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"That was watercooler vengeance!"
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December 10 2006

David Boreanaz would be the shark... if each member of the "Bones" cast was in a tropical fish tank. So says his "Bones" co-star TJ Thyne. He also talks about what David's like on the set in this Q&A.

Great interview. Thanks, J.Monique. I'm loving Bones more and more every episode.
Does the question become "When did Bones jump the David Boreanaz?"
"Like a SHARK."
"Like a shark with FEET. And much less fins."
"And on land!"
"Very good!"

"You're the FISH!"

Did I miss anything?
It is a great interview. He seems quite charming.

Just to give TJ Thyne his own Whedonverse actor due, I was watching Epi 1 of S6 [see below] the other night. In the the commentary Joss points out how perfectly the actor on screen, whose name he does not use, plays this Wolfram and Hart lackey and mentions that they brought him back a few times because of it. I did not make note of his exact words (I'm no Quotergirl, but since we have one of those, I try not to be too hard on myself. ;-) ) but it is TJ Thyne on the screen. Compliments from Joss caught on audio, never a bad thing.

Edited for wrong info and left out info. Sorry. It was Epi 1 of S5, the last season of Angel...I guess it was some kind of Freudian slip...

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"jump the David Boreanaz"

Why does that sound so appealing? *looks innocent*

Good inerview, cheers.

newcj Yep, that was him in the alley in Conviction and I think he was in LOTP too.
Wow, great catch newcj. I didn't realize that TJ was on Buffy. He's great and his chemistry with Angela is so unique. Extremely believable love. Ha! David is a shark. mwwaaahhh! I love Bones.
He was definitely in the one were Lorne had his sleep removed, lynnie. I am rewatching S5 of Angel, so I am trying to pay attention to how many episodes he was in.

Sorry Harmalicious for the mis-direct. I have corrected it above.
I believe TJ's last appearance on Angel after LotP was in "You're Welcome."

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