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December 08 2006

Remember that Buffy/Angel Snowglobe? I just received a Newsletter via e-mail from Diamond Toys and you can now pre-order the Snowglobe item for $150.00. They also mentioned Bargaining bookends but I was unable to locate them on their confusing site.

Runaways bookends? I got the same Newsletter and I didn't see anything even close to that. Where did it say that?
Did The First cause the snowstorm? I don't remember... There was no hint given in the episode Amends exactly why tit started to snow all of a sudden. Perhaps fate/chance/God/The First made it happen? But why?
Uh-oh. I'm slinking off to fix the information above. I still couldn't find these bookends though (to the left in their ad that came by e-mail):

The December edition of Radical Confidential is here! Click here to check out the new Buffy “Bargaining” Bookends and the upcoming Marvel Civil War bust line. Plus, your chance to win a complete set of the Data and Geordi La Forge Star Trek action figures!
Perhaps fate/chance/God/The First made it happen?

fate/chance/God/The First/Joss. They all go hand in hand..
Bargaining book ends? Cheery ornaments of Buffy's hand coming up from her grave?
The bookends are apparently in "The Radical Confidential" Newsletter which is in PDF form (Radical is another section of Diamond Toys you have to sign up for and it tells what the new upcoming products are). Because of Internet Exploder at work, I'm not able to open the PDF to look at a photo or printed information. I'll see what I can do when I get home.
Did The First cause the snowstorm?

I think it was the PTB that caused the snowstorm that prevented Angel from taking that long walk into the sun . . .
I can't find the bookends either, and I actually need some bookends.
Yeah, TPTB caused the snow and gifted Angel a day thus a) preventing the whole burning and screaming thing - which is just so not Christmas - and b) showed him that someone somewhere had a nobler purpose in mind for him hence reason to live etc.

Not my thing so not worth a hundred quid to me but i've spent more on less.

(the BSG play-people are pretty cool though)
The bookends will be coming in a later update. There IS an update on the second page of the Radical Confidential that shows a tiny piece of their new Spike statue, though.
That is a very strange piece that snowglobe. What mood are they trying to set there? Romantic? Heartwarming? Scary?
I don't get it.
I used to think it would crazy to spend 150 bucks on something like this, until the day that I saw the Gold encrusted Lord of the Rings chess set. 500 dollars later, I now have the prize in a chess set collection that numbers about 75.

LOL, none of you are ever going to talk to me again are you?
When the very first 12 inch Spike doll came out I thought that 40 dollars was an outrageous price to pay for a glorified Barbie.
I bought it anyway. Later, the prices they were going for on ebay made me wish I had bought many more!
Now, I am seriously contemplating buying the 249 dollar premium Spike.
Tell no one.
I'll talk to you jerry. At least your chess set is functional, something to be used in pursuit of a noble and intellectual pasttime. If I bought the Globe it would be a lovely frippery; something nice for me to look at and remember that episode. But it would be just as easy to slip that particular episode into my DVD player and just watch it. I'm going to think about it. I'm definitely going to wait and see what those bookends look like.

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Didn't Jasmine also take credit for saving him? Am I misremembering? I thought it was up for debate whether it was the PTB or Jasmine...but maybe I made that up.
Jasmine was a Power That Be. Power That Was?
I collect snowglobes, and have all sorts, including Sid Vicious in a snowglobe. This would have been lovely if it was just Buffy and Angel on the street with the snow, and I might have actually, for the first time ever, paid for a piece of Buffy merchandise.

This is of the ick.
I'm gonna have to agree with Allyson.

The entire thing is ruined by the First being there for no reason other than to squander any chances of ever setting that out at Christmas time, ever.

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