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December 12 2006

Southland Tales Is Locked. Southland Tales, which was booed at Cannes, has been cut by half an hour and is locked, director Richard Kelly wrote on his online blog. The apocalyptic SF movie Southland Tales now clocks in at two hours and 17 minutes.

Still looking forward to it, despite the mixed reviews. It's that SMG line, "I'm f*#king a very important man," that got me hooked, methinks. The second prequel recently arrived at stores and I'm picking mine up today.
/crosses fingers. I forgot to pick up the first prequel, so this is a good reminder to grab them both.
zeitgeist, I really enjoyed the first, perhaps for no other reason than it has a look and feel not like any others I've read. I also find SMG's character, Krysta Now, very appealing because there's clearly much more to her than meets the eye. Even if the movie isn't everyone's cup o' tea, I think Krysta Now will rock. She has her own website, which hasn't been updated in awhile but is amusing (especially her song). I wonder who created her website?
What does "locked" mean?
marmoset, I gather by the way he used the phrase "locked picture" in his latest blog entry that they have the final cut ready or almost ready and they know exactly which scenes they will or won't use.
Great news. Can't wait to see SMG appear onscreen again. It's a good day.

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