keeping up with the posts all day and even with the original FLAN falling to pieces, I still wish I was there. Just to immerse myself in all the love and excitement would be enough. I am sorry for everyone who lost tons of money. But man, am I jealous of the people already there.

As soon as I can, I am going to get into my Browncoat attire to feel the solidarity. Browncoats do rock!
Browncoats are amazing. Best wishes to all of you at the BBB! And nothing but respect and gratitude for the BDHs who have shown up out of the goodness of their heart - that's just awesome, thank you.

Sorry for this very last minute change of plans but the SoCal shindig has been moved to Friday night.

There's still stuff in progress for Saturday, too. I think that'll be announced either later today or tomorrow.

Could somebody edit the TODAY 8pm thing into the subject line here please?
The Ariel Ambulance guys are still trying to get the Ambulance to the flan but still need a driver to get the ambulance from Las Vegas to the Hilton. There were free flan passes available for a driver so any volunteers would be ticket holders and I guess able to attend whatever fun the back up bash guys are planning.

If you can help please contact Adam at or post on the ariel ambulance boards - thanks
i gotta tell you guys. reading this and the last post about Flan has made me so proud to be a part of fandom. y'all are some seriously amazing people. please keep all of us in the loop about the goings-on at the bash.

also? Adam Baldwin, Mark Sheppard and whoever else shows up to this BackUp Bash are my heroes.
First of all - those Browncoats organising and suppporting the Backup Bash - you guys are too freaking cool. Adam, Mark and Greg (and whoever else comes along no matter what)? Ain't nuthin' but big damn heroes.

I've never been involved in a fandom before, and I'm so glad that this fandom is the one I've become involved in. Browncoats are amazing!

So, sitting here in Australia, knowing that there's an Australian contingent over there, knowing that she's been looking forward to this all year, and that there are hundreds of other folks in the same circumstances...I'm so close to tears. But they're tears of both frustration and sadness, and joy and amazement at the fabulousness of this fandom, and the BDH.

Just a longwinded way to say I've made a donation to the bash, and I hope it gets to you all in time to help out with some serious fun!

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Just a quick note from the Hilton - I can't say enough good about the "clean and virtuous" folks both here and not-here who have stepped up to the plate to make this a whopping success. The generosity and kindness that have been shown to all of us is downright humbling. Even though it's not what any of us were expecting (to be true, yesterday it felt uncomfortably as if we were in a foxhole watching our ships abandon us), the Backup Bash (or "Flan B") is showing every sign of being just our kind of party! Only without the punching. We've grown.

Thanks to all who are making this happen. We know who's helping us and we know you don't have to, but that you're doing it anyway. And we all appreciate it.
Sounds like everyone's having fun at the Hilton. Any word yet as to the weekend activities? Don't know if I'll make it to the Shindig tonight, but I will definitely show up for the weekend to hang out and salvage some fun and good will from the wreckage of Flan 2.
There is some truly excellent stuff being line up for tomorrow, mockingbird. It's not been confirmed yet but there's a *LOT* going into it. It's deeply humbling.

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Brett Matthews is here, signing autographs.
The guy from the company who just announced the Firefly game is at the Hilton, too.
WOW!!! No way!!! That is too cool b!x When did Nathan get there??? That's amazing. What's next?!!!

What a great bunch of great people these stars are to show up for the fans.
I'm really angry with this whole situation, but the backup bash is turning out to be brilliant, at least we can trust what the Socals say!!

Dave (Denise's hubby) showed up today. Kudos for him showing, but he had no answers. We proceeded to do a round of getting no answers to our question in a big q+a type session in the lobby. What a WASTE of time! I got verbal with it and basically shouted at everyone to just forget the whole thing and move on. If they had something to say to Dave, to say it but let us have our metting area (the lobby) to arrange something to actually DO today.

Some people continued to back BE by apologizing to Dave about me. I'd just like to state, before anyone gets the wrong end of the stick, I got nothing against Dave, I said nothing against him and I did not lose my cool. I stated the obvious - we were wasting time and getting angry/upset all over again for NOTHING! We weren't getting anything out of it and it was the same questions we'd been asking all week!

Even Mark Shephard completely agreed with me!

Let's stop defending BE. I don't give a CRAP if Denise or Vicki is stressed - they deserve to be. They've stolen our money as it stands right now! I want answers, and if they aren't good answers in these stated 10 days - there will be hell to pay!
Frankly, I have no sympathy for the organizers of BE. It is credible to Dave for showing up, but not having the answers to the situation caused by them, well it is a useless exercise. And frankly, if the BE organizers can't do anythign to salvage the situation, then they should not even get in the way of the B3(aka BE screwed) festivities....

Nobody should apologize to the BE organizers. In fact Dave is lucky there wasnt a lynch mob after him... I mean there is being civil... but when there is a situation like this, I think people would be forgiven(and frnakly should be allowed) to through civility out the window. They caused this mess, and peoples money is gone, and who knows how it will be recovered. So bauer please enjoy your weekend, and my sympathies to you and all the other flan guests who were screwed by them. If they cant answer the paying guests nor can they refund the money, I am sure they can expec tto answer in court.

ETA: I am soooo surprised that people were apologizing to Dave for others being "angry" lol.

ETA 2: YAY for nathan showing up!!
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Can any Flan with info on the weekend's activities please post it here for us local Flan ticket-holding Browncoats (like me) who are not staying at the hotel and didn't make it to the Friday shindig? I'd like to know what time to be at the hotel on Saturday. Thanks! (And glad to hear y'all are enjoying the Backup Bash so far, wish I could've been there tonight).
One other bit of important good news I've been asked to post. Dark Horse had a bunch of comics that were intended to be sold at Flan. Instead, they've donated them so that fans here have something to get autographed when the cast is around.

Personal note, not speaking for anyone else here: This thrills me for a reason beyond the obvious: Booster is an Oregon company that treated us all poorly.

But Dark Horse also is an Oregon company, and they've done right by us.

On behalf of everyone at the Browncoats Backup Bash: Thank you Dark Horse.
Skeezycheese - we're doing some surprise thing tomorrow. We meet at 9am in the lobby. You have to make sure you are registered on the Backup list, though!
Thanks for the info, Bauer:) I signed up on the list Wednesday, I think, after the Flan cancellation notice.
Old thread, but I wanted to let everyone know how thankful I am for everything. From Adam (LexiGeek), to the BDHs, and everyone who donated a penny to this, THANK YOU. I had an amazing, amazing weekend, and I am sure it was even better then Flan ever could've been because of the HEART that went into it. In 24 hours, we had a con. Amazing. And while we all heard rumors of all the help there was to get this thing on, it's only now, when I have internet access, that I am finding out just how many people worked their asses off and donated time and money, all to make sure we had a great time. I am humbled by what this all means, and I want everyone who helped make this last weekend what it was to know: IT WAS APPRECIATED. WE ALL LOVE WHAT YOU DID. WE ARE SO VERY THANKFUL. Honestly, the only drawback has been I don't think I would've cried so much at Flan. :)

Love & gratitude to everyone who helped. XOXOXO

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Happy anniversary, B3ers! (By which I include everyone who wasn't there but who made it possible for those who were.)
Guys, I'm going on a complete nostalgia bender. Haven't been to Whedonesque in a long time, but had to come back and say something today. Figures that until b!X posted just now, I was the last poster in this thread: I've always been a thread killer!

I made lasting friendships at B3: to this day, I'm still friends with many people I met there. I've been on the edge of this fandom for a long time now, and I really miss it, and thinking about what happened at B3 brings back all the memories of everything I love and miss about this fandom. We could have bitched and moaned the whole weekend, but we didn't -- we carried on and made our own damn convention. And that really is the essence of the Browncoat spirit, isn't it?

These days I'm still friends with many Browncoats -- heck, I'm dating one! -- and I often think back to how special B3 was and how lucky I was to have been there.

To echo what I said 5 years ago: THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to pull this off. I'll never forget it.
If you're coming to this thread because of the 5th anniversary, the two related posts prior to this one are good reads, also. See (in order) More Flanvention Confusion and Flanvention cancelled.
Just re-read these three threads and was amazed once again at how awesomely everyone gathered together. When we couldn't use the hotel the California Browncoats found a banquet Hall paid for by Browncoat donations. The buses that took us there, likewise.
Whedon actors came out of the woodwork to help us and now, 5 years later, my friends & I agree that itt was the best con we ever went to.

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