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December 13 2006

Julie Benz talks Angel, Supernatural and Dexter. Cool insights into how she views Darla and how she auditioned for the role of Rita in Dexter.

Sequential Tart: What frightens you?

Julie Benz: Politicians...

*does spit take*

Her story of auditioning for Dexter is great, her sense of humor is great and her insight into her roles is great. (I am keeping to my promise to use words other than rock/rocks/rockin; today's guest word: great.) I think I have fallen in love -- too bad she's married to the Cryptkeeper, lol! Great link as always, Simon! ;-)
Great interview. Thanks for the link.
Nice little interview that, ta Simon. I'm not surprised she was considered a bit too good-looking for the part since Rita's quite 'normal' looking, not really glamourous but it works well, IMO, cos when she has to be sexy, well, she's played by Julie Benz so it's not a problem ;).
Great interview, Simon. Thanks for the link!

but she was also a woman who deeply loved a man who did not love her back in the way that she desired

I really liked that part. That's how I saw Darla.
Just started watching Dexter (using the magic of the interweb torrent thingies), must say I'm loving it.
Just struck me how Dexter is kind of like a 'real' Angel, a 'vampire with a soul' (well maybe more like half a soul :-) )... Julie Benz really is great in it...
Thanks for the link. Always loved her work on Angel and I thought she was fantastic on Supernatural. So glad that she finally has a steady gig and is gaining some attention outside of our little corner of the world.

I can't wait for Dexter to come out on DVD. Duh..for what I've spent on Showtime DVDs, I could have subscribed for a decade.
I'd say Dex is very much like Angel, but his character also kind of asks the same question as post-chip Spike: Can you be truly evil if you're unable to commit truly evil acts? Does better behavior, by itself, make a better person?
I agree bobster, he's more like Spike IMO also. It's the old 'fake it to make it' thing I guess. If you are a monster but everyone treats you like a man, does that make you one (or maybe make you want to be a better one) ?

In some ways 'Dexter' is a 'build a human' story (i've compared him to Data or Spock before). It's kind of asking if you can make a person from the right parts consciously applied, if someone who doesn't 'feel' human but in every other way acts and seems like one is one. And since we can never know what another person feels, aren't all other people effectively only apparently human ?

Good stuff.

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