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"It gets exponentially prefixy."
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December 08 2006

Serenity Crew Hears about Cancelled Flan. Notes on a Fridge, part 11... just click on the link :)

FYI, I'm in the process of getting this printed to distribute around the Hilton.
that is sooo amazing and cute. browncoats are the best! paraphrase our beloved Captain Tightpants: "Nothing like a hilarious fridge note to make up for your Flan getting cancelled!"


And the dancing chickens? Brilliance!
This rocks! (I have used the word rock/rocks/rockin so much today, I think I'm going to break it.) ;-)
You break it, you buy it, billz.

Then every time someone mentions the word "rock," like in "rock 'n' roll," for example, they would have to pay you royalties.

...Which, not such a bad thing. ;-)
UnpluggedCrazy, dude, you've stumbled onto my plan for financing my plan for world domination. And if you check this URL address, you will see how right you are to have discovered my plan, lol.

You're so in, BTW, being my twin and all. ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-12-09 13:09 ]
Gotta make sure I get my cut. ;-)

And, hey, you have a MySpace? Groovy. It is very much in keeping with the twinning.

I shall request your MySpace-ical friendship...

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