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December 09 2006

"Fix You" - A Firefly/Serenity fan video. This was originally intended to be shown at Flanvention II. It's stunning, no other word for it.

Normally we don't link to fan vids (as there's umpteen trillion of them). But given the circumstances and that the vid works well on so many levels, it deserves a look see.

You can find out more about the vid here.

I'm so teary from waking up and seeing all the news on Flan B, with our BDHs prooving that they are truly deserving of the title. This just sent me over the edge. It's beautiful, and, as you say, Simon, the vid works on so many levels today. Thanks for the link. (Now, where's my box of tissues?)
That was absolutely amazing. Thank you.
Thanks for posting that -- lovely vid. Fandom is in such need of a centralized vid archive.
Not much in the way of words, plenty of happy tears. Thanks for that.
Made me teary. Thanks for posting it. : )
Fandom is in such need of a centralized vid archive

There is a good vid archive for BtVS/AtS but nothing like it for Serenifly - If I knew how to set one up I would.

'Fix you' is a great choice for Firefly - I made one to that song last year, this one is lovely - thanks for the link, Simon.
The tears, the tears, make them stop!!! This is just beautiful. One of my favorite bands too :) Thanks, Simon!

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I will comment here, too. This is a lovely video. Excellent job choosing clips and editing. *claps*
Yes, simply fantastic! I especially love where it transitions from the end of Objects in Space to the opening titles for Serenity and then finishing with River's 'Reaver Slayer' pose, Mal stepping in front of the light during his speech, to he and River in the cockpit at the end and the ship soaring over the clouds and into the black.
*Sigh* what a beautiful and moving tribute (and I'm especially fragile today after seeing The Fountain, finally, last night - "Wow" is about all I can say at this point about that film).
That was beautiful. Well done :-)
1:09 - 1:18. Cynical jaded fan here gets all blurry eyed. Then at the end falls in love with the show and movie all over again.
Wow, that's very touching. I got all weepy. What a beautiful tribute to the franchise and the fans. I love it. Now I'm going to go re-watch it and cry some more.
Stunning would absolutely be the word.
AAhhh, this little laptop can't download it! I'll be so happy to have my mainframe again.
Again, a fantastic video Karen. Made me pull out the Firefly disks all over again.
Then at the end falls in love with the show and movie all over again.

Me too, Simon. I just spent entirely too long at YouTube checking out other Serenifly videos. Not that I'm sorry or anything! There's a lot more out there than I realized, and I encourage anyone who also wasn't aware to check some of them out.
April - there's loads of videos on Youtube which are great watches. This one is fun because it's obvious the interviewer isn't a fan and can't cope with actors being funny (Actually I totally linked the wrong video). Oh, and this from 2002.

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Thank you so much, gossi. I've had limited Internet access for quite some time but that changed recently. :O I've seen some of the really popular fan videos out there, but I really had no idea there were so many other clips posted. I like The Do That Girl's archive idea.
You know, I found this yesterday through the "BE Victims" site and really enjoyed it, but didn't think I should link to it 'cause of the "no fan-vids on the front page" caveat - although I did think these might be special circumstances.

Next time, I'll just go with my gut instinct, which was to post it - the worst that can happen is deletion. I thought this fan-vid was extra-special, not only because of its intended venue, but because everything -- clip selection, timing, emotional buildup -- all of it was just spot-on.

And it made me tear up, too. I'm not jaded, exactly, but sometimes my first tendency can be to mock fan stuff, and this just blew it all away. Very sweet, very heartfelt, and it also sent me back to the videos. So that's where I'll be for a while...

Hope the Flanners are having mucho fun at their "Surprise Saturday Flan B" event and that they come back and tell us all about it.
I can't stop watching this vid, it's so heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time. It's making me really nostalgic and now I want to go watch Firefly and Serenity again. Man, it's been too long.
This video made me cry and I didn't even care that my husband walked by and gave me that "oh no, here she goes again" look. I've been teary-eyed all weekend with all the reports of what's going on in Burbank. Aand this just sent me over the edge.

I miss Firefly so much.
@April - This is the nearest thing to Serenifly archive around at the moment. Plus check the memories of the vidding LJ groups.
Ha! I forgot Chris Martin played this song on Extras.

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