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December 11 2006

Summer Knight audio book. Free Download of James Marsters' reading chapter one of the Jim Butcher book.

Preorders will begin in January 2007.

It's such a fabulous book, and James' readings of the first three in the series are excellent. I can't wait to preorder my copy!
I am so enjoying listening to James read these books, I hope he does all of them and more. He has such a great range of voices and gives all the characters such life. What a guy...
I'd like to order James' reading of Storm Front but it's currently available at Amazon...
Fangirl Warning: I don't listen to many audio books, but a friend recently loaned an audio book to me, and I was surprised how spoiled I had gotten with the quality of the narration of the Dresden Files audio books by James. He 'acts' the books versus 'reading' them, IMO. :)

Also, if you haven't heard them yet, the first 3 full chapters of the first 3 audio books are available already for free download at the teeswithatwist site or the Buzzy Multimedia site.

April, I'm guessing that you mean that the Storm Front audio book is *not* available at Amazon? Amazon does have it but in MP3 format only; you can get it at either of the Buzzy sites in standard CD format as well as MP3. (Buzzy has it in MP3 format also for less than Amazon, BTW.)

Full Disclosure: ;) I was a Jim Butcher/Dresden Files fan first, then became a James fan because of the first audio book, then got to know the Buzzy ladies at the first couple of cons I attended. I truly do think that it's a winning combination: Jim's books, James' narration, and a quality product with wonderful customer service that just so happens to be put out by a couple of exceptionally nice ladies who are fans themselves. :) IMO, it's a win-win situation.

ETA: I just checked to be sure, but it took a James' audio book post to get me out of the 'lurkage of fandom' that I've been in since I joined Whedonesque about a year and a half ago.

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Thanks, cindy235. The CD was unavailable at Amazon, so maybe I'll check out the Buzzy site.
You're so right, Cindy. James spoils you for other audio books because he's done such a great job on the Jim Butcher Dresden Files series so far. I should have realized he'd be really good at creating just the right voice for each of the different characters knowing what a talent he has for accents.

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