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December 11 2006

"Dexter" selected by the American Film Institute. The excellent TV show "Dexter" from Showtime co-starring Julie Benz was selected as one of the 10 'most outstanding achievements in film and television' by the American Film Institute for 2006.

You might want to add to your post that Drew Greenburg is a producer on the show, and he co-wrote last night's fantastic episode.

This show is easily the best series on TV right now, with outstanding performances by Michael Hall and Julie Benz. One more episode left in a heart-pounding first season. Bring on the awards!
Fantastic! Last night's episode was great and left me craving the season finale. Such a great show and richly deserving of this award. These guys really know how to pick 'em... first Battlestar Galactica and now Dexter!
I really like 'Heroes' and 'BSG' but I have to agree that 'Dexter' is one of the best (the best?) show on tv right now. It will be kinda hard to wait a year for season 2... Also '24', with David Fury as co-executive producer, was on the same list as 'Dexter' for season 5.
Three of my favorite showws are on the list, Dexter, Battlestar and Heroes. They have good taste.
Absolutely agree with everything everyone else said here -- Dexter is just amazing, definitely in the same league as BSG. Yay Drew, Michael and Julie! (I'm trying to cut down on my rock/rocks/rockin use; how am I doing so far?) ;-)
Notice how many of the shows on that list have writers from the Whedonverse. They truly are proving to be the best of the best! (I love BSG, Dexter, and Heroes as well. Add Veronica Mars to that list and you have the only 4 shows on television I refuse to miss.)
Has anyone heard if a channel in Canada has picked this up?
Also the Showtime URL is USA only.
I haven't watched Dexter, but I caught the awesome opening credits one day on a big screen television. An experience in itself! It's here.

Can anyone sell Dexter to me, so I can have another show to love??

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I love the opening credits. It's funny the various reactions people have to them. I know some people who can't watch them because they get creeped out. They just make me feel kinda hungry...and strangely violent. ;)

Ronald, I'm sure Showtime will rerun the series. If you have Showtime On Demand, you'd have access to all the episodes. I'm guessing the DVDs will be released sometime right before the premiere of season 2 in September. Man, I'm going to hate waiting that long for new episodes! This show is my biggest obsession right now.
Hell yes! Dexter is absolutely wonderful viewing.
September, ESG ? Nooooo ! I usually save each Sunday's episode until mid-week cos I don't like waiting 7 days (I know, I know, it makes sense to me, OK ? ;) so 9 months is gonna be tough (downside of cable I guess).

Ronald_SF, on one level it's kinda like a police procedural (except the serial-killer, or one of them at least, is the 'good-guy'), riddled with jet-black humour, great performances and well realised inter-character dynamics but it's also a look at the human condition and what it means to lead a morally good life.

Dexter is, like a lot of us, pulled in two directions between what he 'knows' to be the right thing (represented by the 'code of Harry', a set of rules about who he should kill laid down by his policeman foster father) and his nature (or rather what his nature was twisted into by very early childhood trauma). A lot of the drama comes from watching him wrestle with the two influences (he's basically cavemen vs astronauts wrapped up in a single individual ;) but there's also almost a family drama with Julie Benz who plays his nearly as damaged (in a different way) girlfriend and watching her take control of her life again and how, in a perverse way, her psychopathic serial-killer boyfriend is almost exactly what she needs, is also a very interesting arc (in some ways it's a sweet love story - except Dexter can't love, or can he ? ;) - about two broken people and how their damaged edges fit together).

Great show, IMO, the best of the new season and well worth checking out.

(and I really like the opening credits and the creepily jaunty theme tune. Who knew eating steak, flossing and tying shoe laces could be so incredibly sinister ? ;)
really great description Saje ... I too love Dexter, but I'm one of those people who can't watch the credits ... when the blood drips into the eggs ... (shiver)... And Julie Benz is incredible (which is no surprise to those of us who loved her as Darla)
Saje - not mention the threat implicit in the special sauce!

Just to chime in here and say that Dexter rocks (billz, I've either caught it off you or I owe you royalties!). Tight arc, good stories, great acting, black humour, twists and turns aplenty - this series has everything that I could hope for and more. Even the VO (which I rarely like) is wonderful.

If you get any kind of chance to watch Dexter, grab it with both hands!
Thanks guys! It's now on my list!
Glad you have a new show to love, Ronald_SF. Here's link to a few goodies to help us wait for season 2... 'ER' has a lot of fans among the medical community, same with 'Law & Order' among cops or 'The Sopranos' with the Mafia. I wonder if there's a cult following of 'Dexter' among serial killers...
catalyst2, since it's for Dexter, absolutely my favorite show of the year and one of my top all time, then I certainly grant you royalty-free use of "rocks"(TM). ;-)
I'm hoping there'll be a DVD release sooner rather than later. Showtime's been pretty quick about getting some of their stuff out. The first season of "Sleeper Cell" came out only three months after the season ended; "Fat Actress" was out only weeks after the last episode aired. They're not that fast on all their shows, and I'm still waiting for anything at all on "The Chris Isaak Show" almost three years after its last episode aired. But I think "Dexter" has got great buzz right now (deservedly so) -- they'll likely strike while the iron's hot.

If you want to get a heads up when there's any news on this -- or any TV show -- register over at TV Shows on DVD and vote for the shows you want. You can sign up for auto-notification there.
I only saw the first three episodes, since I don't have Showtime. I liked them so much I went and bought the books. For the first time in a while, it turns out that I like the show more than the original source.
Ocular - I liked the books until about the last 2-3 chapters of both. Weak lame endings, very much deus ex machina. TV-Dexter certainly seems to be better so far (I just saw S1e11) and more even in quality. I am just hoping the finale matches the rest of the series because there are a *lot* of loose ends to tie up!

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