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December 09 2006

James Marsters, May UK Event tickets went onsale today and promptly SOLD OUT. Spring Fever will be at the Rich Mix Arts Complex, Bethnal Green, on Thursday, May 3. Ticket holders will be automatically entered into a drawing to win the chance of a post-show supper with James following the event.

Yes, they are saying it sold out in a little under five minutes.

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And yet I reveieved an email a good 40 minutes after tickets went on sale telling me that tickets were on sale!!

Might have been a delayed reaction on the part of gmail I guess, or tickets might have gone on sale later then they should have. Either way I wasn't going to buy one so it didn't really matter.
Wow that was fast. Does anyone know the size of the venue ?
Well, at the very least this shows that the Flanvention disaster didn't put people off Jossverse-related cons permanently.
From comments, tickets went on sale shortly after 10.
"Well, at the very least this shows that the Flanvention disaster didn't put people off Jossverse-related cons permanently."

Not to get too picky, but I'm not sure that this could technically be called a con in any sense of the word. Even so, though I have not gone to any of these past "events", JM and the people he has organizing these events seem to have shown that they can pull them off pretty consistently. JM has always seemed like a pretty savvy guy, and I was not surprised when he started producing his own appearances. If he is the product, being his own producer and distributer makes a lot of sense...if it does not drive him crazy. Since he produced before, it seemed logical he would go for it in this situation. More control and less of a chance that he would be inadvertently involved in something like the Flan disaster.

Gee. That was longer than I expected it to be.

I hope everyone has a great time.
This is only the Thursday event, right? I think tickets are still available for the Friday night gig he's doing in London. And if not, there's always the joy of virtual queuing at Collectormania that weekend in that strange shopping centre place. A punnet of strawberries and a James Marsters autograph, please!

Actually - a punnet of strawberries and a James. I might buy a ticket for that.
I think there are still gig tickets on sale. The Q and A and photo ops at Collectormania are both listed as sold out. Though since he's doing three days of autographs there everyone should be able to get their shopping done and get him to sign their sprouts :)

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