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December 10 2006

Firefly Season Set - Under $10.00 - FYE Deal Of The Day. "FYE's Deal of the Day continues this week with Firefly: The Complete Series".

Great deal on this set if you need to get extra copies as gifts. Could also be a good direction to point all of those people in that want to switch fandoms because of the great actions of all our BDH at Flanvention 2.

Inserted URL to relevant post on DVD Talk forum, no need to copy and paste the info over.
It's a great deal in the long run. Alas, I don't do rebates. I like instant grats myself.
I noticed FYE was carrying an unusual amount of Firefly sets the other day and they were on the bestseller display, so I did a little "rearranging" of the Fireflies in front of other, lesser DVDs. Yeah, I'm such a fanboy.
Thanks for posting the link! I ordered mine. Now I'll be able to free up some hours on the Tivo for something else! Woohoo!
Anyone else get their order canceled by FYE because "Our supplier recently informed us that the item listed below is no longer available"?


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