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December 09 2006

A man named Jayne. A rather humorous telling of the Firefly history. This is one of the funniest fanvid / filk songs I have ever seen.

The filk song is done by a man named Luke Ski.

ha! that's great. (though it'd be nice if his name were spelled correctly.)
Haha Ok that was cool. I've heard the song before on 'the signal' but its awesome to have some visuals for it.
I used the spelling that they used on the video.

[edited to add]

OK... I decided to correct the spelling :)

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I saw this at Penguicon last year: he has a whole show for cons and stuff, funny guy, a devotee of Dr. Demento. At that con he also played Spike in Buffy the Musical -- he was the best part of the show. Besides the killer bunnies of course.
Ahahahaha. That was fantastic.

"And Tru Calling! And Tru Calling again! And probably Tru Calling for a third time!"
Hah, that's really good. Far from spinning in his grave I reckon Johnny Cash would be laughing his arse off ;).

(shouldn't it be 'A Boy Named Jayne' technically though ?)
Unbelievably awesome. Mel & Leela Double-Attack, yay!
For the Myspace-challenged, this video (and lots more stuff ) are available at
Hi-larious! Great to wake up to. Thanks for the link.

ETA: (pssst... I learned a new word today: filk

*sigh* I'm never going to learn to link properly. I tried.


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I believe that should be "the great Luke Ski" ;>!
Awwww, so great. Thanks for sharing!

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