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December 12 2006

"One More." Tim Minear's posted another video on YouTube with clips from all his shows, plus him from 1985.

oh man thats soo nice and classy, but Tim was a good looking fellow in 1985. And I didnt watch inside much but was there blue gloves in that one inspection scene?
He's a good looking fellow, now. I would totally snog him!
But but but where's the really bad nu-metal soundtrack that all YouTube fan videos must have?

Ah Angel. Tim was soooooo good on that show.
I should be writing, too.

How did Tim get Ralph Macchio to do that introduction?
I agree with Kurya and Allyson. Tim is hot! And funny. I didn't know of him when he wrote for The X-Files, but that was my first obsession, and someday I plan on re-watching the entire series, paying particular close attention to his episodes. Can't wait for Drive!
A ballet of images and moments... poetry without words...

Yeah, and great early footage of Mr. M as the very intense, wired young man... hubba hubba...

All that amazing creativity just waiting to burst forth from the "P.A".
Tim, thanks for sharing these vids. Its so cool! A real treat to come home from work and find you'd posted another vid.

But I know your right, you should be writing. ;)

*looks over Tim's shoulder*
OK, full stop there. No, not there, THERE. Yes... now a comma. Hmmm, good good, I'll be back later to see how you've done.

Damn that'd be annoying if I did that. Slap worthy indeed. Em, what was I posting about? :/ Oh right, Tim equals shiny. I'll go eat dinner now.

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Loved it! Anybody notice how much Julie Benz is in this? Almost all the Angel clips have her in them. Not complaining here, love that gal as I'm sure Tim does as well!

ESG - I'm watching X-Files right now. I never watched it before. We're on disc 4 of season 3. Had no idea Tim wrote for this. Just a plug for DD - directed this week's Bones - yeeha.

This makes me *so* excited for Drive.
Wow, remember how in the 80s we took the piss out of 70s fashion ? I for one feel a bit sheepish now ;).

Both his vids were very cool (as well as Julie Benz he clearly also really likes the CG stakes from Connor's arrival ;) and I just love the idea of making a fan vid of your own stuff. It's either so straightforwardly egotistically secure you just have to take your hat off to the guy or it's so disarmingly innocent you have to, well, take your hat off to the guy. Either way, my hat is off.

(and i'd never heard of 'Strange World' before, may need to find a way to check it out, not just for the Minear connection but also Howard Gordon and Tim 'Heroes' Kring)
Man, now I wanna watch all of Angel again.
Indeed, Saje. I am now speechless and hatless.
I agree with everyone, Tim is good looking. I wish he would write Angel in book form as a side job.

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