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December 08 2006

Art for Astonishing X-Men 19. Variant cover and splash page for AXM #19 coming out this month and beginning Whedon's last arc on this title. Nice art from Cassaday as usual.


We still haven't even freaking got #18 here yet! Stupid small town...

And sympathies to kishi - ouch.
Scott is Wesley. Spoilerish for the next arc btw.
Wow. That could finally make me interested in my least favorite X-Man.

Joss is awesome.
Of course, he actually looks more like Mal.
Scott is clearly Mal.
He's drawn like Mal, but I'd say Scott is acting more like Wesley during his dark phase and you could also compare Scott to Buffy in Season 6 and 7. He wasn't in heaven, but he's been in a prolonged funk ever since he freed from being merged with Apocalypse and hasn't been able to connect to anyone other than Emma (in a way, they're similar to Buffy & Spike in Season 6. Hopefully now Scott's come out of it and will be like Buffy in Season 7 - but without the long speeches)

I hope Joss is able to get him out of it by doing more than shooting people. It took so long in the 90s for Scott to finally be redeemed for his past mistakes and become a good leader, husband and father. Then Morrison shakes all of that up, and Scott became the most hated X-Man again.
Marvel are really pushing this last arc, I've seen this press item all over the place. Kudos to their PR people.
I think it could make for an interesting development for Scott's character if at the end of Joss' run he could finally control his optic blast...
Can't wait. Hopefully all the ducks are in a row for a monthly release schedule.
But the visor is what makes Scott recognizable. Although even if he did get control of his optic blasts, he might still need the visor to control the intensity.

I'm against this retcon of Scott's inability to control his optic blasts due to psychological issues rather than brain damaged, since makes Professor Xavier and Jean look like liars who wanted to keep Scott down all these year. :(

I could accept some how recently his brain damage was reversed and he's been to traumatized to notice, but I hate these massive retcons that make no sense based on everything that's previously happened.

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