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December 11 2006

Dennis Christopher (Cyvus Vail on Angel) costars in "The Lost Room".

The Lost Room started Monday and continues for 3 days on SciFi (USA) and Space(CA).
NOTE:Will repeat at 1.00am (E.S.T)

I only got to see the first hour last night but I was incredibly impressed with it.
I also saw that Robert Kral did the music. Anyway, it was a nice change from the standard sci fi channel movie offerings. Hope part 2 is also of the good.
This got a negative review from Matt Roush, whose opinions I respect. He called it incoherent and laughable. Before I read the review I was going to check it out, but now I have second thoughts. Though hearing that Rob Kral is the composer - I might want to see it and judge for myself.

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I saw part one last night and it was actually quite good. Very entertaining and engaging. I too respect Matt Roush but do not always agree with him. The actors are excellent and I am guessing that the "objects" are actually metaphors or a play on words (this is hard to express without giving something away)that represent how one lives ones life(?) or maybe not but it struck me that there was some kind of method to the madness of the "objects". We shall see if parts 2 and 3 hold up.
I saw this and liked it. Interesting actors and exposition nicely done.

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