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December 08 2006

"Angel: The Premiere Edition" - details at Huge hardcover collection of IDW's Angel titles (The Curse, Old Friends and Auld Lang Syne). There's also "Spike : The Premiere edition" too (Spike vs Dracula, Spike: Asylum and the one shots as well by the looks of things). always seem to be the first site anywhere to get the heads up on comic book companies' hardcovers. No doubt IDW's usual soliticiation info will mention these in the next couple of months.

Oh that's good news. I'm glad I waited to get the individual sets.
I have all the issues apart from Auld Lang Syne, could not find issue one in my local comic book shop so I'm missing out on the new mini-series. I hope all the variant covers will be included and the likes of some nifty other extras too.
This looks shiney! Stocking-stuffer anyone?
Big stocking needed :). Those books are huuuuuuuggggggggeeee I tell you.

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