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December 11 2006

"Minear's stuff" - A fan video by Tim Minear. No, really. It is by him and was shown yesterday by Tim at the Backup Bash.

What a narcissist!

I mean...that was very cool, and it made me smile. And I'm really excited for Drive.
He re-posted the video here.
This version is less dark... Well, less dark image-wise. The content is still Minearific, of course.

Hey, Drive footage!

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Simon, he re-posted with a version that wasn't quite so dark at

ETA: Ah, telltale was quicker. Stupid html! ;-)

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Oooh, Drive footage! Now I'm getting all excited again. I liked The Inside's Serenity shout-out. I bet the 'Coats loved that. Hee.
The funny thing is, some of the Wonderfalls stuff didn't air I think, The Inside stuff mostly didn't air, and Drive isn't on the air yet.

Also, Drive? Yeah. People here will be getting real excited about that real soon. My spider sense tells me so.
Real soon, Gossi? In the sense that there is hope it will be seen soon?

Man, I hope it'll be something that can be seen on TV or computers. My spider-sense gets really bad reception.
I'm assuming Tim Minear has made fandom history by being the first show creator/show runner to make his own fan vid (and then upload for all to see).
Whoo, favorite'd! Hopefully I will have a break in my day today to check it out.
Simon - I think you are correct.
Oh Tim, that rocked! Thank you! Teehee, *Makes childish car sounds. Brum BRUM!* Em sorry, I'll stop that now.
Anyone know what song is playing during the first bit. 'Tis fantastic.
That wasn't fair. Now I'm going to spend the whole day missing Firefly and 'The Inside'.
Such great TV. And how much do I love the clip he opened with? To my mind, S3 is "Angel"'s signature season. Really looking forward to "Drive."
OMG I loved that! I miss Wonderfalls :( *sniff* FOX sucks!
Anyone know what song is playing during the first bit. 'Tis fantastic.

The first track you can hear in the clip is coming from (my favorite movie) "Mulholland Drive": "Jitterbug" composed by Angelo Badalamenti.
That was just awesome. Does anyone know if The Inside is coming out on dvd?
According to last word I heard on an interview with Mr Minear, never. :(

And yet, the whole 13 episode arc is floating around the webisphere for all to discover in ingenious ways.
Thanks Mort - I will start looking.
Heh. That was subtle.

Thanks for the music cite, Yorick. That's very dance-worthy stuff.

And the vid was so well edited. I mean, I enjoy so much of what's on YouTube, but when it's done by a pro the ride is so smoooooth.
Awww, and now there's this one ("he should be writing"), which I think is even better. Anybody know what that lovely tune is? Sounds like something from the Weimar Republic.

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