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December 12 2006

Alyson Hannigan the 10th best "Redheaded Hottie". According to the latest Top 10 (or top 15 in this case) on (Possible NSFW)

She should be higher, and definitely be above Lindsay Lohan.

Too bad she's not a redhead any more, more's the pity, since I so loved her that way.
10th!!? grumblegrumble ... They must be insane.
Must agree, Alyson is a beautiful woman.
Sequentially, following that link, Alyson is #1. That's the way I prefer to see it. I'm a visual guy, as it were. And this is a visual ranking.
She should definately be above most of those people. Of course, if Lindsay's only number six, I guess I wont hold out hope for Bryce Dallas Howard.
Bryce came in at #13. But no sign of Maria Thayer or Alicia Witt... or our Mrs Reynolds, Christina Hendricks.
Alicia Witt made it in at #3, edging out Nicole Kidman.

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