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December 10 2006

Firefly fans resurrect canceled convention - CNet News. On the back of the canceled Flanvention, the Browncoats headed to Claire Kramer's restraunt La Cantina in West Hollywood last night, and were joined by Nathan Fillion, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Michael Fairman (Niska), Mark Sheppard (Badger), Jonathan Woodward (Tracey), Yan Feldman (Mingo and/or Fanty [Mingo -ed.]), Christina Hendricks (YoSafBridge), Claire (Glory), James Leary (Buffy - Clem), Camden Toy (Buffy - all sorts), Michael Muhney (VM) and Greg Edmonson (Firefly score). This has an awesome scale of 11 out of 10.

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Holy crap! Most of them came out *again*? Plus the new peeps? Holy crap! God, I love my fandom. Details, I need details!!!!
OH my fricken god!!!!!!!!
@ comments above: Exactly my thoughts. An awesome night to be sure. =)
Morena wasn't even a guest at Flanvention, but she turned up to this.
Yan Feldman and James Leary were there too!
And then there was Jonathan standing on top of the bar to address the crowd. I couldn't hear it, because I was outside smoking. In the "rain". Which, yes, the rain? It's arrival was all my fault.
Mal'sGal: woops, I've added them in.
@gossi: Yep. That is just one reason why this cast/crew is so awesome.

I hope everyone had a great time!
Absolutely Flantastic. These people are amazing. Claire Kramer has forever won me over.
Our Big Damn Heroes (plus Michael Muhney, represent, dude!) are Big DAMN Heroes. And, b!X? That ought to be a lesson to quit smoking! ;-)
Just reposting my comment from the previous Flan 2 thread for anyone who missed it:

Words of wisdom from Mr. Fillion, who valiantly left the safety of the window booth at above-mentioned secret locale (a booth which he was sharing with his fellow Whedonverse stars), to mingle with us flans, and was standing two inches away from me when he said to all the flans crowding around (and I paraphrase here): "The convention is dead, let's just accept that and move on. Because at the convention, you'd get photos, and autographs, and souvenirs, but those are all things that can be taken away. But this [meaning our memories of this event] can't be."
Exactly, skeezycheese. There's absolutely no photos of last nights events, but it's a memory you'll treasure, I suspect.
I am just blown away by everyone that showed up, everyone that worked so hard, and the gorgeous Clare Kramer for all of this. You all rock so very HARD.
I love the person on CNET who says the whole Flan cancellation was a sabotage effort on the part of the Browncoats so they could throw the alternate bash and get the press. *eye rolls*

And Kennedy was killed by the phone company. ;-)
I've had calls this morning from three different people who, after seeing the CNET story, said the same thing: "So THAT's why you're a freak about this!" I'm so very proud to be a Browncoat.
Hmmm I dunno OzLady, if it meant to be a backhanded comment OZ lady, I am guessing the person was saying that.. a sabotaged event basically gets the browncoats public noticed, b/.c of the browncoats themselves...which is unique to our fandom... at least I am assuming that is what that poster meant.
Hey, Michael Muhney from Veronica Mars showed up too!

Check this out:
I can safely say the only people who sabotarged Flanvention were the people who were supposed to be running it.
Oh my gosh, that's... amazing. I'm truly in awe. And skeezy, what Nathan said? The convention is dead, let's just accept that and move on. Because at the convention, you'd get photos, and autographs, and souvenirs, but those are all things that can be taken away. But this [meaning our memories of this event] can't be. that's just so perfect - I've been trying to train manners into another fandom out here in New York, and they just don't understand that in the end, a signature is hollow for everyone... but the conversation and the memory, that's what matters.

I'm so proud to be a browncoat!
Christina Hendricks says:

HEY GUYS! IT WAS SO WONDERFUL TO see all of you and you were so sweet to my date (first date) JIM.

hi everyone, i asked this girl out, and you all know her but i had no idea... i know what a loser right*** but as ackward as it might have been, you all helped make it the best date i've ever been on....THANK YOU!!!!

Jim and I didn't know each other at all and he was such a great sport to jump into our family. We haven't left each others side since we all were together in the hotel last night. he's kissing my head right now

! Thanks for being such a great ice breaker and I can't wait to see you all soon... me too -jim. see you in scottland!!! christina

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So why did the actors, the writers, production staff, and the California Browncoats show up and work so hard? The cancellation wasn't their fault; they were not accountable for the harm done.

But it was the right and decent thing to do. So that's what they did. Sounds simple, but that sense of responsibility to give support and assistance when you can is remarkable and should be recognized.

I've decided it can't be a coincidence that so many good people are associated in some way with the Whedon-verse. Maybe we're all attracted to a universe where doing the right thing is the only way things are done.
This is quite ledgendary. This is why the Whedonverse has the most diehard fans, cause the stars of the Whedonverse give them the most reasons to be.

Not to insult Star Wars or Star Trek Fans, but i cant envision Harrison Ford or Patrick Stewart showing up to a cancelled con just to make the fans happy.

You really CANT stop the signal.
The Jim/Christina story is adorable. Thanks for sharing, gossi. And he just had no idea, huh. He better watch some Firefly now with Michael Muhney.
gossi, is that message from Christina from a forum or was it a private communication?

Incidentally, Christina's episode of Without a Trace was on Channel 4 a few weeks ago and I missed it. I'd been looking out for it but forgot to look that week. Grr, argh.
kurya and gossi - Well, if you read the person's comment on CNET it certainly seems as if s/he is saying that the Browncoats did it all on purpose. To me, that smacks not only of sour grapes but also some deep-seeded paranoia! Also, of course, WRONGness! LOL!

I've never been prouder to be part of a fandom and the skeptics in the world just don't know what they're missing!
Gag, she reads Whedonesque. She's sent it to one of the previously linked things from here.

Simon has pointed out elsewhere this story has had more traffic online than when Serenity was released to theatres by Universal.
Damn. And I was bowled over yesterday! Mad love to these guys.
This really warms my heart. I'm so glad the Flan "refugees" still got the chance to have a fantastic time and see their favorite BDHs (plus a few!).
"...she reads Whedonesque."

When will these folks figure out that we're friendly and that they should de-lurk?

I am so glad everyone, including the BDH's, seem to be having a good time. I have to give Christina Hendricks extra points on the courage meter for bringing a first date to this. I cannot imagine how surreal that must have been for him...
I'm so glad that everything worked out in the end. I wish I could have been there. May you all treasure the memories forever. And a HUGE thanks to all our BDH for being such great folk.
All I can say is WOW! It gave me warm fuzzies to know how cool all these ppl are. So happy it all worked out for everyone. :)
I have to give Christina Hendricks extra points on the courage meter for bringing a first date to this. I cannot imagine how surreal that must have been for him...

I wonder if she's had the chance to show him any Firefly episodes yet. In any case, it sounds as if "things are going well" for her, to quote Simon in Jaynestown.

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Dude. This is amazing.

Best. Fan community. Ever.
I've decided it can't be a coincidence that so many good people are associated in some way with the Whedon-verse. Maybe we're all attracted to a universe where doing the right thing is the only way things are done.

As Angel once said "We live as though the world was as it should be, to show it what it can be."
Thiss story just brings a tear to my eye. I hope some people get this story out to the public. Entertainment Weekly? Reader's Digest? Gotta spread the word on this.
I'm so happy for everyone involved, so proud of the Browncoat community, and so sad I wasn't there to be a part of it.

By the way, has anyone tried forwarding this stuff to some of the more majore media outlets? CNet's big I know, but I'm thinking this story could have major legs if it gets out far enough.
Well, I'd bet anything right now that this story will show up on Geekson, the podcast produced by Christina Hendricks' brother - which I listen to religiously. Make it so, Saffron! ;)

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The entire cancellation mess and the subsequent stepping up by so many, not only in this fandom, but actors (even non-verse actors!), has been a privilege to watch and a reminder of what a fantastic group of folks are involved. Good stuff, indeed!
Reading about this as it unfolds has really been my holiday story for the year. I am so proud to be a Browncoat and so impressed with everyone who has worked so hard to put this weekend together!
a.) our show is the BOMB. Seriously, there's actual love in my heart right now...

and b.) you know this sounds more fun than the actual flanvention would've been. Cons aren't my thing, but I would have killed to attend one of the legendary Posting Board parties from back in the day, and this shindig sounds like it approached the awesomeness of that. Less formal, more casual and true mingling -- and I don't even mean with the actors, but amongst the fans! It sounds so fun!

Here's to the fandom that brought together so many cool and generous people throwing what sounds to be a truly awesome shindig -- I'm happy for y'all, and I don't want to mention it, but a little jealous as well!
You guys, I'm writing an e-mail right now to 7/39 NBC television in San Diego. Who would be a likely person they could contact on the SoCal or NorCal Browncoats and be able to get ahold of them successfully to get a few words, etc... ? E-mail address?
I think everything's been said, but I have to chime in with an AWESOME.

I'm pretty sure everyone had a much better time than they would have had at the actual Flanvention.
Good stuff, indeed!

Yes and now that I've got the movie rights, it's going to be very good stuff.

"Flanned" starring Harrison Ford as Nathan Fillion - coming soon to a cinema near you.
I'd heard Ford was the new Nathan Fillion, this just proves it.

Wait a minute, that's not right ...
I could not get Ashton Kutcher.
I can't stop smiling--even though I didn't get to go and am freezing my arse off here in Chicago, I just can't stop smiling :>!

(And Ron Glass was there?! Cheers!!)
I could not get Ashton Kutcher

Remind me to just insert that randomly into conversations and posts :)
I get that urge all the time, zeitgeist. It's a problem I'm trying to address.
Hee hee, I could not get's going to be a classic.

OK I have been away for the last few days, but recieved some gleeful text messages from one my friends who is there, which...made me jealous as hell frankly, and also just amazed at how awesome BC's are and this fandom.

Truly, what other stars do this kind of thing??

I'm even more in love/lust with Michael Muhney!
Muhney is such a great/fun part of VMars, I really hope he gets more character arc in S3 yet, as he is a terribly interesting character.
I can get Kutcher. After all, I'm over 40! :-D (and my kids bought me "Ashton Kutcher is my boyfriend" socks at Claire's to prove it! ;-)

Someone associated with the 'verse writes for SciFi Channel online. Allyson, do you have contact info? If they pick it up, it might hit EW or something of that ilk...
Just got back from the Tim thing about an hour ago. I think there were 300 people there, and it was lovely to hear them laugh and clap during Tim's charming/self-deprecating/terrible jokes routine.

He stayed for three hours, signing every last autograph and posing with fans for pics.

It was so, so nice to see people happy, and able to laugh at Tim's painfully bad joke, "There's just something about 'Firefly' and 'canceled' isn't there?"

*Pssst people, stop looking at us. I'd like to post a comment.
Tim? Tim Minear showed up? Did I miss an announcement?
Tim showed some video and did a live commentary to Ariel. Then he signed autographs and posed for pictures for forever. You gotta love that man.
Yeah, Tim? Wha?

(Oh, and, did the Ariel ambulance ever make it?)

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Aww, I would've loved to have been there for that. I adore Tim's commentary on Firefly (and Wonderfalls).
Oh wow. That's shiny! Man, I'd kill for a live writer/director commentary. What a great gift to all the Browncoats. Very nice.
There's so many quotes/moments from the show itself that can apply to the miracle of this weekend, but to me the two most apt are the end of "Serenity" (pilot ep), and near the end of "The Train Job," to wit:

You had the law on you, criminals and savages... half the people on the ship have been shot or wounded including yourself, and you're harboring known fugitives.

We're still flying.

That's not much.

It's enough.

And near the end of "The Train Job":

You were truthful back in town. These are tough times. Hard to find yourself work. A man can get a job, he might not look too close at what that job is. But a man learns all the details of a situation like ours, well then he has a choice.

I don't believe he does.

Mal's sentiment was perfectly embodied by all the Browncoats who did so much for so many of us this weekend to make sure no one went home with only anger over the Flancellation, but instead with several days' worth of wonderful memories.
One thing I do feel really bad about is those people who didn't fly out to Flanvention in the end. :/
Incredibly awesome. I am just in awe, and of course wishing I could have had the coin to be there too. To all the BDH's who showed up, your karma meter is off the charts. :)
It was one of the sooperseekrit events for the weekend. There was a hall with all sorts of dealer tables and such, along with a screen and projector, so he went and hung out with the fans and showed a homemade vid he nailed together of all his shows. Then he showed Ariel with the sound turned down and did a live commentary.

And I was a pathetic hanger-on.

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I was a Big Damn Passholder who couldn't go since I had to do some expensive plan juggling thanks to BE's initial announcement. Must. Not. Start. Cursing. About. BE.
Ahem...anyway, I'm sad I couldn't go and sorry I'm missing out on something that seems to be better than Flan would've been, but I'm so so glad (only a little, okay a lot jealous)for everyone there.
This fandom is just amazing. And the actors and everyone who's pitched in to salvage this would-be fiasco? Pure class.
The NoCal and SoCal Browncoats get my vote should there ever be any future cons. Not only can we trust them with our moolah, they apparently know how to throw one fantastic shindig with virtually no notice--imagine if they'd had time and the money we all gave to BE!
Can't wait to read all the weekend wrap-ups and see more pix! (hint, hint)
Oh, totally, gossi. When it was announced two weeks ago that Flan might be cancelled, b!X and sarrava were going to go anyway, and if it had been me, I would have gone too. I like boring hotel vacations anyway. :)
The term is fan cheer leader, Allyson ;) (That smiley represents a joke that is crap in this case).

Tim should Youtube his vid. Oh go on.

Also, yes, Tim? Another class act. I happened to watch 'AYNOHYEB' the other night in the early hours, and it's still my favourite Angel episode.
WOW. Just WOW! What an amazing turn of events. I am so proud to be a Browncoat. The whole story is awe inspiring.
This story is just truly amazing. I've been too busy to post for quite some time on whedonesque now (which sucks, because, well, commenting here is a good way to spend your time), but I just had to semi de-lurk again now to say: wow.

I've been reading all the flanvention news here and elsewhere and I've never been prouder to be a part of this fandom. I also think that this is certainly a type of story that's going to be able to find its way to the big media outlets. It's just in time for the rising holiday spirit, and as such could be a perfect 'sometimes christmas comes earlier in december than you'd think' human interest thing.

As for the 'coats and BDH's involved in all this: I simply have no words. Just amazing.
The only way this will get mainstream media attention is if Nathan gets his bits out whilst getting out of a car. Oh, and if he comes Britney Spears. THAT is news. Apparently.
1. Welcome, Christina Hendricks! You rock so damn hard, not only as an actress, but also for being one of the Big DAMN Heroes who made Flan B so fun for everyone there. I'm glad you had a good time with Browncoats and with Jim, and I hope you feel comfortable coming back to Whedonesque again. We would love to chat with you here! :-)

2. Tim Minear, you, sir, also rock very, very damn hard! ;-)

That is all. Carry on with all your rockin' awesomeness, Browncoats! (Like I told UnpluggedCrazy the other day, I have now used rock/rocks/rockin' so much in the last few days, I believe I've broken it -- which Unplugged said means, I have to buy it.) ;-)

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Simon has pointed out elsewhere this story has had more traffic online than when Serenity was released to theatres by Universal.

Which elsewhere was this? I'm still playing catch-up and also likely missing things.

(Also, cabridges: My bad. Things have been a tad rushed out here. Heh.)

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theonetruebix: there's a site called Alexa which keeps track of online traffic. If you look up Whedonesque, you'll see a massive peak over the last few days. It's almost double that of the other busiest peak (which was September 30th, 2005 - for obvious reasons).
So far, I have E-mailed Sci Fi Wire, Orson Scott Card, and an SF/gaming podcaster who's a Firefly fan,

Other non-Flan-B OBers have E-mailed CNN, Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Empire magazine, TV Zone, Starburst magazine, Cult Times magazine, BBC's Jonathan Ross, Kristen from E!Online, the LA Times Entertainment section, Matt Roush from TV, and a British genre-magazine writer.

I hope lexigeek, James, Lynne, Bix, Arielle, or the others in the thick of it can put together a press release. This is too unprecedented a story not to be told in the wider media.

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I just wanna give a wink and a thumbs up to Joss for bringing these amazing people to us and for creating worlds and stories that we'll treasure for always.

There's more I wanna say, but I just keep rewriting the same line because I can't seem to verbalize the love. So all I can say is thank you.

To everyone, involved. Thank you. You are all terrific!
Reports that I don't think have been posted/linked on Whedonesque:

Akin (the Ariel ambulance guy), with Photos and Video:

little_ewok, via Saxon:


I guess this is as good a place as any for me to say thank you to everyone here who donated to the California Browncoat's site. I can assure you that those of us who were left high and dry in Burbank wouldn't have had the great weekend we had without your generous donations, making it possible for us to use some space at the Pickwick Center. I am deeply indebted to you, and I pledge that any refund I get (well, Visa might come through, even though I know BE won' least not willingly) will be donated to Equality Now in the name of Whedonesque.
I also want to thank our own Punkinpuss who found the Pickwick Center!
I want to thank Corey and Multiverse who got us buses to transport us from the hotel to the Pickwick Center and back.
I want to thank the Bedlam Bards who entertained each day, for free, and were always wonderful.
Of course I have to thank our BDHs, the actors who came to see us and cheer us up, Greg Edmundson who did a great Q&A, Tim Minear who did an awesome commentary to 'Ariel', and everyone who came through without any compensation, except our love and respect.

Amd most of all I want to thank the California Browncoats, led by our Captain lexigeek, who went without sleep, working around the clock to ensure that things went smoothly. Our Browncoat Backup Bash was better than Flan2 ever could have been because of the love and attention to every detail given by the kind and generous volunteers who worked day and night. Thank you all.
Awww! Wow! I've been mostly been lurking for the past few months, school and work taking up most of my time.But, after reading the posts on this thread I couldn't help but comment... I was a big FF flan when it was on. I was seriously bummed when it was cancelled. I was elated when Serenity was released. Over time I bought the merchandise (dvds, books, extras, etc), but recently I had kinda floated away from the fandom, having been on the periphery to begin with.

I had heard about Flanvention II and the the problems and all that, friends of mine had planned on going. When it was cancelled I was once again bummed for the fans of the 'verse, seems like we can never catch a break.

So...when I heard about what happened and the Flan B thing and the SoCal Browncoats and the the actors and all sorts of fantastic, phenomenal stuff I realized why I loved this 'verse in the first place...the integrity, loyalty, commraderie, the notion that you do something because it's the right thing to do, not because you have a I'm back... not that it should matter...I really wanted to say...

Kudos, props, *snaps* to all of the volunteers,participants, cast members (and non-cast members) that turned a potentially tragic, not fun con cancellation into cherished memories for so many. From whatI've heard and read. y'all have done a great job and made many flans very happy. Great Job!!
This is beyond words *awesome.* I'm so honored to be apart of this fandom. I wish I could've spared a few more dollars to the Backup Bash. It's strange, but, I'm feeling jealous of the attendees of a *cancelled* event. That's extraordinary, and quite frankly, humbling. You all are mighty, indeed.
Hey welcome teachndoc and also I'm joining in on the kudos, props and *snaps* too the Californian BC's for just an extraodinary effort!

Well Done Guys!
I wasn't able to even consider coming. But my heart was with all of the folks affected by the events of the last few weeks. I am somewhat new to the 'verse and have been amazed by fierce loyalty of the fans. It wasn't until the events of the last few weeks unfolded that I really stopped to consider what a Browncoat truly is. Family is the word that comes to my mind. Amazing is the next. Congrats to all involved!
Here's a YouTube of the homemade vid Tim screened at the thing, today. I don't know if it's okay to link on the main page, it's a mod's call, I think.
Thanks for the link, Allyson. That was also nice of you to try so hard the other day to get in touch with the organizers in order to coordinate Tim's appearance.
Did anyone video Tim's live commentary for Ariel?
I'm not usually one who posts the umpteenth message saying the same words of praise for something, for I think it generally makes for boring reading, but I don't think the people who made this happen can get too much praise. So:

The California browncoats who organized the BBB, all the BDHs and everyone who did anything to turn a big disappointment into something good: You are the best.
RBB -- I recorded most of Tim's commentary with my digital still camera in movie mode, but I didn't have enough space on my memory card to quite get it all (and sadly, I had to switch cards just as he got around to giving the details of the story he told about being threatened with castration at World Con this year by some disturbed audience member).

Haven't had a chance to get it on my computer yet to see if the audio turned out okay, but when I do, I'll post back here. Hopefully someone else managed to tape the whole thing, 'cause Tim was his usual hilarious and edifying self.
I am so late for the "party" that I'll just sum up everything into one word (well, sort of): WOW.
I recorded most of Tim's commentary

skeezycheese, have I mentioned that you, too, rock? ;-)
I don't think there's a single person that made it down to the bottom of this thread that can't see the joy. Too all involved, you reaffirmed something special. I forget what - it's been a long weekend.
From here (not by me, and maybe originally from here):

Hi all. I posted these to the other thread, but it's already a long thread and people might miss these other reports of fandom goodness.

- If you were going to Flanvention, you were expecting to see...

Adam Baldwin CHECK
Nathan Fillion CHECK
Mark Sheppard CHECK
Christina Hendricks CHECK
Ron Glass CHECK
Michael Fairman CHECK
Jonathan M. Woodward CHECK
Bedlam Bards CHECK
Greg Edmondson CHECK
Jewel Staite NO CHECK, but hey, she's in Canada

- Until his cancellation, you were expecting to see...

Alan Tudyk CHECK

- You may not have known it, but you would have seen...

Michael Muhney from Veronica Mars and BE Charitables CHECK

- You were never expecting to see...

Morena Baccarin CHECK
Tim Minear and a live commentary to "Ariel" CHECK
Yan Feldman CHECK
Writer Brett Matthews CHECK
Costume Designer Shawna Trpcic CHECK
Clare Kramer from Buffy CHECK
James Leary from Buffy CHECK
Camden Toy from Buffy/Angel CHECK

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By the way, that list omits two others you were never expecting to see: Robert Lee, star of the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial; and Robia LaMorte, Buffy's Jenny Calendar.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-12-11 14:22 ]
That list of people just goes to show that Joss Whedon hired(hires) the coolest bunch of people around.

We have real Big Damn Heroes...and honorary Big Damn Heroes...and a Sheriff(who is also a honorary Big Damn Hero in my book...thank you for hiring awesome people Rob Thomas..because Michael rocks!!)
i hate to sound like a broken record(and to take billz breaking of the word and really smash and destory) but this rocks!
So is it official? Now we have BDH's and HBDH's? Works for me.

Again I just want to say how much respect I have for those of you who organized Flan B. The actors et al showing up is wonderful, amazing and speaks well of them and of Joss, but in a weird way I expected those who were able, to show.

People think of actors as pampered, but if you look closely you'll find that the reason there are performers unions is because of this very thing. Theater has a long history of actors getting left in some small town when the money dries up and the producers disappear. I have friends who worked for one company, not that long ago, where they would have to run to the local supermarket to cash their checks as soon as they were paid because the last checks cashed, bounced. Many a cast and crew have had the financial rug pulled out from under them after signing on to something in good faith.

Producers know that artists will do things for love, and some take advantage of that. The artists that showed up this past weekend, did it for love. The fans that stepped in and made it possible for them to take part in Flan B did it for love as well. I am full of respect for that love and for the skill displayed by all involved in bringing Flan B to fruition.
Well said, newcj! :-)
Thanks to everyone who attended the Backup Bash this weekend, and to everyone who helped out by donating their time and money to help support their fellow Browncoats. We'll put up a full report on the event as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we'd like to collect photos, videos and memories/stories from the weekend. If you've got something to share, please send it to We'll put together a central Web site soon so everyone can share their memories.
lexigeek, thank YOU!!! :-D
newcj wrote:

The artists that showed up this past weekend, did it for love. The fans that stepped in and made it possible for them to take part in Flan B did it for love as well.

It was less like an impersonal event being cancelled, and more like if you were going to a wedding or a family reunion where the church or community center burned down. The reaction was sadness and disbelief, but also "what can I do" and "I want to be with these people anyway". It's about the people, the community. Love keeps us flying, indeed.

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I just made a call to one of the local radio stations. The morning show covers, well, gossip and Hollywood stories, so I am hoping she mentions the convention and backup bash. We'll see.

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