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December 08 2006

(SPOILER) Jane Epsenson's first Battlestar Galactica episode airs tonight. Just a reminder that Jane's first episode "The Passage" is on SciFi tonight. Also confirmation from the woman herself that she is indeed co-writing another episode later in the season entitled "Dirty Hands".

I've seen the preview scenes for this ep - and naturally the dialogue rocks!!!

This is guaranteed to be a good one!!

Edited slightly to remove minor spoiler and youtube link. Ron Moore and Jane together again? It's been a while.
Sorry about the little spoiler and youtube link. It's my first story to post!! Not sure of the etiquette yet.

Can't wait to see this!!! And if you've seen the exclusive scene on, you'll know that Jane gives Starbuck a very funny (and quite vulgar line). This is soo gonna kick ass!

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*eyes shut tight*

Must! Not! Read! Spoilers!

Can't! Wait! For! Episode!

Must! Not! Look!

*sweats and shakes*
I'm totally avoiding the preview, but I'm really looking forward to the episode. And, while I'm sure that people will post their comments in this thread this evening, remember that we do have a BSG discussion area over at Ya'll come over and join us there, as well.
Same here, peeking thru fingers. This is great, one of my favorite writers scripting my favorite show. It doesn't get any better than this.
Resisting the spoiler, and eagerly awaiting the episode. Can't adequately describe the love for BSG without drooling on the keyboard. :)
Not a great episode...
I didn't understand the plot at all, but hey, plot isn't why I watch BSG (was never why I watched Buffy either, really). :-) The writing was great though, as was the acting.
I thought it was a wonderful episode. Jane had me caring about a character that I'd hardly paid attention to before. The writing was flawless. Good job all around.
I agree Skeezycheeses. I've never liked Kat and here I was wiping my eyes at the end.
Awesome. And now she's co-writing an ep with Anne Coffell? Awesome combo. Anne wrote "Pegasus" and "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II" among other eps.
I loved this episode. I never hated Kat, just was never given a reason to like her. I respected her for having the balls to stand up to Starbuck and call her on her shit, but this episode truly made me love her. Wow. Great job, Jane! I can't wait for your next episode!
Jane can do better. I'm not happy with them killing off Kat, if you're gonna kill off a long time regular you either gotta do it without any point to it at all and let that become the point of it (like Tara) or actually pay it off good (like Fred). This just fell somewhere in the wasteland in the middle and it was all rather unsatisfying. And I wasn't a fan of the fact that all of a sudden, without it being hinted at all in any previous episode, the entire food supply was contaminated and the human race was on the brink of extinction. No foreshadowing what so ever. And some things felt sort of forced... Yeah I don't know...
I mean, it was certainly a step up from last week but two subpar episodes in a row? I'm getting a bit worried here.
Yep, I suspect all the writers have forgotten how to do it and the series is doomed ;-).

I agree with what you say about Kat's death Djungleurban (she was one of the few non-core cast that could hold a candle to Starbuck in a Viper so it was a bit of a letdown to see her die a) in bed and b) as a result of a Raptor mission though I thought the actual dying scenes were not bad) but I quite enjoyed last week's, preferred it in fact, so there we part company ;).

(also agree that Jane has a better BSG script in her so i'm eager to see her next one)
First, how cool is it that Jane's episode turns out to be all about food.

As for the episode itself, it was pretty much doomed for me as soon as it became Kat-centric. Easily my least favorite character on the show, chiefly due to the actress. I couldn't get into 'Scar' either. plus, the show has got to quit introducing elaborate guilt-inducing backstories for every character. It's a little much and in this context kinda unnecessay.

Djungleurban - Personally, I like how we just jumped into the crisis rather than having act of exposition leading us there. We have seen these crisis situations before on BG so I thought it was an interesting narrative shorthand to just jump us into the middle of it. Although, I can certainly see how it could throw people. Also, I don't think two 'subpar' episodes is anything to get too worried about. BG is a great show but it has always been a little uneven over it's run.

I must say that in general Battlestar fans really seem to overreact to weak episodes. They dislike a couple of episodes & the get into panic mode. I have neve seen another show produce this reaction. I wonder why that is.

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I don't know. I don't really trust Ronald D. Moore the way I trust Joss for example. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he spent so much time writing for Star Trek (not a fan). Or maybe the arc just isn't strong enough on its own. Or maybe it's the stand alone nature of a lot of the episodes. Maybe it's something else. Maybe it's a combination. It just makes me feel uneasy when the quality seems to drop.

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