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December 12 2006

A Browncoat Backup Bash recap. Lovely details of what happened each day.

For those having trouble keeping track in the flurry over the weekend of just how things played out, Brian Rubin has posted an excellent recap of each day.

And for those who were tracking the pictures I was trying to put up in the first couple of days as quick as I could, I've started adding more to this set, which is arrange in chronological order and will continue to grow over the next day or so as I go through the rest. If you're posting Backup Bash posters to Flickr, add the tag "Browncoats Backup Bash" (or even simply browncoatsbackupbash) and they will appear here all in one place.

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Um, Im just going to steal onetruebix's linking of the charity drive event because it is sooo damn shiny that more people should see it. I would create its own dedicated thread, but I guess it would be frowned upon b/c oif the numerous flanvention stories posted on whedonesque. Here

Sunday night at the Hilton, nearly 70 B3 attendees participated in a raffle benefiting Fringe Theatre Adventures, a non-profit organization in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The donations totaled approximately $1500, and were made in honor of Nathan's next birthday!

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For those having trouble keeping track in the flurry over the weekend of just how things played out, Brian Rubin has posted an excellent recap of each day.
Well thanks bix! I'm really glad you liked the recap, and it was an honor meeting you this past weekend. :)
Isn't this just a blog aggregator? So it's somewhat redundant in terms of linkage. It'd be like linking to a Joss search at Technorati or even Google Search.

The top item comes originally from Whedonesque btw.

ETA: All sorted now in case anyone is wondering what I'm bleating on about.

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Simon, if you're concerned about the link, maybe we could edit this item to link primarily to Brian's recap post, and toss the Topix things into the "more" bit or something?
That's a good idea, so I've done that. I love it when a Flan comes together.
Wow, thanks guys. :)
I know I linked the Flickr stuff above, but I want to draw specific attention to your Big Damn Backup Bash Heroes, which I only just now put up.

This was the end of Sunday at Pickwick, and the final public thank yous. Picture repeated standing ovations, and in your head hear (the way I keep doing, although obviously it wasn't actually playing) the music playing during Mal's love speech at the end of the movie.

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Thanks, bix, I was hoping someone got a shot of that. Did you get one without me in front of all the organizers, too? I want to make sure they get their props too.
Nice job, Bix, y'all got us when we're tearing up. ;)
BTW, we're going to be doing formal thank-yous soon (it's amazing how much is still left to be done even though the bash is over), but one person I wanted to take a moment to thank right now is one of Whedonesque's own members, punkinpuss. She's a travel agent who stepped up right at the beginning, two weeks ago, to ask if she could help with planning the Backup Bash. Once we got the news Thursday afternoon that Flanvention was in fact cancelled, one of the first calls I got on my cell phone was from punkinpuss, once again offering her support.

She was instrumental in helping us line up the conference room facility with virtually no notice and at a substantial discount -- immeasurably helpful given the fact that we had no time and no budget! Without that, we would have been dead in the water.
Okay, what happened here? I didn't post this. I posted an article about Adam Baldwin and the Browncoat Bash. The link has changed. How did that happen? How do you highjack someone's post?
Dietcoke, see Simon's earlier comment expressing concerns of linking to a news/blog aggregator page rather than to a particular article. So the powers-that-be here adjusted the item to link to a recap of the weekend's events instead.
Lexigeek, there are a TON of people who need to be thanked, which seem to fall into three categories: Fan organizers, actors and other entertainment professionals, and businesses. Can you make sure that there's a single place (web page?) where we can write to these folks, especially the last two who won't likely see the large number of thank-you notes here?

I'd love to see a bunch of people sending messages like e.g. "Your reps treated my friends right, so I'm saying 'thank you' by purchasing more Dark Horse comics" or (to VM's producers) "Michael Muhney's support of the Firefly Fandom has convinced me to start watching Veronica Mars."

Let's pay back that goodwill by spreading the word and supporting the projects of those who treated 'our people' right. I love writing thank-you notes to people's *bosses*. It will always get to the person eventually, and it lets their employers know that they are doing things that make people happy enough to write a note and spend a stamp.
I don't think we will ever reach the end of the list of who to thank. There are so many people who stepped up and came through for the BBB attendees. It was just an amazing experience to be in the middle of all that and have it go so well.
B3 happened due to the passion the organizers brought to the emergency situation. Everyone who could pitched in to make things run as smoothly as possible. But the truth is...from Thursday afternoon when the news hit the BE board until the forseeable future, the core group in the photo linked to by b!x above are the true BDH's who gave the full measure to make an event everyone will remember.

And I would put money on any one of the B3 BDH's saying they were just doing the job... like anyone else would. Of course, we know that they did the impossible, which not everyone could or even attempt. There is no thanks we can offer that makes up for that... but it is necessary to insist they accept deserved kudos.

Thank you! Especially to our intrepid leaders Adam and James who I think slept 2 hours a night for the duration.
I love my fandom!

Seriously, the whole thing should have been an utter disaster - angry, frustrated people stomping around, cussing (often in Chinese), threatening legal action, and then dispersing back to their homes, dreams dashed, hopes lost.

Instead - oh, children, it was a glorious thing to see.

Then again, why did I ever think anything else would happen? Browncoats are phoenixes, so we rise from the ashes. We just can't help ourselves.

And I humbly thank you all for making the impossible, possible.
Lexigeek, it was an honor to help fellow Browncoats in need. And all I did was make a few phone calls. I was worried the whole time for you guys, but I didn't put in the hours and hours of work and give up my entire weekend, as so many of your crew did. That kind of selfless sacrifice is immeasurable. I couldn't be prouder of all of you. Now I have to stop or I'll start gettin' all mushy.
And all I did was make a few phone calls.

The whole weekend was made possible by the efforts of people who might look back on things and say "all I did was ..." But take away any one of those pieces, and the whole thing would have fallen apart like a house of cards. Getting the Pickwick was crucial. In our organizer meetings during the day on Friday, the one thing that kept coming up was that location was key. We had lots of plans, but if we didn't have a location, we didn't have anything. You should have seen the looks on people's faces when they came in the room and said, "Oh my God! It's a Con!" :)
Glad to hear above from some of the Browncoats who have been promoted to BIG Damn Heroes, meaning lexigeek, punkinpuss and danregal. Many more group hugs and salutes are going out to you! :-)

On the subject of recaps of Flan B -- Nathan Fillion has just posted a report on his Browncoat Backup Bash experiences on his MySpace page. Mr. F is as funny as always, but his blog is not accessible unless you have friended him.

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I am in awe. Thanks for sharing the pictures, b!x, and a hearty "I'm not worthy" to those who organized and ran and attended this event.

Also, I am too old for MySpace *g*, so if someone wants to let me in on what the adorkable Nathan said, I'd be most grateful.
I hope all the B3 heros will or have already checked out the earlier threads here on Whedonesque about what was going on this past weekend. While you all were moving mountains, we were admiring you and wishing you success. There were some nice things said about you and you should read them.

Ozlady, I just signed up for it. I don't have a clue what I may be getting myself into, but we can't leave these things just to the kids, can we? ;-)
Just a wee heads up regarding Nathan and his blog entries on MySpace. I appreciate that we'd all like to know what he said but unless he makes them public there's not much point linking to them as a front page entry at Whedonesque. And copying and pasting what he wrote without his permission wouldn't be cricket. It'd be like copying and pasting what someone wrote on a locked LJ entry.
I just want to say again I am so sorry. We shiny?
Gotcha Simon. :-) And yes, I'd *never* ask for the reposting of private info, but I guess what I was REALLY asking for was if Nathan had ANY explanation as to what had happened. Guess I will have to ask him myself, eh? ;-)

newcj, LOL! I feel like the old codger at the end of the Scooby Doo eps: "And we would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you darn kids!"
I just want to say again I am so sorry.

nakedandarticulate: the last thing I would want is for any Whedonesque poster to feel sorry because they were only trying to be helpful (which you obviously were). So honestly, don't worry about it. Hopefully, we'll see some public blog entries by Nathan in the future.

And of course we are shiny :).
Hey all ... just wanted to let you know that we've opened up a new forum to let people share their memories, pictures, videos, etc. There are also threads where people can leave thank-you messages to the donors, sponsors and guests who made the weekend possible, and a "lobby" for people still suffering from "connui" to hang out and reminisce. The forum is available directly here, or through a link on If you've already posted on your own blog, or on another site, I'd encourage you to repost it, or at least link to the original post, so that there's one central location for everyone to find post-B3 stuff!

[ edited by lexigeek on 2006-12-13 19:18 ]
Great idea for a central posting place, lexigeek! *prepares to spend the rest of the week going through B3 reports* ;-)

Also, OzLady, I resisted MySpace a lot, too, but it turns out it is not as scary as all that. Besides, you can be like theonetrueb!X and have Nathan as your only friend. Or, you can add some of us other Whedonesque types. We rock very hard, you know. ;-)
OzLady, I'm in the same boat as you but set up a MySpace account *only* to read Nathan's blog. And I have him as my only friend too :-) (I need to put that on a button to wear to cons...!) So please, join the few, the proud, the over 21 crowd on MySpace!
*laughs* Try *twice* 21, twadde1... plus a year!

It certainly is tempting. Promise I won't turn into an inernet-trolling slutbomb? ;-)

Seriously, there are bands and movies and plays and such who have MySpaces that I'd like to visit, so it can be kind of like getting TV just to watch PBS... like Giles! :-D
HI Twadde & Ozlady, delurking to say: the same here. Nathan's my only friend.... Great button if you ask me. Would be a reason to go to a Con just to wear it!
*laughs* Try *twice* 21, twadde1... plus a year!

Well so long as you are alive and breathing, I say join! But you will be kicked off at age 99 :-) If you do join, just make sure to turn on all of the privacy settings or you'll get s lot of weird email...

It certainly is tempting. Promise I won't turn into an inernet-trolling slutbomb? ;-)

Um, well, being an internet trolling slutbomb myself, I can say that MySpace hasn't made me any worse! I spent some time browsing MySpace and got a kick out of the classified somebody placed about wanting to [hook up with] (real term removed to avoid bad languague) someone, no strings attached, before a local college football game. Sooo, I think Nathan's blog is the only good thing about MySpace. (Notice my desperate attempt to get myself back on topic!)

Harpy, I was thinking about a button that shows Nathan's MySpace picture along with the text that says, "You have 1 friends", just like it appears on our profiles. I think Nathan would either love it or be totally freaked by it, not sure which :-) I wonder if anybody wore something like that to the Flan B?
It certainly is tempting. Promise I won't turn into an inernet-trolling slutbomb? ;-) OzLady

So that's a bad thing? ;) I have never been tempted by MySpace before either(despite the allure of becoming a glamorous slutbomb), in fact avoided it like the plague might be more appropriate. The whole Nathan blogs though have made me increasingly curious- I'm not sure if the curious will overcome the terror enough for me to join however.
I don't know if this is headline news or not, but Browncoat Backup Bash made Wikipedia.
Wikipedia proves it: We are the cool kids, yo. ;-)
Okay, I joined MySpace. I feel dirty...but in a good way! :-D Thanks for the hand-holding, gang!
You go, OzLady (and friend us)! ;-)
But how do I *do* that billz!??! Seriously, aside from Nathan's journal which was (obviously) easy to find, I have NO idea how to find anybody and then friend them! :-(
"I have NO idea how to find anybody and then friend them."

I don't either OzLady, but I'm sure with help we will figure it out. After all it is hard to end up inernet-trolling slutbombs if we can't figure out how to contact people. Wait a minute...that was the point, right?

The thing I found interesting was I had one friend named Tom from the moment I signed up. I figured he was a meeter and greeter that everybody new got, but now I see everyone here saying they have Nathan Fillion as their only friend. Hmmm you don't think the whole slutbomb thing is a factor in this Tom being my friend, do you?

...And what about NF, has he expressed an opinion of slutbombs as friends, cause I have not heard from him yet...
OzLady, take a nice bubble bath and it will all be okay.

Not sure if you guys will get this since it's off the front page, but:
1. You can remove Tom. He's there by default. Click on Edit Friends (near his picture). You're on your own from there because I don't remember the rest!
2. You can do a MySpace search and a people search on the main page. Try putting in the names (regular and/or screen names) of people you know from here. Once you find somebody, ask to be their friend. Also, look at their friends, then you can probably find everybody else you know, and request to be their friends too.

This is about all I've been able to figure out about MySpace :-)

I gotta say it's creepy to find people reading my profile when there isn't anything to read!
Yeah, the whole thing is weird...

And newcj, I totally had the same thought about Tom "What a male ho! He only befriends GIRLS!" ;-) At least he won't be upset if I remove him.

twadde1, I don't have to invite my new MySpace friends to take a bubble bath WITH me do I? (and we should TOTALLY invent "Virtual Bubble Bath" - we'd make a mint! :-)

So this isn't totally spam, um... um... Nathan Fillion probably likes bubble baths, too. But not with the ubiquitous Tom. :-D
twadde1, I don't have to invite my new MySpace friends to take a bubble bath WITH me do I?

Yep, sorry, you need to invite them. It's part of the initiation for becoming a internet trolling slutbomb. (hey, at least we have good, clean fun!)

But not with the ubiquitous Tom. :-D

Took me a few minutes to stop giggling about that one, thanks! I needed that laugh today :-)

Okay, okay, I'm hopelessly off topic. I'll shut up now. Really.

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