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December 11 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on A&E - Sean Maher in 'Wedding Wars'. There's some clips of him in the video section. It's a must see event for all Simon fans.

Cheers to Karolina for the heads up.

Wow, I never realised Sean had done so much TV work.
Hmm, anyone seen this? Slightly fearful, but may check it out :)
damn! I dont have cable!
I have seen the ads and all I can say is John Stamos really kisses him in the commerical, which I guess is alright since he plays his boyfriend.
Sounds fun. Note to self: set VCR
Dang! It overlaps The Closer here in southern Ontario which I have to tape as I am usually asleep by 9:00 pm. Just checked - it repeats at 1:00 am tomorrow.
I've already programmed the VCR to tape this one.
I'm watching it right now and it's totally cheesy and ridiculous. John Stamos is a goof, but Sean adds some class. YAAAYYY, he's so cute, hehe.
I thought it was very cute and amusing. Sean was great!
I couldnt see it :S, but apparently according to a interview with John Stamos, Sean Maher is a good kisser :P here
I generally don't kiss boys, but I wouldn't mind finding that one out on my own.

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