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December 09 2006

Serenity Region 2 HD-DVD review from DVD Times.

I was wondering about the technical discussion though. Is the reviewer detecting the differences between NTSC and PAL rather than seeing a whole new transfer?

Feelinglistless, I think that the resolution and shape of the high-def image are the same, a difference in the frame rate is the only left-over effect of the PAL and NTSC formats that came before. From what I've read, high-definition discs intended for sale in countries that were once PAL are encoded to play back at 25 frames a second, and high-definition discs intended for sale in countries that were once NTSC are encoded to play back at 30 frames a second. But I'm just parroting something I read; I don't have an HD-DVD or BluRay player myself to be sure, and what I read also said that most players and projectors and such can handle either frame rate -- raising the potential that anyone in the US who owns an HD-DVD player could possibly import this UK disc and get to see the extra "A Filmmaker's Journey" that was left off of the US releases.
I cannot believe they forced region control onto HD-DVD after the disaster on regular DVDs. Damn studios and their insane marketing greed.
Just to clarify:

The reason the Serenity UK transfer looks better is because there were improvements made to the VC1 Codec (video) between the US and UK releases.

There is no region control yet for HD DVD.

Blu-Ray however does have region coding.

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