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"Yep... That went well."
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December 10 2006

My night with the Browncoats. Veronica Mars' Sheriff Lamb tells all.

Good man!
I think VMArs would do well to have more of Sheriff Lamb in the show, much more of a bad boy than Logan nowadays, who's gone a bit tame...
Michael Muhney is beyond awesome. I cannot wait to meet him in London in May. So much squeeing will be done between now and then :D
What a top guy. This event has turned into a completely unique thing unto itself, possibly ever in any fandom, really happy for everyone there (and kinda vicariously proud of the fans, actors and actor/restauraunteurs/goddesses ;) that made it happen).
Michael is really a classy guy. He's always showing up for the fans, and is very appreciative of them. He brings a lot of funny to the show - he's got a wicked sense of humor.
Michael Muhney is one of the greatest guys I've ever heard about in any fandom. He posts to rack_of_lamb at LJ regularly and just seems like the nicest person ever.
Michael is the ultimate sweetie. I know this is true.

There will be a lot to tell about last night. And I'm not going to tell it, as I wasn't there, and I'll leave that part to the people who were.
Will now be reffered to as a BDH from now on. What a guy!!!
Michael has definitely shown he has the makings of a BDH. He has consistently given fans a heads up when he is traveling and coordinated fan gatherings; in NYC, Chicago, and elsewhere. He has participated in charity runs, and I am pretty sure he ran with a fan team this past summer. Muhney rocks.

Thanks for showing up this weekend!

Saje: I know! I am just boggled every morning when I log on to find more news of what's been happening this weekend.
You've all said it, but Michael IS the most kind, friendly, sincere actor I've ever met and is beyond awesome for doing this. Especially for fans outside his own show! I'm reeling in amazement at the wonderfulness of so many folks. (And, Mild Mike, we definitely need more Sheriff Lamb face time on VM! Many of us on LJ's Rack of Lamb are writing TPTB about it.)
Michael Muhney rocks. It is true that the worst of people also gives an opportunity to show the best of people. I think that the Charles Dickens descriptive "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" applies to this weekend. Nothing but love for all of these actors.
i ♥ Michael Muhney.

he is officially a BDH.
When he's on TV I want to punch this guy in the face all the time. I think that must mean he's doing a brilliant job as an actor, because he comes across very well here.
What an amazing act of consideration! I'm not a huge fan of the show, but he just got himself another fan for life.
Michael has always been considerate of the fans. When we congregated in Austin for the Alamo Drafthouse event, we held a little mini-marathon on Sunday at the hotel, and he showed up to watch an episode with us, and afterwards, he stayed to take pictures with everyone. He was even late for lunch with people who'd paid extra to have lunch with him.
what a lamb===thanks, Michael

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