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December 08 2006

Serenity returns to Dark Horse. Found this little tidbit about a new Serenity comic book mini-series forthcoming from Dark Horse Comics.

The Continuum has learned that Dark Horse will be publishing a new Serenity mini-series, Serenity: Better Days.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Funniest behind the times info of the day.
Wait... There's a Firefly movie?!
Oh you. At least we know it'll be out next year. The previous info was somewhat vague in that respect.
It also mentions that Adam Hughes will provide at least one cover which I haven't heard mentioned before.
I think there was a rumour that he would be doing cover art but nothing was confirmed. I'm hoping for the same level of amazing covers that Dark Horse did for the first mini-series. They were lovely especially the Kaylee and Wash ones.
Sorry if this was repeated information. I didn't remember seeing this posted here, but this site is so good about getting info, I could have easily missed it. At least there is some new info in there.
Xyon listen don't worry about it. It's some nice info (some of it a little bit of out of date) but the rest is new and it gives us a perfect chance for us to chat about what we'd like to see in the mini-series. I'm trying to remember which part of the time-line it's set in.
Simon - Firefly. Wash is alive etc.

Looking forward to it.
we interviewed brett matthews last month and he mentioned some good stuff for the mini. very much looking forward to it!
I am soo looking forward to this too... man wash lives *sniffs*... oh... I am just all emotional(for other reasons too *cough*)
Personally, I *really* want to see what life in the 'verse is like post-signal. I'm imagining all sorts of consequences, and I want to see what Joss has planned.

Is it Joss working on the series, actually? Is it canon?
Yeah, the new comic series is done by Joss and will be canon.
From the interview Joss did with Fanboy Radio doesn't sound like we'll be getting anything in the Fireflyverse that's not canon. It's one world that Joss isn't willing to share.
It's plotted/storied by Joss, the actual writing is by Brett Matthews (though i'd say that's still canon).

As far as I remember it's post 'Those Left Behind' and pre-'Serenity' so there'll be no post-signal stuff but (hopefully) plenty of pre-evil-spike-of-doom (TM) bits which is all good.

(personally I was a bit underwhelmed by TLB so hopefully this'll up the bar a bit and show us Matthews at the top of his game)
Those Left Behind was the aborted animated Serenity prequel in comic book form (from what I remember), so it'll be interesting to find out if Better Days takes aspects from the animated feature as well.
Interesting point, Simon. It has been publicly hinted before by Joss, I beleive, this set includes the return of one of the Firefly 'villians'. Although maybe I imagined that. I'm betting Badger or Jubal.
"I'm betting Badger or Jubal."

Jubal, Jubal, Jubal. I hope.
It may be old news, but I somehow hadn't heard about this! Yay, more Firefly!

Except for River not being crazy and both Tams not being fugitives, I'm betting the post-signal 'verse isn't a whole hell of a lot different from the pre-signal 'verse. Like Mal said, pretty soon they'll roll over and go back to sleep.
I'm betting Niska :) Although I hope Badger.

I'm really happy to see this news actually because I was sure I'd heard about it before but I wasn't sure if I dreamt it :P I don't understand why people aren't more excited by it.
As big a Joss fan as I am I've been able to convince myself not to pick up Astonishing X-Men, using the legitimate excuses that I don't have a nearby comic shop and that I never was much of a comic book reader so don't really have a lot of interest in the X-Men generally.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Buffy, Angel and Firefly, all of which I am passionate about. Whilst I had no real interest in the old Dark Horse series or the current IDW Angel books, all of which is pretty much just fanfic you pay for, anything canon is an absolute must for me. If this Firefly book is to be considered a true part of the story then I've got to get it, same as I've got to get the new Buffy comic series next year.

Okay, Joss. You got me reading comics. Happy now? ;)

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