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December 12 2006

An Astonishing X-Men primer. Marvel do their best to make sure everyone's up-to-speed for #19 (out on the 27th). And there's some lovely early designs from Cassaday to boot. There's also new solicitation info (including release dates) for #20 and #21. No cover art previews though - boo.

Also worth noting in the solicits (for anyone who doesn't want to search out all of the Brian K. Vaughan issues before diving into Joss's Runaways) is 'Runaways Saga,' a bringing-you-up-to-date special in the style of the 'Astonishing X-Men Saga' that came out between AXM #12 and #13. Only I daresay this one will be better, as it contains original story pages and is told by Molly Hayes, the Runaways' youngest member. (48 pp, $3.99, out 3/7/07)

Plus the last BKV Runaways digest and the collection of Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways (not the finest hour for either series, to be honest, but for the completists).

Complete Marvel solicits here: Newsarama.
Ah, cool, there was some doubt about when 20 and 21 would be out last I heard. Wonder why there's a month's gap though ? (beyond "Marvel are weird scheduling poopy heads" I mean).
Yes for some reason, issue 20 wasn't soliticed when Marvel released their February info last month (as far as I recall) which made me think #20 would be out in March.

Only I daresay this one will be better

I really regret buying the Astonishing X-Men Saga. Words fail me on this one.
Yeah, I know. I only bought my copy from a sale. But the Runaways one... Molly!
BTW, just got the Runaways Vol. 2 hardcover from Amazon today. Woohoo!

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