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"May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."
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July 25 2002

Quotable Joss: "I've said this before, but it is how I feel and I know no other way to say it exactly: I would rather have 100 people who need to see this show than 1,000 people who like to see this show."

He also repeats the statement he's already written the end scene for S7, and that it makes no difference whether there will or won't be a S8.

I wonder if this same quote applies to the season 8 arc in the comics? hmmm...
Page not found error for me.

Am in the wrong place at the wrong time again ? When am I gonna learn ?
Who am I? Why am I here?
For the free pie ?
There's free pie? Where? What kind is it?
Chocolate, I hope.
What kind is it?

It's magic* pie, it's whatever kind you most need it to be. Plus, free.

* secret squirrel code for non-existent

ETNote: that it's somehow appropriate that the big 7k should be a post full of bollocks about magic pie ;).

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I wonder if this same quote applies to the season 8 arc in the comics?

I don't think Joss had even thought of the season 8 comic books six years ago.
Well since we've resuscitated this old thread, I'll mention that I stumbled onto this 2005 thread today (through the wikipedia entry, very nice btw to those who set it up) where Joss said, "I'm kicking off the book (the Buffy comic) with a four issue arc that finds Buffy -- you guessed it -- living in Italy with The Immortal." He fooled us there, didn't he!
B.F. (Before Firefly).
There's just Before Buffy and After Serenity for me. But Firefly comes after Serenity for me, so that's a happy period. Now we're in some kind of strange comic-strewn land, rife with tv rumors and striking. Until the man with the freeze ray shows up, that is.
Speaking of Joss quotes, this gives me an opportunity to point out this nifty new feature of Google News.

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