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December 11 2006

Buffy: season 8, issue 1 available for pre-order at TFAW! And it looks like one can also subscribe to the whole season... going to the subscription worksheet, picking "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and putting "Season Eight" in the "Title contains these words" box. However, one would probably have to edit the subscription if the subtitle (which is now "Season Eight") changes.

Please edit or remove this post if it's obvious or wrong or stupid or posted before or something. I'm not too sure, myself.

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For UK peeps, it's $7.33 shipping with a 20-30 day wait :S

Also, just noticed that Buffy and Drive start about the same time next year, more or less. Roll on 2007.
I was able to pre-order the first issue but had total trouble with the worksheet when trying to suscribe. *Patiently awaiting help response*
i dont get it, it keeps deleting all my preorder settings when i get to checkout.

EDIT - OK, its fine, im just stupid. This is great!!!

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Here's the thing about subscribing (I know 'cause I called and asked): DON'T preorder the issue and subscribe to the series. Do one or the other.

When you put the subscription in your worksheet, its logged. The person I talked to said that they'll process subscriptions about a month prior to the first issue (so, in February), and that's when you'll do the checking out and giving of credit card info.

If you preordered also, you'll be getting two copies. If you want to cancel your preorder, call 'em and tell 'em what the mix-up was, and they'll fix it.
I've always bought my comics at a local shop, but I like the idea of having them arrive via the mail. Can someone answer some questions?
How are comics packaged for delivery?
I sometimes have issues with mail being mangled and magazines being shredded. Is there some provision for issues that are damaged during mailing?
I get most mine from TFAW and they come in a hard back envelope. If you pre-order you can also check the box for bag and board and they will for an extra 25cents. All of my comics have always arrived in mint condition and I live in the UK so they have travelled.
I live in Sweden myself, and I've never had any problems with TFAW. I've never subscribed before, though. I've only bought paperbacks and single issues, all of which have arrived in very good condition.
I haven't checked myself but if what gossi says above is accurate then I'm not sure I'd want to pay that much shipping on every issue. The wait would be an annoyance too.

Anyone have any recommendations for a UK comic book retailer that I could order the Buffy series from when it comes out? I haven't collected a comic since the UK version of the Transformers ended in 1992 so my awareness of which comic retailers give a reliable service is a little outdated.
Thanks, Vince! Having never bought a comic book before, I had been hoping some kind Whedonesquer would hook me up with a source. I have pre-ordered issue one, but the subscription set-up looked kind of tricky so I'm going to wait to subscribe. Now if March would just hurry up...
Are there plans on multiple covers like the Serenity comics?
How do I know whether or not I've actually... subscribed to something? Is there some sort of confirmation anywhere?
Are there plans on multiple covers like the Serenity comics?

None planned for the first issue.

Unless it sells out and there's a reprint--who knows what might happen then. :-)
Whoo and hoo! :-)
I'm taking a trip in March -- I was hoping there would be more issues so I'd have more to read on the plane!
I don't understand what to pick for "Pre-Order Shipping Frequency" in the Subscription set-up. Isn't that up to them, i.e. isn't it dependent on how frequently they bring out new issues? How are we to know whether the issue frequency will be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

Thanks for any advice for this relative newbie to comics ordering.
I had the same difficulty (about frequency), so I just picked weekly. I think, essentially, that's how often they will check the stock to see if they have anything to which you've subscribed to be sent out. If you subscribe to multiple comics, it might make sense to get one consolidated shipment a month, instead of three individual ones.

(And no, there was no confirmation, although my "Subscriptions" page now says that issue 1 is forthcoming.)
Thanks, Septimus. That helps a lot.

I am a bit nervous about giving them my credit card info. this far in advance, but it seems to insist you can't complete the subscription without it.
Are there plans on multiple covers like the Serenity comics?

TFAW also lists a variant cover, but with no picture preview here

ETA: Scroll down through the "B" titles and it's the one after the Buffy listing.

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Thanks for posting the link! I just ordered my copy :) I can't wait to read my new Buffy fix lol.
*sigh* I miss Buffy but I really don't like comics...I hope they put them all in one book one day.
TFAW also lists a variant cover, but with no picture preview here

Interesting. Or just weird. There was no mention of a variant in the solicitations, or in the listing on the DH site.
Ooh, that is interesting. I wonder if Joss is still trying to line up a high profile pal to do a cover ? Or maybe it's a retailer incentive one (which are, I think, usually photo covers) ?

(or obviously it could just be a mistake on TFAW's part)

BTW, for fellow UKers, I mostly buy from my local comic shop but eBay is also a pretty good place to buy single issues. Colin's Comics is one i've used a fair bit and the comics always come well packaged (either bagged and boarded or bagged in a hardback envelope) and very quickly, usually within 2 days, often the very next morning after ordering. I've also used Comic Domain with good results though the problem with buying single issues by mail-order is you're gonna get battered on postage (typical costs start at 1.50 for the first comic then 25-50p per additional so you're looking at nearly the comic price again just for postage).

(i'm nothing to do with either of these places, BTW, in case anyone's wondering ;)
In Chicago I have no less than 10 comic stores at my disposal. If you have ANY comic stores in your town, I'd recommend calling them to hold a copy for you. Personally, I would hate spending 3 bucks on a comic and then spending 5 dollars to have it shipped.

Wait until a week before it comes out and make a phone call.

Not that subscribing is bad but I'm sure Joss would want you in that store checking out other cool comics. And as long as I'm on the soapbox...make it a point to try at least one other comic when you go in to pick up Buffy. If Joss and George can keep up with a monthly schedule, odds are whatever 2nd book you choose will be out every 4 weeks so you can pick up both each visit.

Try it, you'll like it.

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Or maybe it's a retailer incentive one (which are, I think, usually photo covers) ?

Unless there's more info in the Previews than in the online solicitations--not usually the case--that would be very odd. Retailers order from the same info the well-informed reader has these days, and it's not much of an incentive if you don't know about it. But what then? TFAW has such strong Dark Horse connections that I suspect it's not a mistake. A mystery!

Usually photo covers? Not that I've noticed--'Retailer Incentive' is just a fancy way of saying they can only order one copy of that cover if they order who-knows-how-many copies of the regular as well. Plenty of that going on with series that have no actors to take photos of.

make it a point to try at least one other comic when you go in to pick up Buffy.

Hear, hear!

And if you like, there are plenty of us here to give suggestions. (Fables from DC/Vertigo has so far proven a foolproof recommendation to Whedon fans.) And even if you're hesitant about comics in general, don't forget--Joss's run on Runaways should be starting in April!
I second checking out Runaways!
Aha, I sit corrected Telltale, cheers for the info (most of the Whedonverse retailer incentive covers seem to be photos but then they would be since they're based on shows). And it seems to be a genuine mystery ? Cool.

Also, here's a broad crack at AlexReager's excellent idea of an informal comics promo day. If you like Whedon stuff and also like:

'The West Wing' - try 'Ex Machina' by Brian K Vaughan
'Battlestar Galactica' - try 'Scott Pilgrim' by Bryan Lee O'Malley (nothing like BSG but you'll need the laugh ;)
'Deadwood' - try 'Loveless' by Brian Azzarello
'Dexter' - try 'Fell' by Warren Ellis
'Supernatural' - try 'Hellblazer' by various but Denise Mina at the moment
the news - try 'DMZ' by Brian Wood
blubbing like a baby ;) - try 'WE3' (TPB) by Grant Morrison
Does TFAW charge you for a subscription? Because after subscribing to the Buffy season 8 comics, I was charged $1.10 from the TFAW store in Milwaukie, OR - which is in my metro area. I thought the website was a seperate entity. I have never been to the Milwaukie TFAW store, and I'm worried how else they would've charged me.
'Battlestar Galactica' - try 'Scott Pilgrim' by Bryan Lee O'Malley (nothing like BSG but you'll need the laugh ;)

That combination just shorted out my brain. Scary. :-)

A real suggestion to go with BSG is tough. I'd probably recommend DMZ for that, too. Or if you're looking for the darkest book on the shelf with a (a)morality more questionable than Balthar's sanity, go look up the four trade paperbacks of Sleeper. (One of my favorite books ever.)

Good suggestions, otherwise. I'd like to add:

'Veronica Mars' - 'Alias' or 'Madrox' collections for the noir detectiving ('Madrox' was a miniseries and is now continued in 'X-Factor,' also worth reading), or 'Runaways' for the spunky teens.

There's a description of 'Runaways' that I love so much, I think it was either Vaughan or Joss who said it: "Runaways thinks the Marvel Universe is a bunch of old guys--and treats them accordingly."
Hi ElectricSpaceGirl,

"Does TFAW charge you for a subscription?"

Short Answer: No, TFAW doesn't charge to set up subscriptions. The authorization for $1.10 should disappear from your account in a couple days.

Long Answer: When you set up a pre-order or subscription at TFAW, we do process a small "authorization-only" charge on your credit/debit card. This is to ensure that the provided card is valid. No funds are removed from the account in this transaction, but it WILL cause the funds to be reserved in your account for 3-7 days (depending on your bank) before being automatically released to you. If you used a debit card, this authorization could be appear as a real charge until it disappears a few days later.

Why do we authorize for $1.10? Well, it's a long story, but suffice to say that some cards can't be authorized for amounts less than $1.10.

I hope this helps to explain the situation and alleviate your fears. Rest assured that ordering online with us is very safe and secure. If you or anyone else has any questions about any of these new products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you to Joss and all the fans for supporting TFAW.

-TFAW Insider

p.s. The Buffy Season Eight #1 Variant Cover is on the down-low, but it is definitely REAL. There will be an alternate cover (not a photo cover) packed at a specific ratio with the main shipment, but it will not be solicited through Diamond separately. As soon as we have an approved cover, we'll post it and let you know! Here's a direct link to both new Buffy comics in case you want to check when you read this: Buffy Season Eight #1 + Buffy #1 Variant Cover.

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