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December 11 2006

Joss Whedon - A Fanboy Radio Recap. Didn't get a chance to listen to Joss on the radio a couple of weeks back? Newsarama has the details of what he said.

It's interesting to read what the interviewer thought. Certainly here at Whedonesque we had a whale of a time listening to it.

Thanks for the link, Simon. I was one of those who missed most of the interview. And now I understand the comment quoted by some posters: "I donít believe a just and all-knowing dinosaur."
I second that thanks, Simon. I missed it, but there's a link to the entire interview at the bottom of the page. I just finished listening. So many Whedon works to look forward to in the spring! Alas, I hope we don't have to wait a couple years for WW and Goners.
I also missed it and also just finished listening. Great interview. Thanks for the link!
"the insularly characters"


I need to listen to this interview again!
"the insularly characters"

I'm guessing that was "ancillary." And also that "inertly bad" was meant to be "inherently bad." Modifiers are not this man's friend. Bless him for the great interview and recap, though.
Or maybe he meant Republicans are actively bad ? ;-)

Thanks for the link Simon, meant to check back to see if the podcast went on the 'free' list. It's like you're the long lost memory I never had ;).
Or maybe he meant Republicans are actively bad ? ;-)

No, that's something I would say. Notice how careful I am not to attribute my opinions to others, just because theirs are a little unclear.
Err, is that a dig of some kind dreamlogic ? Cos if so, notice how careful I am to put 'maybe' and a big daft smiley in the comment (if it's not a dig then please accept my apologies, not having a great day so far, could be my radar's off and i'm jumping at shadows ;).

Also, reading the recap again I disagree with Joss. That's right, I went there. Muldoon (played by the excellent Bob 'Edge of Darkness' Peck) died in 'Jurassic Park' and he wasn't really a baddie, just a hunter and maybe a bit arrogant (in a way he saved them all by going after the raptors and allowing Laura Dern to get to the power sub-station).

That's it, it's all over between us, i'll never watch/read/listen to another thing Joss films/writes/says ;-).

(and neither was Sam Jackson's character though maybe he means 'no goodies die' rather than 'only baddies die')
Not a dig against you, Saje. Just a little dig against Republicans and a claim of no political editorializing in my copy editing.

Maybe Jurassic Park isn't the most egregious example of the most sympathetic characters surviving while the baddies and marginals die, but it is one.
Ah, then as mentioned, sorry ;). Strange how a shitty day can colour one's perceptions of pretty much everything.

(and yeah, I get his point, having read the book previously I thought Jeff Goldblum would die but book or not, watching it I couldn't see either of the two leads and especially the kids buying it)

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