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December 12 2006

Official forums for Tim Minear's "Drive" open. Notice how I'm not saying "race on over"? I think I've grown.

Actually, that's a "Shindig" reference, so more Espensonian than Minearean. But this is still promising news that the show will actually happen.
And, Ying, you didn't punch anyone, either (Espenson reference(TM), continued). Between this and seeing the clip from Drive in Tim's YouTube post, and gossi's spidey sense about it, things do look good! ;-)
Tim did write "Out of Gas," but that's getting much too corny.

TamaraC mentioned a while back that Fox will be televising Nascar races at the same time, so they can cross-promote. I hope Tim at least gets to make lucky 13 episodes for DVD release.
Yeah, but I've got a bad feeling it ain't exactly a NASCAR audience type of show. *crosses fingers for Tim*
Fast cars and lots of action can do the trick. Tim can just sneak the good stuff in while they aren't looking.
There's also a vid of Tim introducing the cars (and the show) here.
TamaraC, you make a good point! *goes to check video (thanks Jackal)*
That video is ace, especially the cheesy bit at the end. Made me laugh. And that's a good thing.
Jackal, thanks for the link to the video! I heart Tim Minear. Also, did anyone else notice that Harry Groener was on "How I Met Your Mother" last night?
Simon, that whole video was cheesy! Tim Minear obviously sooo wanted to do this*huge sarcasm alert*.

I loved it, I expected the cheese man to appear....
I can't be the first to think "Uh-oh, FOX again?" ;-)

*goes to check it out*
I can't seem to find the link for the video, it's just a page describing the show.
Huh. That's odd my_serenity the video was there yesterday. Fox must have taken it down. Sorry you don't get a chance to see it.
Oh, dear, that video must have been a threat to Fox's famous fantastic promotional strategy for new series...
Wow, I'm glad I managed to see it before they removed it! I wonder why it was removed though? It was funny!
Actually, removing promotional material seems pretty in-line with FOX's previous strategies. *buh-dum-bum-tshhh*
Well, it's racing all over the Browncoat Backup Bash postings around the interwebs, I might as well add it here:

Well, Tim Minear in his commentary on his upcoming show Drive said it was in the process of being recast, and that one of the roles needed someone with "tighter pants."

I'm quoting the highly reliable lexigeek here. Nathan Fillion's blog also referred to a rumor he could not confirm about his having a new job in television. *squees in a very manly way* ;-)
Yeah, I heard that comment and watched as it sailed over most peoples' heads. Even the confirmed Nathan-addicts I hang with (of which I'm also a member) didn't catch it. This is what living on booze, snacks, and no sleep for 4 days does to a person.

I'm really excited about this one. More so then I was for The Inside. What I saw at Backup Bash looked really cool; the FX alone are amazing.

Someone did ask Tim when FOX plans to cancel it, though. Hope this is the one that breaks Tim's cycle of "13 episodes: my specialty!"
I like to say the premise is like this (Prodigy) video, but with cars.

I guess since casting is still happening, we have a while to wait yet.

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