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December 09 2006

Serenifly cast turn up to cancelled convention. There's no simplier way of putting this. Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Jonathan Woodward, Christina Hendricks and Adam Baldwin have all turned up and are partying with fans at the hotel bar into the night at the cancelled convention Flanvention. These actors? I don't have the words. An update: there's a lovely LiveJournal entry with photos and recaps of what happened with the actors last night here from Whedonesque's embers. More photos.

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*claps over head* This is amazing. Browncoats are amazing, and so are the Big Damn Heroes. *gets teary-eyed* I don't have words either.
I didn't wanna say anything before, cause it wouldn't be right to expect them to show, but really, I never doubted they would. The BDH tag has never rung so true.

I knew that the shortcomings of a few, leading to this situation, somehow would be outweighed by the strength and love of the Browncoats and BDHs. Kinda wish I was there to see it... =)
Alan Tudyk is wearing a button whichs "Whedon You Bastard" with a picture of Wash and Book on it. And yes, Booster had cancelled Alan saying he was filming a few weeks ago.

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Uh, clearly they are Joss Whedon actors, maybe?

Also, who the bloody hell WOULDN'T party with Browncoats??

But yeah, they are teh roxxor.
If anybody is wondering why Jewel didn't come, she's stuck in Canada. A certain company didn't pay her airfair.
This just goes to show you, there's a reason we love these cats beyond the fact they're Whedon actors. <3
Oh....this is shinier than chrome! Always warms the heart to know the BDHs really live up to the Browncoat motto of "When you can't walk, you crawl; when you can't crawl anymore, you find someone to carry you."

And yep...just one more piece of proof that BE is utterly screwed till Mal finds religion again;D
It's things like this that make me proud to be a part of this fandom. BDH indeed.

It makes us Mighty. So very true, so very true.
Does Alan have a porn-stache?
Best. People. EVER. That's all there is to it.
God, these guys are just....

A part of me thought maybe 1 or 2 of them would turn up, but not this many.

Can't think of many actors that'd still turn up even if the con was cancelled.

Joss sure knows how to pick'em!
Oh man. Coolest. Actors. Ever.
OMG I just had a very fun evening. I was so surprised to see Jonathan Woodward, and then I saw Nathan Fillion come striding in carrying a Beckens box, full of stuff he cleared out of his closet ("Is there anyone here who never read Harry Potter? It is just an ordinary copy, nothing special about it, except it's mine"). When the hotel staff made me get off the chair I was standing on (hey, I'm short!), I walked around to the bar and saw that Alan Tudyk was all incognito over there! He actually introduced himself to me (how cute is that?!), and there was Christine 'Our Mrs. Reynolds' Hendricks looking unbelievably beautiful over by the bar. I just couldn't even believe it! Mark Shepard stayed all day long and signed autographs for everyone, and Brett Mathews came with some people from 'Dark Horse' who had free reprints of the first issue of the Serenity comic book for him to sign. It was completely mind blowing
(I'm sorry to write with so many exclamation points, but at least you can't see me jumping up and down in my room)!
Such grace from such disgrace. 'Tis a thing of beauty.
If I weren't at work, I'd be jumping up and down with you, embers! With exclamation points!!

I tried to post something here earlier but I couldn't find the words so I gave up. I love that there are hundreds of browncoats at home living vicariously -- and with very little envy -- through our B3 friends and fellow Firefly flans.
I love our BDHs. :)
FWIW, Mark was pretty much here all day. Come time for the 8:00 PM party, he ultimately ended up in the bar shooting pool.
Well, it's (nearly) Christmas, it's a time for miracles ;).

BDHs indeed. Has this kind of thing ever happened on this scale ? Just fantastic, i'm soo pleased for the people that seemed to have been shafted and have nothing but respect for the actors and the possibly even more amazing folks who just dropped everything and worked for 2 days to get the Backup event sorted.

My hat is officially off to you all.

(just goes to show, if life sends you lemons, make lemonade. Then all you need is some Vodka to put in it and some stand-up mates to share it with and you've got a party ;)
I have so much love for our BDH's right now it hurts. Huge kudos to the B3 guys for pulling all this together at such short notice. They are BDH's too. I am SO proud to be a Browncoat right now. I hope everyone at the Hilton is having the best time of their lives and managing to put aside all the stress and worry of the last couple of weeks.

Yeah, what else is there to say to that? Wow.
Our heroes are BIG DAMN AWESOME! I can't get over it. This is so shiny for all the flans down there. Enjoy the party, guys. You deserve it!
These people....they're just awesome.
These are some fine, fine people. I'm hoping you'all are having/had the time of your lives out there at the shindig, with the BDHs at your back.

"Flans: They keep us going. And they retain the shape of the ramekin when you turn them over, like jello does." -- Joss

Mal: "Think she'll hold together?"
ZoŽ: "She's tore up plenty, but she'll fly true."
-- Serenity

Inara: "It sounds like something this crew can handle." -- Firefly, "Heart of Gold"

Mal: "You turn on any of my crew, you turn on me!" -- Firefly, "Ariel"

Mal: "I look out for me and mine." -- Serenity
Biggest. Damn. Heroes. EVER. I can't believe how amazingly hard our BDHs rock. Yay, yay, YAY for the SoCal Browncoats, the BDHs, and all the Browncoats at Flan B/Backup Bash!!! :-D
This makes me so, so proud. Sometimes you can feel a bit crazy being so attached to and invested in a group of people you don't know. And then they do something like this and you realize you weren't crazy after all.

Adam, Alan, Christina, Jonathan, Mark and Nathan - I didn't think I could like you all any more than I already did. I was wrong. *awards you all some kind of medal*
I'm like cabri, I keep reading these threads during the past couple of days and nearly always have tears in my eyes, first for the bad news, knowing that some of my friends were in the air when the news hit and had no way of knowing until they landed or got to the hotel. But since then, the tears have been because I am so overwhelmed at the generosity of the actors who have come of their own volition to ease some of the pain of their fans, and of the California Browncoats who dropped everything to put on an event nobody in this fandom will ever forget, even those of us who aren't there. As lots of others have said before me, I am so proud to be a Browncoat and to point to this as one of the many reasons why.

Thanks to gossi for his updates and to theonetrueb!x for his up-to-the minute pictures! We expect full reports when you all get home and can function again ;-).
Just shows you the caliber of the people involved in our little 'verse. There are no words, just a feeling in my heart that I'm sure my fellow members understand all too well.

Hear,hear, good show!
Oh man, this is beautiful. Just beautiful.

I wish I could've been there...!
I think it is hard to add anything to what has already been said but to say nothing would feel wrong, so I would just like to add my own "WOOT!!!" to the rest of the cheers going out to our BDH's and those Californian 'coats trying to organise something out of the chaos that was Flan II.
It's good to know that the Flan 500 will have some good memories to cherish from this debacle.
This Browncoats Bash is going to go down in history as the Best. Shindig. Ever. The Big Damn Heroes are more heroic than we even realized, as are the California Browncoats who stepped up to make it happen. And so are all the folks who are there, having the experience of a lifetime and sharing it with the rest of us in such a generous way, with posts and pictures, whenever they can. Browncoats really do rock!
kispexi2: "Adam, Alan, Christina, Jonathan, Mark and Nathan - I didn't think I could like you all any more than I already did. I was wrong. *awards you all some kind of medal*"

Like this or maybe this?
I have to say, it's really great to meet someone you admire at a convention where they have been paid for their time -- and I think that's fair that they get paid, no complaint at all implied --- but how f***in' hard does it rock when said someone-you-admire shows up for free to hang out with YOU because they heard you, someone they've probably never even met, have been swindled??

Is someone going to tell the press about this? Because these BDHs deserve praise not just among our community, but everywhere!! :-D
I knew I should have ditched my friend's Christmas party and headed over to the Shindig (I'm not nearly mean enough to do that, though) Kudos to the BDHs for going way above and beyond to cheer up some very dedicated fans! :)
Wow, these BDH truly are heroes. They made me cry into my tea! I am so in awe of all the So- and No-Browncoats and our heroes who wouldn't lay down on this one.

It says something (not so good) about BE that they screwed Flan up even with all this amazing goodwill and dedication from everyone else.
What wonderful news to wake up to. I am just floored by the generosity of our cast. BDHs indeed! And what a cute picture of Lexi!
That is amazing! There is a reason these are the Big Damn Heroes. Wow, that was a fabulous thing to wake up and read :)
I had kinda got out of the habit of posting here. I still check out Whedonesque regularly to see if there is any news of what Joss is up to, not to mention to see if Joss has been posting himself (always worth a read) but it's been a good few months since I've felt the need to comment myself.

This, however, deserves a thank you from every Whedon fan, whether you were going to the convention or not. Hell, whether you are a fan of Firefly or not! This sort of appreciation of the fandom is a very rare thing and nobody should forget what Nathan, Adam, Alan and everyone else did this weekend, because it was special.
It so nice to be proved right in your adoration of a verse and the people who help make it, and by that I mean all Browncoats, BDH on down to the folks who gave what they could to help out some fellow BC's who'd been humped by BE (who reminds me somewhat of Patience). Time and Time again it's poved how very special this verse and the Firefly crew really are.
I don't have much to add but my voice echoing what everyone else has said. My god... how amazing are these guys?

I'm glad something beautiful has grown from all the manure that got spread around the last few days. Manure *is* good fertilizer, y'all!

CalBrowncoats: you rock! Our BDHs? You rock beyond the telling of it.

I love Alan's button, BTW. High-sterical.

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and pics!
There's a report from another attendee here.
Nothing to add that hasn't been said already, but how humbling it is to see the glorious wonderfulness of these guys - the Browncoats working their fingers off to salvage something and the awesome BDHs who turned up because they knew Browncoats would be there and had been shafted.

*wipes a tear away*
Yay, I live on the other side of the world and had no chance of ever going but I was still disappointed to hear it got cancelled. But now I'm so proud of the BDHs.

MAL: Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down,
Gossi can you repost or email me that fan report from I haven't been able to get on there for an age.

I sit in front of my computer, at home now, in memory of my experience of what was _SUPPOSED_ to be Flan 2, the Big Damn Flanvention II, put on by Booster Events.

Well, it was cancelled. Following is my story. A little wordy, but hopefully easy to read:

I approached the lobby of the hotel from my car, carrying a little bag full of trinkets and such. I was PUMPED! I paid $759 for the BDP (Big Damn Pass) to this convention almost a YEAR ago at the beginning of January '06. There were rumors over the past week that it was going to be cancelled due to "financial concerns" (despite being a supposedly sold out con.) Yet just two days ago those concerns seemed to have been addressed and it was on!

"WHOOOOOOO!" I couldn't contain myself anymore, I screamed as I continued my approach. Who then do I immediately see right then? Mark Sheppard (aka Badger) on his way out of the hotel. I shake his hand, and thank him for coming. He then makes a strange remark to me, "You've got people inside who are putting things together, and I'll be back at 6:30." Odd.

I go inside, giving "verbal high fives" to every single person I see. (I'm not the shy type.) They all return odd glances at me. No biggy. After the fourth person looking at me and giving me a pathetic sort of "Awwwwwww" sound, finally this wonderful Browncoat (Rosie -- God bless her) takes me aside and "bears me the bad news." I was stunned. It was cancelled.

The supposedly "good news" was that the Browncoats were rallying to have a "Backup Bash." Supposedly Badger was coming back that evening (Friday night) and Jayne had showed up the night before. I was impressed. These actors came out purely of their own freewill and good spirit to meet their fans and turn a sour situation into a better one. I started drinking.

Met a great couple of browncoats at the bar (Joan and Rich) they introduced me to a few more folks and we went out to dinner. Great group of people, every one of 'em. Had a great time, drove back, got in line to get Badger's autograph. Back to the bar, another drink. Feeling happy now, talking to lots of folks, they're all participating in what was SUPPOSED to be a cocktail party with the actors. Mr. Sheppard finishes his duties and comes on back to mingle. I got to take pictures for other fans with him and them in it. Fun. I wander out back to the main lobby, talking obnoxiously to everybody on the way.

Lobby. I take a deep breath, and just happen to look to my left. Nathan Fillion (aka Mal Reynolds) comes strolling in with a big box. He stops and asks me, "Where's Jonathan?" Being a complete retard, I have no idea what he's talking about, but I got to lead our captain all the way to the bar where his adoring soldiers were waiting. I'm shouting, "Outta the way, outta the way!" (obnoxiously of course.) But then I realize, "This is Nathan Fillion, and he's gonna assault me or something if I steal any more of his limelight" ;-) I step out of the way and he enters the screaming masses of people just waiting to see him and who never noticed me in the first place =P

He immediately charms the entire crowd, heck I was ready to kiss him, and I ain't "sly" so to speak ;-) From apparently nowhere, almost as if they had orchestrated it, he summons forth this dark cap-wearing fellow from the otherwise oblivious crowd. Said fellow also being known by the name Alan Tudyk (aka Wash, our dearly departed pilot) Total Pandemonium. Especially because Wash wasn't even supposed to come to Flan, due to an unfortunate last minute cancellation.

Decently organized chaos ensues as Mal begins passing out all sorts of various memorabilia to folks in the crowd, favoring those poor souls that had traveled from afar to be at a cancelled convention. I'm just smiling, taking it all in. I especially laughed when he passed out the box that he had carried it all in, claiming that there was in fact nothing special about the box, other than it "had belonged to him." Heh. Of course it was still fought over like it was a tuft of his own chest hair or something.

Eventually the two of them lead the crowds out into the lobby, and then further outside to begin a huge host of group photos. I wanted my picture taken with Nathan bad. I mean bad. $759 bad. But at the same time (yes, glorifying myself again) I have a greater desire to see order formed from chaos. So in as loud and obnoxious of a voice I could muster, I started breaking people into lines to get their photos taken. There were a bunch of the other browncoats up front who were actually hosting the event then coordinating pictures.

Nearly out of breath, Rich and Joan (from before, remember?) come running to me to tell me that Christina Hendricks is in the bar, they've been talking to her and told her all about my desire to get a picture taken with her and a tube of lipstick my wife gave me as a prop. God bless her, she takes the lipstick from me and gives me a great photo. Many many thanks to her and to her gentleman friend Jim who was with her (sure hoping I got his name right ;-) -- thanks to both of them for coming out and participating in what turned out to be a wonderful evening.

Eventually the pictures wore off, the actors left the scene and it was time for me to go home. Jonathan Woodward and Brett Matthews also joined us at points throughout the evening and not to diminish their involvement but I didn't get to see them all that much. I did have the dubious honor of calling Brett by the name of "Glenn" instead, and got a chance to thank Jonathan on the way out the door.

As Nathan and Alan left the shindig, I raised my obnoxious voice once more and started singing the Firefly theme song like the total nerd that I am. The whole crowd joined in, and we sent our Big Damn Heroes off into the night.

I can't thank you all enough: Adam, Jonathan, Mark, Brett, Nathan, Alan, Christina. You are the best, and your dedication to your fans is phenomenal. Thank you for all the fantastic memories, and may God bless you in all that you do.

Still flying,

Eric Gavin (AdmiralJedi)

I've just been watching all this on the sidelines, because these events - legit or not - are sort of out of my reach - but it seems the irony in all this is the cancelled convention is turning out to be a lot better than the official one would have been!
Cheers Gossi. Great story. Horrible way to find out about the cancellation but I'm guessing one he'll be telling his fat granchildren one day.
I don't think I've ever posted, but I just wanted to say that everyone, from the BDHs to California Browncoats to everyone who has worked to make the weekend better for all those screwed over by BE, you guys are amazing. See, this is why I'm obsessed with this 'verse. The people in it are made of awesome! :D
Damn. These folk rock.
I'm officially devastated that I cancelled my flight in favor of studying for finals. I should have said screw it and come to Burbank anyway. I'm soo glad though that a majority of the Flan 500 are out there and having a good time! This fandom is truly amazing.
What an inspiration! Everything. I'm speechless.
I'm more of a quite observer of all that's happening, but during the last few days I have been aching with all of you over that mess that was supposed to be Flanvention II. Flying from all over the world to California, only to find out that the event you had been looking forward to for so long has been cancelled at the last minute? I already cringe just at the thought of what this must feel like.
However, the knot in my chest is now dissolving in gratitude for all these great people, who stepped in on such short notice and rose to the occasion so brilliantly - be it organisers or actors. In fact, it has turned into a big lump in my throat and teary eyes. You people are just too awesome!
kballgetlost: Yeah, I feel for you a lot. There's quite a few in your situation. That said, none of this could easily have happened. A lot of strings were pulled to sort this out. I'm saving saying my thank yous and certain people who helped don't want to be named, but god damn - this kind of thing does not normally happen.

A lot of people are owed serious kudos for having a heart in Hollywood in the last few days.

The only bad thing I can say about all this is that Booster still has hundreds of thousands of dollars of money they owe back to fans. But we'll tackle that another day.

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This just made Fark so Whedonesque may experience heavier traffic than usual, so bear with us.
What's Fark, if you don't mind?
I am so proud to be a browncoat right now, I always knew the cast & crew were true BDH's - and so are all the flans who have stepped up to organise success from the shambles.

I can't be there but I love reading all these reports.

Truly mighty.
It's a very popular post-a-content site. Similar to Slashdot and the like.
Although I'm not going to comment on the way some Fark users behave.
I'm just in awe of the whole thing. The California Browncoats, the fans still showing up, and of course our BDHs. It is just too cool for words. I frakin' love this fandom! I hope some day I get to go to one of these things and meet everyone!!!
Methinks a Big Damn Thank-you is in order. And not just to the actors (tho perhaps *especially* to them), but also to the organizers. I too am one for whom cons are a little out of reach, but I too (everything I could say really has already been said better) am overwhelmed by pride in being part of this fandom. Seriously, y'all *rock*.
I had tears in my eyes yesterday when I saw the news that the Flan had been cancelled. Today I have tears again, of happiness and gratitude for all the wonderful people who are making the Backup Bash so great for those who got screwed by BE. Many thanks to the Californian Browncoats for organizing this, and to the BDH's for being so damn wonderful.

I have never been so proud to be a browncoat as I am today.
I've added a Livejournal link in the topic description (at the top) written by embers, who is the Whedonesque member who broke the news Booster was in trouble here two weeks ago. It's a great read.
This is amazing....:) *tear eyed*. It's really cool to see my favorite people interacting with other fans!
I've worked at lots of conventions and events around the world, and I've heard lots of actors say that the fans mean something to them, that they're truly grateful, etc., etc. I've heard our BDH's say it more than once, too.

But this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. And I knew - just knew - there was no way they were going to let the Flan 500 down, I just knew it. I am so so glad to be proven right.

To the SoCal Browncoats who pulled stuff together at the last minute, you guys have Class with that capital "C". To our BDH's, you are the reason we are still here; the stories may have been great but it's you guys we're sticking around for. Thanks for showing us none of it has been for naught.
Just when I hang my head at the events that took place (the cancelling, the angst, the heartache), the BDH and the browncoats go and reassure me that humanity is still worthwhile.

All I can do is shake my head in laughter and grin at the determination of the Browncoats and the Whedonverse actors. No one stops a Browncoat event, it would seem.

And, that's just as it should be. *nods*

So very happy that joy came out of this gathering after all! And, so very impressed, as always, by the men and women of the Whedonverse.
I, too, am impressed at the level of integrity and compassion of our BDH's and the fantastic Browncoats who came together to organize a last minute event to remember. If I hadn't already had alternate plans for the weekend, I would have stuck around. I am very happy that the weekend wasn't a complete wash and that people are getting to meet and party with the BDH's. All those involved have made me proud to be a part of this fandom.
I lack words to do it justice. Just amazing. I didn't have much interest in the original event, but I'd love to have been at the back-up.

Huge kudos to the actors who showed up- this the sort of thing that earns true-blooded fans.
That's amazing. You'd think they'd be tired of doing conventions and getting asked questions about a show they did years ago, but no. That is too sweet.
The story of the awesomeness of the actors seems to have convinced some of the F_Wers to actually watch Firefly :)
Signing on this morning and reading ALL of this has made me cry...but a good cry.

I am glad that all the people that are at the Hotel got that little gift of some BDH last night. That is just so beautiful!
I am a sappy sappy girl today.

Big *claps* for the BDH....the SoCal/NorCal Browncoats that helped throw this all together in hours and minutes.

and big *kicks* in the a** to the BE people...but I guess that can wait until Monday.

I hope the Flan 500 have a great weekend!!
I hate to think how many times me and bix have killed Whedonesque in the last year. Uhm, sorry.
Now that's class.
I had hoped that something like this might happen. I am so impressed with how the CalBrowncoats and our BDH's gave the Flan 500 something to remember that might take some of the the sting out of being treated so shabbily by BE. Very cool.
I'm so pleased to hear that a combination of Browncoat dedication and resourcefulness combined with some real Big Damn Heroes to make the event a success. I only wish I could have been there. Had there even been a few days' notice I would have made arrangements.

My best to everyone. Firefly fandom once again goes beyond anything I've seen before.
In the words of Alan on the Serenity Gag reel...

"You wanna fly? F***ing fly!"

Go Browncoats! Go BDH's! Have a FANTASTIC time!
These people are frickin' fantastic.
Wow, kudos to the wonderful SoCal Browncoats and the generous actors who have all stepped up to the plate and turned a failed flan2 into a fabulous backup bash for the fans!

Apparentely this last minute con cancelation didn't deter the Whedon fandom any, I just heard that James Marsters sold out his upcoming London event in under 5 minutes last night!
Nothing new to add - I just wanted to publicly express my adoration for these people. This is so touching - I'm just - I'm floored.
Congratulations to the Browncoats for keeping this meeting 'safe and sane' and to the actors for being the excellent people they are.
*SOB* *CRIES* I don't care how unmanly it is, this is just... sooo touching and endearing. I didn't think it was possible to love the browncoats and the BDH's, but now...its just gone to new levels!
In Joss's own words: "Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down..."

Thanks to the BDHs, the CaliBrowncoats, and everyone else who worked so hard to keep 'em in the air when BE was going to let 'em fall down.

I may not be there in body, but reading our Flangoers' posts I feel like I'm there in spirit. :) And I can't wait for the post-B3 journals, blogs, posts, pics, and vids!
A couple updates. Of last report, and counting only those of you out there who are not here in Burbank for this, the donations to the Backup Bash hit $4,500. The first $3,200 of that was in by 11:00 AM Friday morning, which wss maybe 14 hours (and overnight hours) since information about being able to donate had circulated widely.

Also, our thanks to the people of Multiverse (makers of the eventual Firefly MMORG) for paying for the bus which got us to our offsite location this afternoon.

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Outstanding. May the big fun continue!
Post more pictures!
I f-ing love these people.
Post more pictures!

Taking a brief time out from the Flan B Flanstivities to give online props to everyone involved in turning this weekend from distaster to frakkin' flantastic! Of course, I'm bummed I didn't make it out to the shindig last night, but pleased as punch for everyone who was there and had a blast. Today's been great so far (getting to chat briefly with the insanely talented and incredible humble, down-to-earth Greg Edmonson was a highlight for sure), thanks to the organizers and everyone in attendance. Very much looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Browncoats forever!
b!X, where was this off sight location? We want updates.
"The composer for 'Firefly' hangs out at Saturday's top-secret offsite location."

Those words are like catnip to this kitty... especially when you just know that b!x's got loads more photos he can't post yet 'cause of the top-secret location...

Damn! *thinks busily*

*still thinking busily*

Well, anyway, hope it's flantastic fun for all of our Flanners. (Thanks, b!x for all of your photos...)
ESG, I think they're trying to keep things like that under raps for now to stop too many people crashing the events.

There's been an offsite day of panels and such anyway. There's still more stuff planned. I've spoken to several people who are there and they are all saying the same thing - it's turned into an awesome weekend.
Well, at least tell us after all the festivities are over.

I remarked to my friend who's been keeping me updated, and told me about being whisked away somewhere top secret for dinner, "I hope it's someplace great like The Magic Castle!" Always wanted to have dinner there.
Here's a random just-happened on-the-spot tidbit: Someone just went to get jumper cables to start Jonathan's car.
Secret offsite locations? More stuff still to come? The Backup Bash is off the hook, yo.

And here's something my little mind came up with, for us to discuss on Monday when we get out the torches and pitchforks:

The plane reservations.

See, here's what I noticed. Jamie, of the RPG, and Jewel both wanted to come, but couldn't because they never got tickets or reservations for flights. Now, you can buy plane tickets a few weeks in advance to save money, or you can make reservations/buy closer till the actual day you're traveling and just pay more, but you still have to pay for the ticket pretty soon after making the reservation. The airlines won't hold the reservation for long, not to mention, if you want to get the flight time you prefer, you'd better buy the gorram ticket.

OK, so -- if Jamie and Jewel were promised flights but never got their tickets, my little mind is telling me either that their trips were never booked, or that if tickets were purchased, then they were cashed in, because otherwise, wouldn't Jamie and/or Jewel have been sent either the tickets themselves or the confirmations if they were e-tickets? And if reservations were never made, or tickets were cashed in, to me that implies that there was an intention for quite a while not to fly these nice folks out to Los Angeles, which means to my little mind that the BE people knew for much longer than ONE day (as in, "officially" cancelled just ONE day before scheduled start) that they were going to cancel their version of Flanvention. IMO. Could this be part of proving fraud, or deceptive business practices, should legal action take place (and, please, by all the Lords of Kobol, please take legal action)?

Discuss among yourselves. But not till Monday. For now, I am SO HAPPY to keep reading how hard this weekend is rockin' for the Flan 500, thanks to NoCal/SoCal Browncoats, Multiverse, the BDHs (including Brett Matthews and Greg Edmonson, of course), and Viewers Like You (who donated through PayPal) . /PBS style commercial for all the heroes of Flan B ;-)

And more thanks to gossi for keeping the newsfeed steady, b!X for the photos, and the various peeps who have posted great reports to their LiveJournals, PhotoBuckets, etc., like embers and jessa (melodies of you). So. Much. Rocking. ;-)
I knew this was going to end up being an awesome weekend for those who got to go. I feel really bad for those who were going to go but decided or were lead to believe the best course of action was to not go.

But those who are right now as we speak creating a legend of fandom are special folks and enough praise cannot be heaped upon the So and Nor Cal Browncoats and the BDH's! They ROCK!!!

I'd like to hear The Boss' reaction to this weekend.
I'd like to know if the Boss is involved in this weekend. Not to imply that he or anyone else remotely should be - it's just that my spidey-sense is tingling (and I was never one to wait patiently for news. Or for anything.)

Someone had to jumpstart Jonathan's car, Flanners were bussed (courtesy of Multiverse) to today's offsite location, Greg had his coat & sunglasses on in the photo, the background is too blurry to discern any detail, and I'm left with magnifying glass in hand wonderin' where they all went to - and not a sausage, as they say, leaked on the innertubes.

Guess waiting is in order...

NANDI: "Malcolm, I been waiting for you to kiss me since I showed you my guns." - FIREFLY, "Heart of Gold"
As far as I know Joss wasn't involved. He's probably still tramatised from the memories of THAT photo RavenU took a year ago with the cain and the grin ;o) But I'm certain if he has seen what's going on, he'll be thinking the same as us: the Firefly cast rocked. Although I suspect he knew that already.

One tidbit from yesterday: I believe one of the actors may have handed things like gagreels and other such interesting things on DVD to the international fans who had turned up. We'll see if it surfaces online.
I saw a rumor that an actor from a different fandom is interested in showing up to this. Interesting...
QG: "I'd like to know if the Boss is involved in this weekend."

That was my first instinctive thought, too. But wasn't he out of country a day or two ago? Did he come back already? Or am I, as usual, confused?

Heck, QG, if we can't find news -- let's make up news!
I saw that rumor too, ESG. It's pretty cool when actors unconnected with the 'verse still wanna go party with the Browncoats.
I know everyone else is saying it, but my god folks...we have the BEST damn cast EVER! To show up to a canceled con, my heart just can't take it!

Thanks for all these wonderful photos and updates!
I want details on today! I'm dying over here...
We all are, TamaraC ;-)
gimmie gimmie gimmie!!! I know its only 9:30 pm LA time , but i have to know what happened!!!
It is after ten now. Some of them have to be tired and returning to their computers.

Obviously, James, Lynn, Adam, et al have put on a fabulous party! I'm not jealous. Nope. Not me.
*compulsively hits reload every 1-2 minutes awaiting news* ;-)
It can't have been the Magic Castle, but I hope they went somewhere cool. And that they brought rain gear.

Good call on not bringing the Ariel Ambulance, Adam.
Yeah. We got rain. In SoCal. This native Oregonian is loving every second of it. :) I miss water falling from the sky.

And I am with billz ont he compulsive reloading.

Bix, where are you? Gossi, don't tell me you are actually sleeping. pshaw!
A small group of PDX Browncoats are gathered right now at The Gypsy Velvet Lounge raising toasts to all the Flansters and everybody helping out at the Backup Bash. We are eagerly waiting updates. Give us news, please. :)

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No fair! I love the Gypsy! I'm having homesickness tonight. *sob*
Hey, we can have fun making fun of Priyanka Chopra while we're waiting, er, I mean, we can have fun playing the ball, not the woman (which sounded so much better in my head before I typed it)! ;)

[ edited by billz on 2006-12-10 11:25 ]
I play that ball way too much on the IMDB boards, billz. I'm still rooting for Morgan Freeman. Every thread comes back around to Wonder Woman in the end. Flangoers, save us!
Gah, where are the updates? Don't these people realize we're living vicariously through them? I had a 9 hour shift in retail today, and I need to know that someone had a better day than I! :D
kishi, almost everyone had a better day than 9 hours in retail, dude! ;-)
9 hr shift in retail, in December. *shudder* Been there, done that. My sympathies.

Updates, please! This is an emergency. Think of poor Kishi.
Apparently the Flan B story has made it to CNET now.
Years after a cancelled show, the cast shows up to a cancelled con and they still keep the faith. When you can't walk anymore you crawl, and when your flanvention gets cancelled you party anyway.
The OB reports that they all showed up again at the super secret location and Morena *coughwonderwomanherselfcough* was there as well. Oh, and Ron Glass too. :)

[ edited by TamaraC on 2006-12-10 09:38 ]
Linky linky to the OB report, TamaraC? For poor kishi's sake, of course. ;-)

Sorry, Kishi.
Much appreciated. Now I can go to sleep, pretending something more interesting happened today. ;)
In attendance at this evening's super-secret location: Nathan, Ron, Morena, Christina, Mark Sheppard, Michael Fairman, Greg Edmonson, Jonathan Woodward, Camden Toy

Words of wisdom from Mr. Fillion, who valiantly left the safety of the window booth at above-mentioned secret locale (a booth which he was sharing with his fellow Whedonverse stars), to mingle with us flans, and was standing two inches away from me when he said to all the flans crowding around (and I paraphrase here): "The convention is dead, let's just accept that and move on. Because at the convention, you'd get photos, and autographs, and souvenirs, but those are all things that can be taken away. But this [meaning our memories of this event] can't be."

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No problem, er, I mean, I'm so glad kishi can get to sleep now. Thanks, TamaraC! ;-)
Thanks for that update, guys. The PDX Browncoats at The Gypsy are very very jealous - I mean, happy! Yes, so very happy for the Flan B-sters. Congratulations, you guys! I'm kind of drunk...and I haven't even had any alcohol tonight. What?
My heart just swells reading this! What incredibly wonderful, sincere, real people these actors are! And huge praise to the browncoats who saved the situation. Bravo!
Okay, so, Glorificus touched my arm.

Saturday night's super-secret party location was the new restaurant of Clare Kramer -- Glory, Glorificus, The Beast, The Abomination and That Which Cannot Be Named -- and her husband.

But the more: This restaurant was not supposed to open until next week. They opened it to us, special. And because the weekend's activities depend upon out wristbands, there were people seeing the activity, trying to go in, and being turned away.

Get this: Tonight, Browncoats were the buzz-generating, private-party Hollywood A-Listers.
I am very VERY tired, but I'm in the hotel with a few of my fellow organizers (Karla, Melissa and Louise) and we wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Jonathan Woodward for helping to organize this incredible event tonight, and to Clare Kramer and her husband for opening up their restaurant two weeks early for us, and to all the actors who showed up on their own time because they wanted to make sure the browncoats were taken care of. We owe you all a huge debt of gratitude!

We do have some more activities planned tomorrow, and we'll try to give a full report on the weekend as soon as we recover. I will say, though, that browncoats are the most amazing people in the world, and I'm so proud to call myself a browncoat!
Michael Muhney showed up to party with the Browncoats. Apparently, the Veronica Mars actor had been scheduled to help the BE Charitables auction and when he heard the flan was cancelled, he contacted the Backup Bash organizers to see how he could help. How nice of him!
A blog from the Daytona Beach News-Journal, of all places.

And according to Wired, we're either rioting or we're not.
Browncoat Hollywood A-listers? Is that an oxymoron?
Browncoat Hollywood A-listers? Is that an oxymoron?

Hey, now, Glorificus touched my arm.
And according to Wired, we're either rioting or we're not.

"Mysterious Con Cancellation Leaves Firefly Fans Rampaging in Streets of Los Angeles." That title alone makes me laugh. I'm glad you didn't have to resort to chanting the "Fruity Oaty Bar" song, since that would be a pretty bizarre choice of anthem.

Browncoat Hollywood A-listers? Is that an oxymoron?

Hey, now, Glorificus touched my arm.

Just don't let her get near your brain.

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Michael Muhney showed up to party with the Browncoats. Apparently, the Veronica Mars actor had been scheduled to help the BE Charitables auction and when he heard the flan was cancelled, he contacted the Backup Bash organizers to see how he could help. How nice of him!

That was one of the more nicer surreal aspects of Flangate, so I thought it deserved a front page link.
I am now officially a fan of Michael Muhney too. What a great guy. And I have always known how much Clare Kramer rocked. I have met her a few times and she has always gone out of her way to talk to people and hang with the fans.

This weekened just seems to get better and better and sounds like what the B3 guys have organised will be much more memorable than the actual con would have been.

Keep on having fun guys and think lawsuits on Monday.
I thought of going to this event, but I live on the east coast and it just was too expensive for me to attend. I have been so upset for the Flan attendees, and now I am so happy for them...and of course I love all the actors for being so wonderful! This is amazing. As I have been reading the posts, tears are welling up in my eyes. I am so proud of this fandom.
Cool, Simon. I debated that, but figured not since there was already a thread here for it. Thanks.
This whole thing just blows me away. The dedication and hard work of the CA Browncoats combined with the generosity of the BDHs and the Browncoats who made donations has restored my faith in the world.
This would not have been possible without the likes of Adam, Karla, James, Lynn, Ariel, and the many, MANY others who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make this the BEST DAMN SHINDIG. EVER!!!

I stand humbled in their presence.
"A blog from the Daytona Beach News-Journal, of all places."

Um, b!x? That would be me...
"A blog from the Daytona Beach News-Journal, of all places."

Um, b!x? That would be me...
C. A. Bridges | December 10, 18:05 CET

B!x is a little distracted right now, bit some of the rest of us saw your name...

Good job, C. A. Bridges. ;-)
No worries, I'm far too busy being bitterly jealous (in the nicest possible way, of course) to be annoyed... :)
OH my god.... this is soooo amazing, i am happy for you all!!!
Gossi, don't tell me you are actually sleeping.

I was! In bed and everything by 3am UK time! I don't think I've been to bed before the early hours since all the shit hit the fan.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-12-10 20:37 ]
I don't think I've been to bed before the early hours since all the shit hit the fan.

Did you mean "shit hit the Flan"?
*snickers* @Stevieb.
Having a moment of nostalgia.

I was fine most of that weekend. Held it together. Was a tad angry at first. Then a bit again when the husband of one of the two Flanvention owners was there.... bygones. But I did nearly lose it when Greg Edmunson started talking about how much he loved the show. That was on Saturday, I believe? I think the entire room did at that point too.

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