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December 12 2006

Giles the knitted donkey. Blog of the year?

More info on Tony's involvement in this over at the Mid Sussex News and indeed the Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land website.

Blog of the year. God yes. I will explode from cuteness overload.
It certainly beats this hellhole with all hooves tied behind its back (note: this is sarcasm)... Cuteness overload, for sure!
Wait a minute, we're a blog now ? Since when ? *ducks*

True though, note the white background and nice, relaxing green colour scheme. Now compare to the terrifying darkness and sinister DVD adverts featuring writers with tiny actors popping out of their ears that abound on here. Hellish and holeish !

(good luck wooly Giles and while on your travels try not to make an ass of yourself)
Ahahah cutest thing EVER!
This time of year is always good for cuddly animal toy stories.
This is like what the "Bloody Awful Poet Society" (BAPS) did with a Spike figure. It's great fun to look at the pictures.
It's labeled as: donkey charity adventure travel. Funny how I've just never really given much thought to donkey adventure travel before, now I think the world definitely needs more of it.
zeitgeist - so much "cuteness overload", in fact, that I can feel the bile rising in the back of my throat! "Bah Humbug!" says this curmudgeon!
*Stares Blankly*

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