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December 11 2006

Dark Horse blurb for the Serenity PVC set. Prepare to have your hopes dashed if you expected the actual cast dressed in PVC. Also, news about the Serenity Ornament Reaver Variant as well. And to cap it all off, there's new pics of the Oz and Drusilla figures over at

A Reaver variant? Priceless!

Now I'm wondering...will you be able to discern a mini-Jayne on top manning the turret? Prolly not. But if so: Please, no Disco Jayne like in the PVC set.
Mal looks... odd. I don't want to know why he's straining.

But YAY for more merch :)
I studied those little PVC characters closely and I thought they looked very pretty, and much closer likenesses (in my opinion) than the 'action figure' 6 inch dolls were. I am definitely wanting these, but I do want all 9!
You mean 12, Embers. Don't forget the Operative, Mr Universe and random Reaver. :-)

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