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December 11 2006

Firefly game licensers hope to get input from Joss and cast. The other big news of last week was the announcement of the Firefly MMORPG. This story got picked up by a lot of sites and now it's Variety's turn. And if you have a question for the people behind the game, then head over to

Cheers to the person who sent in the Variety link.

Hey, a Variety article that doesn't use the word skein! For some reason they did use 'aud' though, which I guess is the hip new abbreviation for audience...?
Variety-speak does so often make me giggle. It seems we are "a devout cult aud".
Yo! Skein the aud, biznitches!

Yep, I'll be working for VARIETY soon. Oh yes. Just you wait and see.
Multiverse was introduced to Fox execs by its board members James Cameron and Jon Landau.

Oh my. I had no idea they were involved in the company. Cool.
Ugh. Variety-speak irks me.

Anyway...hey, they're asking to use likenesses? Maybe we'll still get to see some of our crew, then...?

And is it wrong that I want to be an Operative when I play the game?
Or is it licensees? Hmmm brain hurts.
And is it wrong that I want to be an Operative when I play the game?

No, UnpluggedCrazy. I want to be a companion.
I want to be Alliance.
This game had so better have an alliance side and an independents side. (And maybe even a reaver side).

Dagnabit.... I wanna design this game myself! I don't trust them to got it right (after all, how many GOOD games come from film-game translations?) This has the potential to be amazingly shiny... and I hope it will be... but for the meantime I remain skeptical to avoid disappointment.
I want to be Alliance.

It's for the hats, right? ;-)
AnotherFireflyFan - the development team has yet to be chosen. If any browncoats have the skill, they can sign up at and making it themselves. But it'd be a freakin' huge amount of work, money and skill required.
Gossi wants the shiny hat and be the king of all londinium :P
Gossi - Unfortunately I'm still a bit of a novice. But I hope that whatever comes is good. :-)
This would almost beg for at least some typical elements in MMORPGS. Player cities? Would fit in pretty well with the whole settling going on. Crafting and trading are pretty much a must as well as smuggling. Plenty of archetypes and if you really need conflict, let the events in Serenity cause another civil war.

I just hope it will offer more freedom than most games and be character based instead of class based. I wouldn't want to be a mechanic climbing the same skill tree a gazillion other mechanics have climbed before. I'd prefer being a character that's good with machines and hence mostly WORKS as a mechanic without being completely defined by his profession.

And how about reserving the main characters for the cast? You might not run into them a lot in that case, but being rare sounds better than being a generic NPC.
I just told my brother about this, and his knee-jerk response was "Can I design my own Reaver?"

I worry about him sometimes...
There's only one question that matters here. Is Joss Whedon going to be directly involved with the creative end of the MMORPG? Cuz if Joss ain't at the helm, no one in their right mind's gonna hop on board. At the very least, Joss needs to make a public statement saying he's very cool with it and wants his fans to have a good time there. If this happens without Joss' blessing, it's gonna crash and burn faster than fox cancels great shows.

IF he signs on, then I'm all for it. I'll role up a Big Damn Hero and join the Browncoats. We'll make them rue the day they ...uhm, well, we'll just make them rue an unspecified day. Yah!

If not... I have a Kheldian over at City of Heroes who I named Serenity Jane. =) I think she's on the Virtue server.

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